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Comment 06 Sep 2019

I'll never forget or forgive Nick Lachey and Desmond Howard for singing that song on top of Ohio Stadium.  Nor ESPN for producing it.  What an F U to the whole state.

Comment 09 Aug 2019

I love Ohio State with all my heart, but even I consider our fan base to be obnoxious and annoying.  However, if you show me a fan base that isn't, I'll show you an irrelevant college football program.  I also think, collectively, that we handled the ending of the Urban Meyer era pretty well.  Just look at how Tennessee handled their latest coaching search.  Imagine how Alabama or Clemson fans would handle Saban or Swinney getting pushed out over an issue like that. 

Also, the Bosas are totally injury prone.  They're beasts, but neither should have been drafted in the top 10 based on how often they get hurt and how willing they are to sit out. 

Go Bucks!

Comment 11 Feb 2019

The worst part about all this is the non-stop complaining about the remaining sports-talk station in town.  Both stations have/had shows I really like and shows I can't stand.  I was happy to have them both.  Hopefully something else fills the void. 

The format change was more about eliminating salaries than finally getting the classic rock format in town.  They'd rather have a robot playing a programmed playlist than paying all those people to express their opinions. 

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Schiano/Davis seemed to get all the blame for this season's struggles on defense.  I wondered all along if Grinch wasn't getting off easy since nobody knew enough about him to blame him for anything (i.e. Bill Davis being Urban's best man.)

He may be a great coach, but I remain unconvinced.  Oklahoma offers a lower bar, though. 

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Olive Garden makes total sense to me.  Pasta and breadsticks fill you up at a time in your life when you are constantly hungry (and poor).  I've eaten at Olive Garden 3 or 4 times in my life--and not for probably 15 years, but I still like it.  If I were young and broke, I'd be thrilled to be eating there.