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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Standing on the Kop at Anfield watching Bill Shankley's teams destroy the old First Division, and singing "You'll Never Walk Alone". That and getting chills every time The Best Damn Band in the Land comes in down that ramp. There's nothing like it - anywhere.
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Comment 03 Nov 2017

So much better than the Schott for almost anything. I don't see why they can't update it, with better seats, etc., and use it for less important games. If the Schott continues to be half full, might as well use St. John, and to hell with the hospitality suites. Even better would be to put ice in there, and make it the hockey arena - it would be fantastic for that. Finally, pulling it down and so killing the Skull Session should be enough to finish off the loyalty of those supporters still left after the Jon Waters fiasco.

Comment 31 Aug 2017

Will any of these show TBDBITL pre-game or half time, or will we still have to listen to a collection of blowhards telling us what we already know?

Comment 12 May 2017

Sorry, but it is not correct to say that a new ice rink is "technically unnecessary" because of the existence of the Schott. Firstly, the Schott is not available as a practice facility for either mens's or women's hockey teams - they have to commute to the old Ice Rink for that. Secondly, the Schott is unavailable for games late in the season, as the OHSAA tournaments apparently take precedence. Our hockey team has to play either at Nationwide, or in the 1,500 seat Ice Rink, a facility now completely inappropriate for B1G or NCAA games. A new hockey arena takes care of both these problems although, given that hockey routinely draws 5,000 - 8,000 in the Schott, is a 4,000 seat arena is really big enough? 

A more serious question is whether a new hockey facility now paves the way for OSU to tear down the entire French Field House - St. John Arena - Ice Rink complex for its next rebuilding phase. If that happens, where does the Saturday Skull Session  with TBDBITL go? There is nowhere either close enough or big enough to hold the 10,000+ that regularly pack St. John for this. One more OSU tradition thrown out of the window?

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Covelli Arena does not have any plan/provision for ice. It is for smaller varsity sports (volleyball, gymnastics, etc.) only. I think one thing that preserves St. John Arena is that clearing that site would also mean demolishing the old ice rink, and without a replacement for that, there is nowhere for the men's hockey team to practice, or for the women's team to practice and play.

Comment 14 Feb 2016

When I first came to Ohio State it was the year after Woody had been fired. A few years later, there was a ceremony to name our building after a former chair, who was a good friend of Woody's. At the time, Woody was in OSU hospital for surgery - the one during which a swab was left inside him that had to be removed later. The reception was on the top floor of the old Holiday Inn on Lane, and Woody insisted on coming, even though he was still recovering in hospital. He turned up with two residents in tow, who had been assigned to watch over him. He paid his respects, chatted with people there for a while, before heading back to hospital. As I said, subsequently he had a second surgery to remove that swab, but nothing was going to keep him from honoring his friend.

Comment 24 Jan 2016

That was an awesome performance last night. To take a 5 minute major, and deny PSU a single shot in the entire five minutes was just incredible. Buckeyes could easily have swept the weekend - they were the better team both nights. This group has great speed and heart, and if you haven't gone to see them play, you are missing a treat.

Comment 23 Jan 2016

So the University moves ahead with its plan to pull down St. John Arena. Once that is gone, where do we hold the Saturday Skull Session? This is a tradition unique to Ohio State, it attracts over 10,000 fans, and generates a huge amount of support and good will (I. e. future donations). Now we know that the administration and the AD have no time for the Band, something they demonstrated clearly by firing Jon Waters on a phony pretext, and trashing the Band members and alumni to the entire world, so this is just one more slap in the face to one of the hardest working groups on this campus by a clique of highly paid carpetbaggers. The planned Covelli arena is a) way too small for the Skull Session, and b) too far from the Stadium to be viable anyway. So how about it, Michael Drake and Gene Smith, are you going to destroy yet one more cherished Ohio State tradition, enjoyed by so many for free, just to grovel a few more grubby dollars? 

Comment 01 Aug 2015

It only falls "on the right side" if Waters approved and allowed this unofficial "songbook" to be circulated around the Band. He did not - in fact he threatened suspension and worse on anyone he found with a copy of it. This is what makes it so shameful that the OSU BoT and administration is trying to paint Waters as somehow being responsible for this. You might as well say that Meyer should be fired, because a number of his players are now suspended for smoking pot after the NC game, because it is clear that using drugs is widespread in the football team, and he is to blame. It is nonsense, and dishonest nonsense at that. OSU should be utterly ashamed of what it has done.

Comment 01 Aug 2015

Check this month's Columbus Monthly - you'll find a long article about Jon Waters, and his life since he was dismissed. He comes out of it well - OSU not so much. Also the football/Band season is about to begin.

Now, do you still think that the re-launching of a year-old story that has already been discredited, and it being splashed all over the national media, is just a coincidence? If you do, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

No it does not. It only would if it could be shown that Waters condoned this "songbook", when the reality is that he did everything in his power to eradicate it. The majority of Band members never ever saw it, and would certainly have been suspended, or worse, by Waters had they been seen with it. That is 180 degrees out of phase with the narrative OSU is trying to have you believe, but this has been a dishonest and hypocritical witch hunt by OSU from day one.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Nonsense - you have fallen hook, line, and sinker for what the University wants you to believe. The fact is that there was no official TBDBITL songbook, and Jon Waters, far from being responsible for one, as OSU tries to make it look, went to great lengths to eradicate even this bootleg version. Most Band members never ever saw a copy. This is just one more of OSU's "death of a thousand cuts" assaults on Waters and TBDBITL, and the fact that it is timed right opposite news of four of our football team getting suspended for much more serious issues should strike anyone as deeply suspicious. Does OSU have to fire Urban Meyer for promoting a drug culture on the football team? Think how absurd that illogical reasoning is, and then consider that Ohio State has done precisely that to Jon Waters.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

How convenient it is that, on a day when we hear that four of our football team are suspended for possible drug and academic problems, this old story gets leaked out again. The University keeps the pot boiling by periodically leaking sensational items like this, and implicating Jon Waters by innuendo in the "songbook", when the reality is he would have suspended, or worse, any Band member found to be responsible for it. But that has not been the University's MO from the first day of this fiasco. Now, given the infractions by the football players, do we hear the University claim that there is a drug culture on the team, and that Urban Meyer is responsible for it? Of course we don't, and nor should we. That would as absurdly nonsensical as the railroading of Jon and the rest of the Band was, just to please the Department of Education. Just one more example of the institutional double standard that the BoT and administration is presiding over.