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Comment 30 Mar 2019
First off thanks for the coverage for the 8 of us or so that consider OSU a hockey school haha. Yeah I am in agreement with a couple of posts that something happened to this team about a month ago and they were flat out awful to finish the season. Swept by Minnesota, almost swept by Michigan 0-1-1, lost in b10 tourney opener and shut out in this one. It's really too bad this was a crazy fun team to watch in January and early February. Not sure if being so far ahead in the standings got them complacent or what but just an ugly end to the season. Think they finished 1-7-1 or something like that. The sad part is you don't get loaded teams like this very often and it is one thing to come up short, it is another to play the last month like a start up program. I think we would all love the answer to the question what happened? Great group of seniors though to watch thanks.
Comment 25 Mar 2019
You have no idea how hockey is seeded. First osu is not seeded lower than ND they were the 9th overall team and are playing the weakest 2 seed. Notre Dame is the lowest 3 seed. Teams are seeded essentially in accordance with the pairwise rankings. Osu finished 9th. It is an RPI type format. This tournament is not selected like the ncaa tourney with guys picking at large teams. Google pairwise rankings. Then you adjust in conference champions who otherwise would not have made it. Hope that helps.
Comment 18 Mar 2019
Love hockey and follow the puck bucks closely. They have picked beyond the worst time of the year to play bad hockey. Not sure if they went to sleep after getting such a big lead in the big10 but it has not been good. Swept at home by Minnesota, loss and a tie at Michigan.....1-5-1 now in last 7 games. They went from a 1 seed to possibly now a 3 seed. Will have to see how the pairwise shakes out and the auto bids from conference tourneys. 2nd frozen four run is doable but man do they need to turn things around.
Comment 18 Mar 2019
I have to laugh at all the comments that now that osu is out of league play we will go wild. Just curious do you think the iowa state staff is not bright enough to make a blue print of the things that teams did all throughout big 10 play to produce those 12 losses? There is a big fat book out after 30 plus games on OSU that was not there in November. I have followed both teams very closely due to some friends that went to iowa state I converse with about hoops. It is a really tough matchup especially Shayok defensively for ohio state. The good news is they turn it over about as often as osu does. It is a winnable game but the team that beat IU has to show up. Anything short of that and it is 2020 here we come.
Comment 15 Mar 2019
Still trying to wrap my head around a tournament meant to crown excellence that is inviting a team that went 0-9 vs the top 4 teams in its league. And it's not just OSU the other bubble teams are just as bad. Like inviting a C- student to compete for best student in the school. The tourney is so beyond watered down for money sake it is not funny.
Comment 14 Mar 2019
Couple thoughts. Osu is not a great team but neither is anyone else on the bubble so I am not going to apologize if osu makes it with less than a stellar record or squad. The tourney is watered down for money sake and it is what it is. Second the game was nowhere near as close as the score. IU was hitting shots from the hash marks in the last 8 minutes. I did not think the defense got any worse. Osu looked like a much better team today with Wesson back. Third as far as Holtmann and subs and who plays, he doesnt have much consistency on the roster and plays who he thinks in the moment is playing the best imho. Ahrens has one good game against a horrifically bad defensive iowa team and all of a sudden he is Jordan to half the people on here. He is as inconsistent as the next guy. And lastly Woods was huge today not just points but the shots he hit were big. Where has this been for the last 2.5 months? If he can play that well it makes OSU much harder to defend. Go Bucks beat Sparty!
Comment 10 Mar 2019

They are going to play IU In the 1st round of the tourney who completely smells a bid with a couple of wins.  OSU is going to get freight trained in that game with or without big Wesson

Comment 10 Mar 2019

I am looking at IP's board and I think it's time IP adjusted his board to the product on the court.  Would like to see more boxes like, "OSU makes it into the front court without turning it over", "OSU scores a basket", "OSU scores 15 points in the 1st half"......would make it more realistic for a Bingo....just saying you know.

Comment 08 Mar 2019
I keep reading on here Holtmann suspended him. Wasnt this a violation of athletic department policy and not anything to do with a team violation? Hence Holtmann has little to do with reinstatement. Oh and yeah good luck Sunday with this scoring starved team playing the 2nd best defensive team in the Big10.
Comment 06 Mar 2019

Finally someone moving without the ball TOWARDS the basket...nice cut by Young.  They should be doing a lot more of that rather than the perimeter stand around and hand off game.