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Comment 20 Mar 2019

I wish these pro guys the best and if Haskins is a starter for a team I’ll probably watch him play here and there.  However my team is Ohio State.  Once they leave I’m not really interested in reading a ton of articles about them.  Didn’t read this one.  But I’ve noticed a lot of articles on 11W on players after they leave.  Is there really that much interest?

Comment 02 Dec 2018

No, they aren’t in.  However there is little doubt in my mind they are a stronger team than ND.  ESPN reports Ohio St didn’t look strong last night however they gave NW their worst beating of the year including when compared versus ND.  Additionally Ohio State defeated UM by 23.  ND by 7.  I understand that ND is undefeated.  But they always saying they want the four strongest teams, right?  OSU maybe or maybe not stronger than OU, but without doubt they are stronger than ND.

Comment 19 Nov 2018

Although the defense didn’t look good last week, winning a Big Ten game on the road in a year where there appears to be a lot of parity is huge.  Ohio State is 10-1 with none of the biggest games of year up to this point at home.  I think it’s silly to guarantee victories but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ohio State pulls this one out.

Comment 26 May 2018

Personally I prefer the old days, no playoffs.  Although I’m sure I will continue to watch CFB because of years of doing so, I don’t care for it as much I use to.  Money wave dampens it.  Players sitting out bowl games, SCOTUS legalizes gambling, big coaches salaries, talk of playing players, same teams winning every year (aka Alabama year in, year out) doesn’t make the sport better for me.  Yes, I realize Ohio St has been one of those teams who wins every year.

I do like that they play 9 conference games and at least they play one meaningful out of conference.  But out of conference games use to be better prior to mid 90s.

Perhaps others like this morass, but I found the old system more exciting because it was more about the sport and community than money.  CFB is firmly pointed in the direction of the individual and not the team or community.  And I’m part of the community.

Comment 30 Dec 2017

Disagree.  Although this one instance didn’t impact this game, it will start a trend that won’t stop here if not corrected.  You signed on to represent.  If you don’t want to when you are fully capable, do something else.

Personally I prefer the old bowl system with no championship games.  It was more fun.  However money won’t let us go back.  If this trend continues, the bowls should go away.

Comment 30 Dec 2017

I get the decision but it establishes a troubling trend.  Once there is a hole in the dyck the flood isn’t far behind.   I enjoy the bowls as do most CFB fans.  This taints it for me and there is no sugar coating it.  College football must find a solution or the bowls should just go away.  

I am not him, don’t know his personality.  However, it’s hard to believe this is a decision he will live to regret the rest of his life.