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Comment 24 Nov 2019

While Carton’s game but he doesn’t look ready yet, he could be by the end of the season. Better to be prepared than to get caught flat footed like when DLo developed into a high first round talent and we weren’t prepared for him to leave.

Comment 12 Nov 2019

Thank you, Iowa. I saw that headline and said, “oh, come on.” That Rutgers/Princeton game is generally acknowledged as the first CFB game. Who cares that the rules have changed over time.

And yes, Rutgers sucks. But people forget that they actually beat our rival in Brady Hoke’s final season. They will never win this conference, much less the east division. They could definitely become as good as Indiana though. Plus their membership in the B1G guarantees that I get to see the Buckeyes every two years less than an hour from home

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Kudos to the unsung guys. Young was a monster on the offensive glass and very efficient on offense. Andre was great on Cumberland, who was 3-10 when Andre had to leave the game. Washington made some key baskets in the second half. And while he struggled big in the first half, Walker was nails at the line down the stretch. Lots of contributions from a variety of players to gut out the win. A win that will probably look very pretty come Tournament time.

Comment 05 Nov 2019

It’s not like JTB was expected to be a starter in 2014. And Cardale had the job for the taking in 2015, but the pressure of having JTB behind him seemed to mess with his head. JTB did not have arm talent of Cardale or the legs of Braxton, but he was a survivor. That made him very difficult to supplant.