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Comment 12 Feb 2020
Not even being disrespectful or overlooking a "rival" but I really don't see this streak ending anytime soon. Ttun has for the last decade mentally checked out and now resorts to hoping tOSU falls off via sanctions, has convinced themselves we have a secret pay for play policy and/or usually crowns themselves champions in the offseason only to be disappointed during the regular season. For a tOSU fan like myself I love the aforementioned hope scUM continues with it. GO BUCKS
Comment 11 Feb 2020
I'm not all worried about MSU being down and scUM taking advantage of said lull in the least. Why you ask? Simply put because going back to even Lloyd Carr scUM has shown a pattern of not being able to develop their players over a 3 to 4 year span?? Don't believe me then believe the NFL draft who says scUM players sanz for a few outliers absolutely SUCK.
Comment 11 Feb 2020
At the end of the day that's the bottom line. MSU would and have reveled in our angst if and when the shoes were reversed, so I'm glad Luke didn't take the job and furthermore I could careless about the NCAA sanctions more than likely coming their way screw'em. GO BUCKS
Comment 09 Feb 2020
Walker is the worst OSU point guard I've ever seen and I been watching OSU since the Jimmy Jackson era. I don't know wth he did at FSU as I didn't watch any of their games but this guy is not just garbage he's hot garbage...
Comment 09 Feb 2020
I've made my position clear in the past about Holtman being in over his head and despite a few wins in the last few weeks I haven't backed away from said opinion. I'm just here now to read the comments now..
Comment 09 Feb 2020
Yea but it's easier to recruit Texas as a whole and especially when the Long Horn's and Aggies aren't so good. What's inevitably coming down the pike as far as sanctions at MSU along with a division that if you're MSU is a yearly murderer's row is potentially career suicide at this point..
Comment 08 Feb 2020
Not only do I agree I'll take it a step further. With what I'm hearing in terms of multiple investigations across multiple fronts by multiple sports and law enforcement agencies involving the MSU athletic department Fickle may turn out to be another Chris Ash by the time said investigations are over and punishments are handed down. Our good friend Tom Mars who now works for the NCAA a few days ago joined the legal team of Curtis Blackwell who currently has a lawsuit against Dantonio and MSU and is alleging some stuff that could put MSU out of commission for year's. I hope this isn't true and Fickle is just positioning himself for a bump in pay from UC because of not this imo will turn out badly for him in the long run.
Comment 08 Feb 2020
I don't mind the interview by Fickle that's just doing good business on a myriad of levels. But to out and out take the MSU job would also be a mistake on a myriad of levels. I got legit info the other day on MSU and they're literally being investigated by damm near every collegiate sports body along with a few law enforcement bodies, not to mention that Blackwell lawsuit is about to get real ugly now Tom Mars has joined Blackwell's legal team?? There's no way a person in their right mind should do anything above giving MSU a courtesy interview point, blank, period..
Comment 07 Feb 2020
The children due in large part again to having two idiot's for parents are suffering now?? Dad has lost his upper 6 figure salary and is in the clink and they have a spiteful liar for a mother. There's nothing wrong with being loyal but you should NEVER be blindly loyal to anybody. Urban knows now in hindsight he should've gotten rid of Zach as soon those 2 started going at it. The irony is I'm willing to bet money had Urban gotten of Zach when he should have everyone involved would almost certainly be in a better place.
Comment 04 Feb 2020
The first name that's going to be thrown out there is Fickle but imo MSU may wind up eventually getting hammered by NCAA violations that would severely hinder any incoming coach on a myriad of fronts. Fickle shouldn't have to go through that again for a gig in E. Lansing almost mirroring his first/only year as head coach at OSU.
Comment 30 Jan 2020
Hopefully the kid gets the help he needs whether he comes back or not. But in my consistent opinion of the overall state of the program top to bottom it's not shocking. This program as it currently stands is an utter mess and this season can't get over fast enough to get to an offseason where the folks in high places need to do some serious soul searching...
Comment 29 Jan 2020
It's no doubt in my mind there's going to be a lockout and a very long protracted one at that. Now I don't believe it'll be 2 year's but the 2021 season more than likely won't happen. As far as the impact on underclassmen those guy's will have a big choice to make.