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Comment 27 Feb 2017

Offensive COORDINATION. That the issue was not discussed here. Timing where the break and throw are together. They talked about separation. You don't look for separation on timing plays. Plays that make the defense read one play or area and then throw to another.  You knew jet sweep a Mike away. 2nd and 1 and we run JT to get the first but it's the perfect passing situation.  It was all offensive coaching. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

There are guidelines for how many at each position group. The was a nice table of the number from each group and the current recruitment on the ozone recently.  The table had -/+ for most needed positions. There are basically the 9 poison groups.  It's is not Hap hazzard and quite the science. But the whole real picture is only known by the coaches. 

Comment 20 Dec 2016

If there defense is si great why did VT score 35? Pitt 40+. They could only put up 17 vs NC state.  There accolades don't match there performance. Our performance has been off too but the difference is one thing we have Urban.  Give Urban 5 weeks and we will be prepared better. He had proved it time and time again.  We would have beaten them the last bowl game if Braxton did not get hurt.  This game won't be close.  Buckeyes romp.  

Comment 18 Dec 2016

Ok here's a thought.  With JT as a graduate senior here can transfer and play immediately anywhere. He always dreamed to play for Texas growing up. Now Tom Herman is at Texas. He played so much better under Herman.  If he looks at where he can get better for the NFL, Texas might be the best choice.  Just saying. It makes some sense. 

Comment 14 Dec 2016

Great article.  So true. BRING BACK THE VEST. He belongs at Ohio state and there is a role for him. Weather its administration or coaching Ohio State should get him back. That would just further show up the NCAA poor judgement. More important it would bring our guy back to where he belongs. I don't think Urban would hesitate if there was a way he would consider it. Can you imagine more recruitment power. He coaches men and I would love to see this. 

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Invalid analysis for so many reasons. There is a base asumption that over a big sample it would evenout. But that is not true. You would expect better coached team to have less. What is a better coached team. Of course over a big sample it's the flagship teams that win. I would say about 14% better coached. Therefore it has. Itching to do with the refs.  

Comment 27 Nov 2016

The answer to the question what next is not here. But here is the most likely answer (99%) is the Fiesta Bowl. That's right folks.  Why? The 2 semi final games are the peach and fiesta. Alabama gets the bowl closest to them as the 1 seed.  The 2/3 game is then the fiesta.  Why don't the writers look up this basic information  come on guys.  

Comment 29 Jun 2016

It makes at lot of spence to have these support roles. The value of the program to Ohio State far exceeds the staff costs even with the lofty salaries. How does the coaches find  evaluate talent and recruit talent over true country?  The support staff and do 2 of the 3, find and evaluate. Then the coaches recruit.  The ability to have these support roles and such high caliber guys just gives us more of an advanced. Yes the rich get richer. Myer knows how to do to. He is incredible. 

Comment 19 Jun 2016

The drought is mis-leading.  They make it sound like its like the Cubs or something.  Cleveland has had success just not the championship. There is a big difference. The Indians Browns and of course Cavs had had very suusscess years in this so called drought. If fact the Browns really won the Super Bowl. Just that they were named the Ravens hat year.  Other cites have had less success than Clevland.  

Comment 20 Feb 2016

It's not safe to assume regression.  Ash was great but come on Schiano has more experience. Ash is taking a job he had and left and the NFL. The athletes are just as good if not better.  They will be ready. No drop off is expected and if you assume that you don't get it.