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Comment 20 Oct 2019

When there was artificial turf, you could go in and walk around and play on the field. That ended in 1990 when they put in real grass. I do remember the track being open for a couple of hours on weekdays in the early '90's so students could use it, but sadly never took advantage of that.

Comment 20 Oct 2019

Ahh, the big scoreboard with the Big Bear Advertisement.I remember going to one game, probably in the late 1990's, when the referee stopped play and asked the scoreboard operator to please set the game clock to (xx:xx) - I don't remember the specific time. The game clock was already set to the correct time before his announcement. There was a pause, then he asked again. This seemed like it went on for a minute or so. Then the official acknowledged his mistake as he was looking at the time of day clock, which is in the dead center of the scoreboard.

Since there was no live video, just an electronic scoreboard, there was a student team that created some pretty cool graphics to flash after big plays or to get everyone revved up for a big 3rd down.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

Current forecast is Sunny with a high of 72 for Saturday. Since we are playing Michigan State, I am surprised snow/rain squalls aren't in the forecast. I'm tempted to drive over to Indiana from Cincinnati to put a bet down on OSU covering this one. I think the score should be similar to last week versus Nebraska.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I think his NFL career was solid. 164 games 81.4% conversion rate. His XP misses in 2016 were pretty bad (23/29 - 77.8%). Of course it seems like every year the new batch of NFL kickers are kicking longer and more accurately. Jim Breech of the Bengals (1979-1992) was considered pretty good and only converted 71.5% of field goals including on 6 over 50 yards.

Comment 07 Sep 2019

Do not besmirch WKRP, good sir! Considering the crap on TV at the time it came out, it's a really good show. If you watch reruns they sometimes aren't as good due to not being able to clear the rights for all of the music.

Comment 02 Sep 2019

It seems really odd having two coaches in the same game coaching against their alma mater. I wonder how many times that has happened?

UC is starting two freshman on the OL. There is a lot of optimism from Bearcats fans down here in Cincinnati, but UCLA is not Ohio State. I'm curious to see how our defense holds up against a better opponent than Florida Atlantic. As good and surprising as Cincinnati was last year, they were gashed by USF on the road, 38-13. I'll say Ohio State 31-17.

Comment 19 Mar 2019

I went in 1999. The 1st two games were in Indy in the RCA dome, the St. John game was in Knoxville, TN. (I watched OSU beat Auburn on TV.) Neither were bad drives from Cincinnati. I remember buying tickets for the St. John game the day of through the official website over the internet - that was a mistake. (No Stubhub back then.) All of the Auburn fans had dumped their tickets to the scalpers. Lower level seats were going for cheap! We decided not to upgrade. We drove back that night and got in at 2 am or so. 

Comment 05 Mar 2019

I'm jealous! They didn't have any of this when I was in school. Well....wait......My high school grades wouldn't get me into today's Ohio State, and tuition was about $12,000 or so for the full four years. So I guess I'm not as jealous after all. Seriously though I think this is a good idea. Both Day and Holtmann get it.