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Comment 5 hours ago

The media gets an F. Why didn’t they ask about how this makes the NCAA look in light of the recent admission the rules are outdated. CY could walk in any bank today and get millions in loans. He will get a $40+ million check 6 months from now. And we are talking about a $1000 for his GF to goto the Rose bowl?? The NCAA are idiots. The fact he missed any game is plan ridiculous. CY is a millionaire now and the NCAA would let him touch it and penalizes him for making them money. So idiotic. Gene smith should had to answer to this but our media is just as idiotic. 

Comment 05 Nov 2019

All major sports use some type of conference or pool elimination system where the best 2 teams can be in the same pool, league or conference and not meet in the final except stupid college football. Some how they think it had to be “the best 4” which is impossible to pick. As Day says it should be a berth for conference champs plus any other undefeated team.  From this group of 5-7 teams let the committee pick 4 if it’s has to be 4. This is much simpler choice and the method for getting there is known.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

how do they get overrated?  They have lost the last 2 games of last season by  huge margins  ...they scraped their offense ...brought in a QB coach who has never called a college game   ...they still have Patterson   Harbaugh the QB coach can’t recruit a QB?  The program is about to sink to a new low which will take years to recover  

How many points Will Wisconsin be favored by??

i think at least 7 and they will cover. TTun will lose at least 4 games before we go up north 

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Justin has looked great.  My question is about his throwing mechanics.  They seem a little off.  He throws off his front foot and uses his arm strength instead of his body correctly. The reporters don’t ask about this to Ryan. What do you see?  Someone should ask Ryan about this. 

Comment 08 Aug 2019

I hope the writer didn’t get a degree from OSU. What a piece of crap. No value. Says nothing. Can’t stand this writer.  

Comment 26 Dec 2018

Exactly. Someone who gets it.

”Root for” is just the wrong wording. I root for the Buckeyes period. I hate the TTUN period. All others are entertaing football games. Sure one may have more or less of a impact on Ohio State but you control your own destiny. Relying on others or making a statement is not really needed. Simply Go Bucks.