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Comment 23 Jan 2012

Adam Schefterm just tweeted, "Chip Kelly has decided not to take Buccaneers offer. "Its a no-go," said a source close to Kelly. "His heart is still with Oregon."

and it was retweeted by Joe Schad.



Comment 08 Nov 2011

With the information that we know of what JoePa was told about the actual sex acts was that there was fondling or some sort of sex acts.  The Grand Jury Report doesn't say he was told specifically and it doesn't charge him with perjury for saying he didn't know specifics, however, it does mention what the witness told the Curly and Shultz and they are being charge with perjury and failure to report to the police  because of what was said in that meeting and PA law.  If JoePa was in  that meeting reviewing the 28 year old witness's accounts then and still did nothing I'm sure he would be charged as well.

I agree that Paterno could have or even should have called the police, but to solely focus on him and drag his name through the mud is wrong when there are other players involved that are more at fault then him and nobody focusing them.  Now if a person can prove, not speculate, but prove that Paterno wanted to keep this in house as much as possible then I say burn him at stake.  Until then I'm not going to tar and feather Paterno with the witness didn't do sh*t the night it happened, over the weekend, the following week and he still didn't do anything when he was told the outcome.  He is the once with the burnt image in his head.  He is the only one that could ID the kid. 

Justice for me would be social embarrassment and pressure on the Curly and Shultz, pressure on the only witness for not reporting it or making sure it gets reported and dragging the monster Sandusky through the mud and back.  Paterno should get some pressure on why he didn't repot it to the police but we shouldn't solely focus on him; letting the witness escape his responsibility.  He was a 28 year old adult.  I'd hope a high school kid would report this.  Oh, if we are going to through mud at Paterno then we should do the same to the witness's father; he didn't say sh*t either.  His father could have called the cops that very night  and the police could have cought Sandusky in the act.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

Oh, the grad student's dad should have called the cops then too.  He was the first person to hear about it from the only witness.  Yet he said to call Coach Paterno.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

The grad student was a 28 year old man.  I can understand being shocked and fumbling around the lockerrom but he called his dad and not the cops.  Common now.  Can we not expect more from 28 year old men?  He is the only one who actually saw it and can ID the kid.  I can't deny that JoePa could have done more but until I hear more about it, I'm not going to assume the worse of people.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

It's PA law too.  It says the instituation responsible for the child is to investigate and report any reasonable suspected abuse.  It is not typical that everyone who heard of a suspected event has to report it to police. 

My wife is a special Edu teacher, she periodically has to report abuse.  Typically she reports it to guidance or the school social worker, the call the student it and confirm the report then call the police or DHHS.  My wife only had to call DHHS once becuase everyone else wasn't available so they asked her to do it.


Comment 07 Nov 2011

Why would he follow up with it?  How do we know he didn't?  They School administration said it wasn't what it seemed and they just took away the keys from the locker room and said don't bring kids around anymore.  It is not JoePa's job to investigate a retired coach's activities and to track down an unidentified kid. 

JoePa's job was to tell the administration and they are to follow up and investigate to see if there is reasonable suspicion.  Word of mouth accusations should be told multiple times to different people so to avoid false accusations.  Why didn't the adult witness stop it and call the cops?  Why didn't Second Mile call the cops?  All this attention on Paterno made me forget the monster's name who preyed on little boys.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

It is sad that people are bring so much attention to JoPa and that he didn't call the cops.  We are all now going to remember over reactive people wanting to blame a good person (as far a we know at this point) and not the actual name the rapist coach, not the Penn St Administration who didn't call the cops, not the Second Mile director who didn't call the cops and not the witness who didn't stop it and call the cops.  Just that JoPa left Penn St. because he didn't call the cops.

Of what If read from the Grand Jury Report, JoPa did exactly what he should have done.  From what I understand JoPa didn't get any detail of what actually happened.  It is not JoPa's job to investigate, that is an administration job.  The AD and President are responsible to investigate it then decide if the was reason to report it.  They failed but they did tell the Second Mile of what was going on with one of their kids.  Why didn't they call the cops?  Why didn't the adult grad assistant stop it and call the cops?  Why isn't anyone blaming them.  For all we know, JoPa was told it was taken care of and settled.  

Comment 04 Oct 2011

I this point I'm ready for chemo, dialysis, antibiotics and surgery.  If needed, use a tourniquet; if limbs are lost, so be it. 

Comment 31 May 2011

I'm done with this.  Tressel is gone as the coach.  Let the NCAA investigate the players named in the SI article.  If more current players are PROVED to have done it also then punish them too.  Everyone is making this to be huge, like Tressel had some sort of meth lab or something.  Everyone is acting like Tressel set up the free tatts and used it to recruit.  If he did then this that would be a big deal. 

Let stop speculating about this or that and treating Tressel and his character like what happened to the Blackwater guys in Iraq (warning about the image).  Everyone is trying to reflect on Tressel and his character while everything is still being processed and investigated.  Reflections happen after everything is said and done with.  There are still loose ends to be dealt with. 

I want to believe that Tressel had reasons for this actions and they had nothing to do with Wins.  I want to believe that he truly wanted to protect the players from the criminals of the Tattoo Parlor.  I want to believe that Tressel protects his players from certain NCAA and/or University punishments when he can for the purpose of finding ways to punish them in ways that truly mean something to the athlete and would actually teach them a lesson. But, I'm not going to think about that anymore until all this is over, said and done with.  It's all turning into smut, like a romance novel for the sadistic, like a porn for character assassins.  I'm choosing to let the truth come out, then I'll judge the guy.

Comment 27 May 2011

Well everyone.  It's Memorial Day Weekend.  The official unofficial start of white people waking up early on Saturday mornings to sell their shit.  If you are confused here is a reminder.

Comment 26 May 2011

Oh, to add...

In the past I often found myself feeling bad for Ray Small, for whatever the reason I'm not sure.  However, his lack of foresight and not being able to learn from experience is probably the worst I have ever heard of.  It almost makes me feel even more bad for the guy.  Is he just stupid or an overly honest good person trying to be bad or "cool"?

Comment 26 May 2011

Rob Oller has it right, The NCAA must realize it's part of the problem.  They allowed college sports to be marketed, packaged and sold.  Everyone is making big bucks; the schools, the coaches, the leagues, the media, the BCS, everyone.  Meanwhile the players get fame, get handshakes, get lots of attention and everyone wants their autograph.  They are around all this glitz and popularity it is only natural they want to partake, especially when they supposedly don't get much to spend. They want to bite the forbidden fruit.  They want to get out of Mexico and cross the border.  They are basically being asked to stay celibate, like they are a freaking priest.  They are being asked to work their tail off in school, on the football field and do volunteer work.  They are highly restricted with the paid work they can do or how they get "support" and they aren't really given the time nor do they have the energy to get a real job if they could. 
Don't get me wrong.  The athletes know the rules and should obey them.  I'd say probably most follow the rules most of the time, but many don't follow the rules all the time.  Like Ray Ray says, they are kids.  Even more so, I’d say they are human beings.  Not everyone is built to live a life that others set up for them.  Besides, how many of you guys took back the extra French fries at McDonalds or noticed something didn't get charged at the grocery store or Target and to told the clerk.  Maybe got home and looked at all the stuff you bought and realized one bag full of goodies wasn’t yours, did you call the store?  Sure, maybe sometimes you did, but every single time your integrity was challenged did you make the right decision?  If you didn't, did you turn yourself in later?  Did you brag about it to your friends? 
If you Pay cops more money, you'll find less corrupt cops.  If you help Mexico and other similar countries become more stable and prosperous you'll find less illegal border crosses.  You sure won't eliminate the problem, but you'll give less a reason for people to steal their piece of the pie and therefor less people will do it.  I’m not an advocate for paying athletes big paychecks.  But a few hundred dollars a month to have a safe mode of transportation, go on a date and play would be nice.  You  know, what other college kids have.

Comment 20 May 2011

I was talking to my budy last night.  He said everyone has their Jesuses mixed up.  When he said this weekend he was going to round up his people and leave this god forsaken place, he meant Mexico.

Comment 16 May 2011


Like I said, Tressel made a bad decision and it deserves to be punished.  My point is a bad decision from time to time doesn't always warrant a burning at the stake.  And you are right he could have done a better job in protecting players and tOUS reputation; that is why it's called a mistake or a bad decision. 

I do not think he was concerned over wins, he knew they were in jeopardy by knowingly playing ineligible players.  I think he was more concerned with the potential dangers his players were in; I'm not stupid, I know he could be lying about this too but I don't have any reason to assume that he is.  The reputation of the football program and athletic department are both in trouble, but in time they will be fine.  The University research isn't going to be effected. 

Also, I believe that one can be loyal to both the School and Tressel.  Would you disown your son if his buddy spray painted graffiti on a wall and when the cops showed up your son said he didn't see anything?  Then later, you confronted him after seeing spray paint on his clothes and he confessed to knowing his friend did it.  Not the best expample but I think you get the point. If you let one mistake label a person then you should never be a leader.  At this point in time, I don't see a trend of huge mistakes and gaffes from Jim Tressel.  If more information comes out that JT has his nose in more dirt than I can reassess his character and my judgment of him. So far, most everything I have read in the past has referred to JT as a good person with good character.  If we let one big mistake erase all of his past then what's the point of being a good person? 

Lastly, if you think Tressel is lying about protecting his players from harm then you must think he is still lying.  That means he is now lying to all of Buckeye Nation.  I hope he is not and at this time I don't' have any reason to believe he is still lying. 

Comment 16 May 2011

Tressel may have lied, with supposed "honorable" reasons, only he knows the true reality to his desicion .  But Chuck Dowdle, you could have just said, "We don't' want to comment about Ohio State's situation, it isn't our place to, but we feel we have coaches and players that know their responsibilities and understand the consequences behind a bad decision".  

Making a statement about a man you probably never met and a judgment of character based on one incident is ignorant, stupid and classic SEC

No doubt Tressel made a bad desicion and no doubt he should get severely punished.  But what does everyone think, he was protecting the players so he could get a few wins?  Like games wouldn't be taken away for playing ineligible players?  What, do you think he thought a federal investigation involving his players would never be made public and the NCAA would never find out.  He knew this would all come out, he knew true justice would be served with all the players involved getting punished, it would all come in time. 

At this point, I truly believe he was concerned for the safety of the players and he didn't want to interfere with a federal investigation.  If you look at his actions with that in mind then they make more sense.  I believe the reason why he didn't say anything after it all became public because he "thought" he made the right desicion with regards to the protection of his players from criminal elements involved in the federal investigation and he felt justice was served with the players' punishments.  Tressel allowed true justice to take it's natural course while protecting his players and not interfering with a federal investigation.

Comment 11 May 2011

In time we all shall see.  What was known, what should have been known and the punishment.  When the email gaffe first came out my wife said a co-worker (Florida Fan) told her that Tressel may be forced out at tOSU by the NCAA, if he isn't fired or resigns.  I said nope, not unless more come out.  Well, every day it seems we read and hear news that is building a plank.  At this point, I'd be surprised if JT coaches a game in 2011.  I also would be surprise if there is a contract issue and it is renegotiated.  Shoot; at this point in time, I'd be surprised if the B1G doesn't get involved an increase the NCAA punishment.

Having said that, Buckeye Nation lives on and Michigan still sucks. 



Comment 05 Feb 2011


Same here.  I was born and raised in central Ohio.  I grew up loving Ohio State, my dad was a volunteer usher (red coat) and my grandma sat near his section with her friends and she was also a booster.  She didn't make much money working as a secretary in the special education office for the C-bus school district, but she found enough money to love Ohio State.  One of her friends always owned a Scarlet and Gray convertible with the Ohio State Fight Song as the horn, Archie Griffin even showed up to her retirement party, needles to say I was shocked and absolutely pumped.  I've been to the end of year banquets and always dreamed of going to tOSU.  Chris Spielman was/is my favorite OSU football player.  One time after a game, on our way out, my dad and I walked across the field (at the time it was turf).  I was so pumped.  Then my dad saw Spielman's name taped on a bench so he tore it off and put it on my back.  I remember I acted like I intercepted a pass and ran in the end zone for a score.  My dad got a kick out of it.  I was like 10 or so.  I have so many memories, I love tOSU.

My senior year in high school I signed up for the the Marine Corps.  Awesome time, never will regret it.  I ended up meeting my future wife and eventually moved to her home state of Maine (hence the ME in my name, yes it is a double meaning).  I ended up graduating from college here in Maine and everyday I wish I was at The Ohio State University; big classes, hard to understand accented professors and all.  As a side note, I actually had two professors that graduated from Ohio State and they are not from Ohio.  There was also a few other professors that I didn't meet that had also graduated form tOSU as well.  Yes, Buckeyes are everywhere.  Back to the topic; I still tell my wife that I want to got back to C-bus and go to tOSU.  Shit, my little sister got her undergraduates and masters at tOSU.  I'm more proud that she went to tOSU than her degrees.  F'ed up I know.  Focus...; Even though I still would love to get a degree from tOSU, I still feel very much a Buckeye.

I guess the point is CHASSCRUSADER, for me being a Buckeye isn't only about having a piece of paper that says you got a degree from tOSU or attended tOSU. ( Luckily my piece of paper says I was born in the Buckeye State so I'm a Buckeye by birth.)  I believe it's in your soul, it's who you are.  I'm a Buckeye and I'm a part of Buckeye Nation, you are too.  You are part of something greater.  I give all my co-workers, friends, in-laws and any other soul I meet the Buckeye cool-aid.  You don't need to attend tOSU to be part of it, having said that, if you get a chance to teach at tOSU you jump on it and enjoy the ride. 

Alex, good post.

Comment 22 Jan 2011

Does this mean they are going to play Miley Cyrus at breaks during games?  Christ, I'm gonna need to take a cold shower.

Comment 19 Jan 2011

Holy Moly!  Your like a geiser of hate and discontent.

Comment 11 Jan 2011

If you can't figure out that it's hurting other programs trying to recruit top talent and potentially hurting the athlete's long-term development if they get cut and don't earn a scholarship, then you have been drinking too much. 

The kid could have gonn to a school that would have honored the scholarship and even if the kid sucks and never plays at least he gets free tuition and what not.  Remember he/she is a student athlete.