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Comment 16 Aug 2019

You’re right that these calls are highly subjective. Here is what I took from the video: 

1. Keep your head up (Spielman says all the time to see what you hit)

2. Don’t aim for the other guy’s head or neck 

A hard shot to the chest, like Ward’s hit, should not be a penalty. But those will be called sometimes because players move as a hit occurs.

This doesn’t address noncalls either like the hit on Haskins in The Game last season. It’s an imperfect solution to the player safety concern. But I appreciate the attempt to clarify.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

So interesting to see the angst about this. The younger folks probably don’t know that Woody did not name a starter in 1978 until Art Schlichter (a true freshman) ran onto the field in the opener. Schlichter lined up at QB, and the returning starter and Orange Bowl MVP, Rod Gerald, was at receiver. This opener was a top 10 matchup against PSU too. 

Could you imagine the uproar if Ryan Day waited until the first snap to let us know the starter at QB?

Comment 04 Aug 2019

Exciting game and great to watch the alums play together again. Craft and Lighty are a defensive duo that look unmatched in TBT. And Lighty has really expanded his offensive game nicely. Craft also takes fewer risks than in his college days, which means fewer bad turnovers. Would have loved to have seen him hit that midrange jumper to end it, but I’m still amazed at his defense and rebounding. Ravenel has expanded his game too, and Gibbs makes me cheer as a fellow old timer (although even I’m older than him). On to the finals!

Comment 25 Jul 2019

I disagree that OSU gave up in the Orange Bowl. That game was there to be won despite a terrible approach to guarding Sammy Watkins.

The playoff game in Glendale was part scheme and part talent. Clemson had an NFL caliber DL. OSU’s OL was not as talented although the game plan certainly didn’t put them in position to succeed.

I actually thought the defense fought valiantly for most of that game as the offense both squandered opportunities and offered no imagination.