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Comment 07 Sep 2014

By his own admission that first team wasn't very good, and probably would have been exposed on a bigger stage against better opposition.

And No. they were 4 and 2 from a first down late in the 4th qt. Would of still had to drive another 40 to 50 yds for a TD. 

Comment 20 Mar 2014

wow keep it classy Johnny. 

If you actually read my pervious post, i stated, "as long as its not craft shooting the last basket, i'm cool with waiting till that last second"

Craft shot it with 15 seconds left, which i was ok with. I was not ok with Craft shooting at the last second. 

Next time try to make factually statement to backup your argument. Otherwise, you just look like an idiot.  

Comment 20 Mar 2014

really? did you really think craft was going hit any type of shot to win the game. 

we had a timeout, we had shooters on the court, but he ran down and tried to put up a miracle. 

honestly, i was just surprised he got the ball out of his hands this time. 

can't wait to move on to next season, so we can put this terrible team behind us. 


Comment 20 Mar 2014

Loving hits a shot.... quick.. pull him.

Craft going on 3 for 19 with 5 turnovers

but whatever. i honestly have no idea what Matta is trying to do with this team. and i think he has no idea either anymore. 

just flying by the seat of his pants. 

Comment 13 Feb 2014

No they couldn't.

When it mattered most their mediocre defense failed, they couldn't stop FSU. 

If they had a better/elite defense. They'd be champs. 

all they had to do was stop them on the final drive.

A field goal would not have saved FSU, the had to score a TD.  

Defense Wins Championships. 

Comment 29 Jan 2014

Well theres two ways to think about this. 

How would this team react if they showed to a home game with a only a couple hundred fans were there? Would they get the point, or would their already shattered egos flatline?

I'm going with the ladder, this team needs all the support we can muster. Trust me, no one in that locker room is happy and they all probably have the game of basketball right now. They need to get back to having fun, and if we tune them out they'll take it as a sign that,

well everyone else has given up on us. i guess we should as well.  

This team reminds me of the movie - Blue Chips and the first team at the beginning of the movie that wasn't very good and Nick Nolte's character he was forced to go out and cheat to get better players to meet the demand for a great team. (not saying Matta needs to cheat) but the team is probably trying harder than we'll ever know to pull themselves out of this funk but we only see W's and L's.   


Comment 29 Jan 2014

Aaron Craft is in a no win situation.

He is a role player, not a go to player. 

tonight against one of the worst defenses in country (PSU is ranked 240th in points allowed.) 

btw, OSU is 9th. 


Craft was on the court for 41 mins (longer than anyone else on team) and put up 8 points. 

he was 3-6 from the field and 1-1 behind the arc. 

meanwhile, Amedeo Della Valle was on the court for 16 mins and puts 8 points. 


what Matta is gonna have to come to terms with is no one needs to be on the court longer than 20 mins with this. No one is good enough on this team to command that kind of time. We just need to keep rotating guys in and out.  Beat teams with our speed in transition, and fresh bodies for hard nose D all game.  


Comment 20 Jan 2014

i'm sorry my friend but this team seems to be crap. 

they started off playing no one, and beat no one. 

then they started played some decent teams and lost everything they thought they were. Some where in that OT verse MSU they realize they can't do it and gave up. For a team that's supposed to be all heart, they have none. and its too sad to watch anymore. 

that's the only way to explain losing to Nebraska after beating the shit out of them by 30 two weeks ago is, either the team no longer "believes" they are good enough or they "know" they aren't good enough. They packed it in and are just going thru the motions. We'll be lucky if they some how find their confidence again, but i doubt it. And by then, it'll be too late to get to the dance anyway. NIT might be where this sad sad team ends a terribly disappointing year. 

Comment 03 May 2013

love it, lets do it. 

though i think we're giving the michigan rivalry too much presents here. I would have changed the golden leafs (perfect euro placement btw, classy yet noticeable) meaning to more of an overall team feel. such as total national championships, total heismans and so on.

Or maybe a rotating meaning depending on the situation. big ten championships. 

i dunno [6]