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Comment 20 hours ago

Four Roses - my grandparent's bourbon of choice

Comment 17 Sep 2020

If he did this then he may have TECHNICALLY complied with the agent rule "until after the completion of the last intercollegiate contest, including postseason games" because at the time he would have done this the season had been cancelled. Plus he can petition for reinstatement notwithstanding. Given the craziness of this year reinstatement would seem to be a no brainer, especially if no benefits were received.

Comment 16 Sep 2020

He could always drop out if the schedule goes off the rails - why not give it a go and see what happens?

Comment 12 Sep 2020

You most certainly can redact documents in discovery - for example if they contained privileged information. You then go to court to require the unredacted documents to be produced. But in this case I believe the court ordered that the unredacted governing documents be produced.

Comment 06 Sep 2020

Just re-watched The Big Short - Margot Robbie sitting in a bubble bath drinking champagne and explaining how mortgaged backed securities work was a hoot.

Comment 03 Sep 2020

Agree with this analysis, Why they would provide a redacted copy of the bylaws (in and of itself a benign document, which I assume every member university has and would need to produce in response to a public record request) is a bad optic. I agree that the bylaws will show either that the required process was not followed, and/or that certain documentation would have been created (i.e. a recorded vote, transmission of voting minutes to each member university who then has a certain period of time to object to the minutes) that will be subject to production. Something is rotten in Denmark.

Comment 31 Aug 2020

Exactly - same thing with concerts - don't need to listen to the performer's political/social issue views

Comment 31 Aug 2020

In my view the main purpose of the suit is the expedited discovery to get the voting information to create political pressure in order to force a season - the injunctive relief will become largely moot once the late fall/winter  schedule is announced.