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Comment 20 hours ago
How improved penalty/discipline wise this current OSU team is as compared to the last few year's. Conversely on punt and kick off returns to OSU I believe we should be better but we're not quite there yet. It's enough talent to return 3 or 4 kickoffs or punt returns for td's a year and it high time we started doing that imo.
Comment 21 hours ago
Nebraska better get their back-up maybe even the third string qb ready because a qb like Martinez isn't going to make it the whole game next week. The bucks on defense is going to knock Martinez out of the game Saturday night, that's a fact. This game will be over by halftime next week after the crap show I saw last night in Champagne. Nebraska at this stage still isn't ready to compete on a big time stage and I don't believe they ever will be what they once were even if they were by some miracle able to beat OSU. I got OSU winning 52-17. Chase has a monster game that puts him squarely in the Heisman race with 3 or 4 sacks.
Comment 21 Sep 2019
I think Harbs and scUM mutually agree to part ways after the season is over. They'll work out some sort of buy out for both parties to save face and I believe scUM will then hire Matt Campbell. Matt won't set the world on fire recruiting wise nor have them in the college playoff hunt but they'll be respectable. It's been 20+ year's since scUM won half a championship and it's high damm time folks realize that scUM will never be what it was 20+ year's ago college football has changed so much. Ttun's threshold at this point and into the future is Michigan St. minus that fluke playoff birth because Dantonio will NEVER play in a playoff again but I digress.
Comment 18 Sep 2019
I loath ttun but I'm straight up picking them to beat Wisky simply because this is a day game. If this were at night and for the life of me I don't see why it isn't I'd pick Wisky. I just got a feeling scUM atleast this week will put something together and beat Wisky whom I don't trust at all..
Comment 16 Sep 2019
LOL at Sparty!! I remember their jackass qb unceremoniously ripping the big10 championship trophy out of Archie's hand. OSU is going to kick their asses back to E. Lansing when we play them..
Comment 14 Sep 2019
I could see this being true especially when I personally believe USC is going to break the bank to bring in both a good coach and A.D. I always believed Urban would coach again I just don't believe he'll be as successful as he was at either Florida or OSU and that's even if he poaches Mick and Pantoni. If Urban was smart and wanted to coach again he'd do better to actually head off to the pro's where I think he'd be awesome.
Comment 13 Sep 2019
This game will be win like any big ten game in the trenches. The Buckeyes have to come out and be physical with the Hoosiers and physically kick their asses and I don't see why they won't. I got OSU winning 49-17 with JK having another monster game and the defense getting multiple turnovers..
Comment 08 Sep 2019
Baker is ass and so are the Browns, I hope the Titans plant their flag in the middle in the field.
Comment 21 Aug 2019
I'll be patient as an OSU fan until signing day but if things keep trending the way they are recruiting wise specifically at the running back spot I've said it before I'll say it again Alford may be a goner..
Comment 13 Aug 2019
I don't want to pile on Alford but it seems every year since forever OSU has had an assistant or 2 on the proverbial hot seat and most times justifiably so. This year it's Alford and it's a big year for Alford in terms of recruiting because his fellow OSU coaches are running circles around him at the moment one of which in Hartline who is killing it. Hopefully Alford can get it together recruiting wise because if not it's no doubt he and OSU will go their separate ways after this season..
Comment 08 Aug 2019
Dwayne was kind of bad. Now while it's only one game I always thought he shouldn't start right off the bat and ride the pine to begin the season if not the whole season..