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Comment 17 Nov 2019
The line will go down but it's senior day and while some of you pansy OSU fans sweat about the fighting Franklin's I'm not. OSU is going to roll psu by way more than 19 especially with Chase Young coming back.
Comment 15 Nov 2019
The rest of season and he should request a trade out of Cleveland after the season. Like all the professional sports franchises in Ohio the Browns from top to bottom are terrible and incapable of sustained success..
Comment 13 Nov 2019
Alabama is way better than Georgia. But I agree with another poster the more the playoff committee and by extension EsecPN keeps propping Georgia up and they keep failing it puts one nail in the coffin of Smart.
Comment 11 Nov 2019
Here's my POV on the situation as it pertains to the entire defensive coaching staff from last year sanz Larry Sr. The 2 most improved units on the defense are the linebackers and the defensive backfield. The credit for the later mostly goes to Hafley, Al jr and Mattison. 2 of the aforementioned coaches in Al jr and Mattison came from a school we put 60+ on last year which tells me last year had EVERYTHING to do with terrible coaching mainly by Schiano and Grinch. Grinch threw shade at OSU players last month but numbers don't lie only people and the numbers say Grinch sucked at his job this year and last year...
Comment 09 Nov 2019
With the news about Chase coming out just yesterday imho I expect this game to start out closer than it should but be wind up a 45-17 OSU.
Comment 07 Nov 2019
OSU is going to crush every opponent on their schedule the 4 weeks and I mean every single one of them including scUM..
Comment 03 Nov 2019
I appreciate everything Urban did for OSU but he needs to stay retired for a myriad of reasons. If SC is smart they'll do their due diligence and hire somebody that's young, passionate and innovative and doesn't have any "baggage". I personally think PJ Fleck would kill it in L.A. if given the chance because he reminds me of a young Pete Carroll. Urban despite some major missteps at both Florida and OSU has gotten out the game clean to an extent and should remain doing what he's doing at FOX.
Comment 25 Oct 2019
No. You as an organization do not pair a rookie qb with a coach that as we all know by now never believed in you?? No plan leads to failure. The Redskins knew damm well Gruden was likely out the door at some point right before the draft and so did Gruden so why pair these 2 warring factions within an organization with a rookie qb knowing this?? The aforementioned of course stunts a very young qb's growth all around and seemingly it was done by both the organization and the coaches purposely. I'll never have any respect for the Redskins for what they're doing and did to Haskins, from top to bottom they're a trash organization for the aforementioned..
Comment 25 Oct 2019
Gruden from jump never believed in Haskins and the organization knew that at some.point after the draft they were going to eventually fire him, so why pair Haskins with a lame duck coach who never believed in you in the first place. Haskins didn't take first team practice reps with the ones until the team forced Gruden to??