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My picture is from my Navy days in the mid-80's. Lifelong Buckeye fan...I still have the Akron Beacon Journal sports page when Woody was fired. I keep is as a reminder of that red letter day.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching the 85 yard march through the heart of the South. Worst: Watching Woody throw that damn punch.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Any Buckeye and whoever is playing against Michigan
  • MLB TEAM: Cubs

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Comment 26 Oct 2019

Before moving to SoCal, I lived in Chicago for 12 years, and used to love making weekend trips up to Madison with my wife.  Great town, great farmers market on Saturday by the capital building, and just a pleasant place to hang out.  I also lived near Ann Arbor for a few years...other than Zingerman's, it's not a place I would ever want to go back to.

Comment 22 Oct 2019

My favorite part of that idiocracy:

2018 OSU: Traveled to Happy Valley and to East Lansing.  Both wins.  Stunning loss @ Perdue   

Not Purdue, PERDUE!

Comment 19 Oct 2019

This is a whole other kinda team than we are used to.  I can see them lighting up Wisconsin 48-10.  I can't dog Wisconsin too much for the brain fart today against Illinois, given the mental breakdowns the Buckeyes had the past couple years.  But we have too much speed, power and skill for them to play 60 minutes with us.  Hell, OSU's number 2's would be a top 25 team.  I cannot wait.

Comment 15 Oct 2019

A few things I've been thinking that the data seems to confirm:

1) If the season ended today, LSU and OSU would be the top two team by far.  Alabama would be out after getting their ass handed to them by an LSU squad that, quite frankly, scares the living hell out of me.  JB looks like an assassin out there this year.

2) Clemson isn't playing anywhere near NC level.  Neither is Alabama.

3) Michigan is right where I thought they would be...nowhere in sight, staring at 4 potential losses.  They play Penn State and then ND.  JH's days are over if he looses to MSU and gets lit up at home, yet again.  

Comment 01 Oct 2019

There is a storm rising boys and girls and it's comin for Bama, Clemson and anyone else dumb enough to get in the way.  This defense has the nastyness of the 2002 NC team amped up to 11, and the offense is like the 2014 NC team, amped to 20!  If they do to MSU what I suspect they are going to do, the Buckeyes will start getting the attention they deserve.  It would be great to see LSU and OSU in the NC game, just to see two Day trained QB's going head to head.  I would pay to see that game.

Comment 31 Aug 2019

I told my wife I'll be disappointed if the Buckeyes don't hang 50 on FAU today.  They might get that in the first half!  I hear there are some good High Schools looking for a new coach...that seems to be Kiffin's career trajectory.

Comment 20 Aug 2019

I watch as much as I can, whenever I can...I don't watch the pro game much anymore, so Saturday's in the fall mean I'm watching football all day long when I can get away with it...BTN with my coffee in the morning, all the way until the PAC games are done. 

The first question my wife asks in the fall is "what time is the Buckeyes game?"  Everything gets scheduled around that 4 hour block.  She's a keeper for sure.  :-)

Comment 20 Aug 2019

Chase Young added: “Man, watch out. Watch out. He's done it a few times, especially when we go situation defense, he'll take the ball down and run.”

Imagine how spectacular that had to have been to impress someone the caliber of Young. 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Penn State, Sparty and Ohio State...I cannot see Michigan coming out of that without losing 2 of 3, so #7 is kind of high in my opinion.  I doubt they will be top 15 when January rolls around.