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Comment 07 Feb 2014

Yep, and Blake Countess had his approved as well. I'm sure it's only a matter of time for Clark.

Comment 04 Apr 2013

Not for nothing, but Michigan does have Zak Irvin and Derrick Walton coming in to fill the shoes of a departing Burke and Hardaway. They're definitely no slouches - rivals #34 and #47 recruits in the country, respectively. I'm not saying *next* year if Burke and Hardaway leave. However, the way Beilein is recruiting, it might not be as long as you think.

Regarding earlier posts - I really hope Robinson III sticks another year. Kid is gonna be unreal next year. Hopefully he sees what Burke did for his draft stock this year, and realizes he can do the same thing with a big step forward.

Comment 24 Mar 2013

I'm actually kind of rooting for OSU today (as much as I can stomach, anyway...I want an all-B1G Final Four, even though it probably won't happen).

It's with that caveat that I'll say this: Even with a couple missed calls, these refs are WAY better than B1G refs.

Comment 05 Feb 2013

That was a foul. However, Craft also got a 3 after the shot clock expired and hit GR3 in the face in what would've been called a flagrant if it had happened in a different situation. Really, at the end of the game, all you can hope for is an even distribution of bad calls against both teams.

Both fanbases are bitching about the refs after this one.

Comment 13 Jan 2013

Alex, your comment is more likely than the article's premise. I'm doubting, when coaches decide whether to offer a kid, they consult Rivals or ESPN ratings to say, "Let's see if this kid is any good according to the recruiting services..."

They use their own talent evaluators to figure out which players would fit their needs. As you said - OSU needed bigs, not guards, and they already had Scott. It was a matter of space/need. Simple as that.

Comment 13 May 2012

Definitely. UM has the #8 Engineering school in the country along with the winningest football program in the NCAA.

Texas at #9 engineering, USC at #14, Va Tech (whom he's already visited because of proximity) at #24 are also pretty big threats if we're taking Hand literally (but who really knows what he's thinking?). OSU is at #30  (8th in the B1G - apparently, the Midwest is a hotbed for engineering talent), but is still a damn good program, plus you have the football tradition to fall back on.

Either way, it's going to be a hell of a horse race.

(Info from US News & World Report)

Comment 18 Apr 2012

I post on Mgoblog fairly regularly, and there's not a whole lot of tolerance for the "O$U, Suckeyes" crap. It's pretty much just "Ohio" (though I stick to good old-fashioned OSU both here and there). There are a few Buckeye fans on Mgo who make some pretty nice contributions - especially recently.

I think now that Michigan has put one up on the board against OSU in the blogging age, you'll see more UM fans start to join 11W. Before, it didn't make sense to stick our heads into the lion's mouth armed with 2003 alone. Mgo was used to seeing OSU fans coming in and trolling because we couldn't chalk one up - so it's not too receptive.

More Michigan fans joining is a testament to a renewed spirit of the rivalry. When the rivalry is healthy, the spirit is less antagonistic - which is something I look forward to. I think right now, both teams have the right man for their respective jobs - so here's hoping for hatred with a side of civility in the years to come.


Comment 17 Apr 2012

I used to date a girl who went to OSU. When I went down to C-bus for The Game in 2002, I had the same experience you did - albeit with our teams' roles reversed. We don't live in an ideal world, unfortunately, and a lot of people on both sides of the ball act like morons in the face of this rivalry. That just speaks to its quality and intensity. (Edited to add: Alcohol doesn't help matters, either.)

My parents, sister, three sets of aunts and uncles, and I went to Michigan. Both my grandfathers, several cousins, and, well, pretty much everyone else in my family went to OSU. This is a family thing for me - I don't have time or inclination to treat my rivals like pieces of shit. I'd rather just beat them.

Comment 17 Apr 2012

I registered specifically to say that I thought this was a really good piece.

This rivalry is the greatest in all of sports, and it's best when it's a clash of titans. I'm always going to be a Michigan fan. I'm always going to be happy when U of M beats OSU. But the games (even the ones Michigan lost) that are epic battles between elite teams - they FEEL different, more important. At the end of the day, this whole thing is about respect. Here's hoping the next few years are as memorable as it seems they will be.

"From deep down in my stomach, with every inch of me, I pure, straight hate you. But goddammit, do I respect you." -Wes Mantooth