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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I can't name 1. Ohio State winning the NC in 03, attending the Orange Bowl with my sons in 14, playing college football for Marietta College, the grand slam I hit my sr year of hs against Deer Park, my 61 yard touchdown run against Madeira, my 3 pointer against CAPE, the try I scored in rugby to beat Ohio State, the 1987 middle school CHL football champs Loveland Tigers (undefeated), and watching the 2013 Loveland HS football team win the state championship.
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Comment 25 Feb 2020

I show UC as first in the AAC tied with Houston a half game over Tulsa. 

Having watched UC all season, they're just about as likely to make as not make the tournament.  Every game is a struggle.  They tend to play to the level of the competition.   They've lost about 4-5 games that they had no business in losing.  At this point they need 21, maybe 22 wins to get into the tournament, so 3-4 more wins.  They should easily get 3 more wins, but nothing is easy for them as they've been to OT 7 times and eeked out a bunch of games in the closing minutes.    

Comment 14 Feb 2020

Sour patch kids, but I've been on a low carb/Keto diet for over a year now, so I haven't done that in a while.  I found some reduced/low sugar candied gummies and Swedish fish (3 grams of sugar per bag) at Kroger that aren't too bad. 

I think Stovers has some sugar free pecan delights that I get sometimes that is not bad.  Low net carbs, but contains sugar alcohols which can cause havoc on the intestines.  Have to keep the portions small or it can be bad. 

Comment 13 Feb 2020

A good portion of those sacks fall on Fields.  Sometimes the best play is to just throw the ball away (or just take off and run with it).  He's so fast and athletic that he can make plays with his feet and he knows it and he sits back there and just waits for someone to get open.  Sometimes it turns out well, other times not so well.  It's a trade-off with him; we get more sacks because of him, but we also get some big plays because he is so fast and athletic. 

Comment 05 Feb 2020

You nailed that part.  The stadium was half full most games this past season.   They had team liason personnel thanking us for coming to the games as we left the stadium (never seen that before). If they want to sell tickets, a semi-Local Boy/Ohio State/New QB/Heismann Winner/New Shiny Object is the way to go.  It will get  people's interest for 2-3 years even if it turns out to be a total bust. 

Comment 31 Jan 2020

Video games - Last of Us 2.  The first one is one of the best games ever made.  I played it again recently just to remember the story line before the playing the sequel.  It's funny the first I played it, years ago, it took forever to finish.  The second time through less than 2 weeks just playing an hour or 2 when I got the chance.  I must've had the difficulty level set on impossible or something. 

The Top Gun sequel is one I'm hopeful for, though I've heard some rumors that it might be a bomb.  Idk, why they think that but if I remember it is because it's got 1980's nostalgia so it won't appeal to millennials or something.  I guess we'll see. 

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Okudah has it going on between the ears in a way that is hard to fathom for his age.  He is mature beyond his years.  Any NFL team should not worry about the man and player they get if they draft him.  

I used to maintain a blog and write some essays and observations.  The best thing I ever wrote was an open letter to my newborn son on the passing of my mother.  She lost her battle with cancer just 40 hours after he was born.  Okudah reminded me of that post, but I was a decade older, not a young college kid who hadn’t really lived an adult life yet.  He’s got it going on.   His self awareness is off the charts. 

Comment 28 Dec 2019

I don’t disagree that they struggled that year.  I remember the games full well.  I remember how they played against Michigan and Notre Dame as well.  If the team that beat Michigan wasn’t the best team in the country I don’t know who was.  

In a world with only 4 playoff teams, Ohio State didn’t deserve to get in.  Didn’t win their conference.  Didn’t take care of business. Didn’t get the Bama treatment. Michigan State clearly didn’t belong in the playoffs.  They weren’t built to beat an Alabama.  We won’t know who the best team really was because in some years it may require more than 4 teams.  Dabo saying no to expansion is what I’m arguing against here.  

Comment 18 Dec 2019

I recall someone talking about Hartline a month or 2 ago here on 11W.  They said he's going to be our next head coach.  With more seasoning under his belt, and an eventual move up to OC, I could see that in a decade or so.  He can obviously recruit, he's a good position coach, and perfect for Ohio State through and through (Ohio Boy + played here + NFL experience). 

Comment 13 Dec 2019

It's good to know I'm in the right time stream.  You never know after traveling across the time-space continuum, if you've done anything that changes the flow of time and events and affected history.  If I know anything, it's that peyote and time travel do not mix.  Hallucinogenic drugs should never be attempted while on a jump through time. 

Comment 12 Dec 2019

Why not?  Or possibly a sandwich maker.  Or perhaps a bowling ball with finger holes that are perfectly fitted to your fingers. 

Comment 12 Dec 2019

Time to break tendencies then.

Comment 10 Dec 2019

From what I could tell, I had the only 4 annoying Wisconsin fans in the whole building sitting right behind me.  They were insufferable.  That first half sucked because of those guys.  One guy kept hitting my buddy in the back (I don't think he meant too, just rowdy and drunk), but I thought my bud was going to rumble.  The 2nd half was much better.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

I love your LSU scenario.  Could be made into Hollywood movie called "The Manchurian Quarterback".  I just envision Burrow yelling "I'm a Buckeye till I die!" as he runs over to the Ohio State sideline. 

Comment 09 Dec 2019

We had what, 5 victories over teams with 10 wins (Wiscy x2, UC, PSU, FAU)?  Plus a 9 win TTUN and an 8 win Indiana.  Clemson has one win over a 9 win team and 2 with 8.  We would've cruised through that schedule.  But it doesn't matter who you played, just who you're playing.  Hopefully we're battle hardened and Clemson is not.   

Comment 09 Dec 2019

I went into that game thinking we probably lose, but that it would be like a 27-17 game.  IIRC, we should've scored that much, but our execution at key times was off.  We got behind by too much and against a tough opponent and I think we panicked and tried to hard at times and the game got away.