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Comment 16 Apr 2019

To me this is a statement of confidence by Holtmann. OSU will likely need an athletic scoring wing next season, and Holtmann could have made that move a year early with Roderick. This move tells me he thinks he can get a better player next cycle. And that’s no slam on Ben, who has a good offensive game. Hopefully it works out well for all.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Well take two for sure. Then we have to see if there are any transfers or early departures. I don’t think Carton, Gaffney, or Liddell will leave after one season, but that depends on how they perform. Kaleb could go overseas after next season, but I don’t think he’s explosive enough for the NBA. 

If we have two available scholarships, I would take a scoring wing and a big man. And if another scholarship comes available, I would also take a PG.

Comment 14 Apr 2019

Continuation of really good recruiting by Holtmann. He’s done a great job of targeting his guys, making a strong pitch, and closing the deal. Diallo brings a unique skill set to this team and anyone who travels the journey he’s followed should be an excellent locker room influence. Added to the other very good recruits in this class and the solid recruiting in class one and two, and this team is about to make a very strong move on the court too.

Comment 06 Apr 2019

Interestingly, I met Granville’s dad way back then and they looked like twins.

Comment 05 Apr 2019

Several things to unpack from your comments. First, I saw several dunks from Hugley in these highlights. He showed range and good ball skills. Do not underestimate that in a big man. It’s early still but he looks the part to me, and he’s much more fit than Kaleb at the same age.

As for Kaleb, he improved dramatically from his freshman year. He averaged 4 more points, 2 more rebounds, and nearly one more assist per game. And he averaged 5 more minutes/game. Your statement completely discounts his actual improvement. And he’s still young. These guys get better.

One thing Hugley might do a little better is finishing through contact. Kaleb has room to grow there. I don’t care if you dunk, so long as you finish. Make a play an and-1 not two FTs. 

I’m happy with Kaleb’s growth and I think we’ll see another step forward this season.