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Die hard Buckeye fan, originally from Akron.....twin daughters, named one Scarlett for the Scarlet and Grey, would have named the other one Gracy, but their mom would not let me! GO BUCKS!


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Comment 29 Dec 2019

Gosh darn I love this dude....I’m not making excuses, but it seems so much like a ‘oh that works great, let’s not do that anymore’ mentality.  Same thing is the WI Championship game....he ran 6-7 straight times, get to the 2 yard line then get cute, try pass, penalty, and FG.  Just like this game, so f’ing frustrating.  He busts those runs, then lets pass every down.  I wasn’t going to even comment on the game I’m so f’ing mad, but that drives me insane. JK- THE MAN.

Comment 14 Nov 2018

I like a LOT of food, but in the summer, there is nothing I like eating more than MD blue crabs.....we pulled bushels of them out of the Wye River one year, ate them right after they were steamed with cold beer.  Not much better.......for me anyways.

Comment 07 Nov 2018

Hard to watch at first but kept in mind first game and on the road.....second half much better, and as said multiple times on here that officiating was horrendous.  Tuuuuuurible.  Great fight loved to see emotion from the boys, good road W to kick the season off.

Comment 02 Nov 2018

I watched about 2 minutes of the Temple game last night, and almost every time a player for UCF caught the ball, there were a couple guys there to tackle him.  Yeah, they caught it, but that was it.  I was just sitting there thinking to myself how OSU has the athletes they have, and whenever someone catches a ball, there is literally NO ONE in the entire screen!  It is mind boggling.

Comment 11 Sep 2018

Speaking of Clemsuck....my buddy in SC is big fan, and runs his mouth constantly, fueling the flames of my hate for Dablow and their team.  I decided to take a glance at their schedule the other day.....has anyone seen that?!?!?!?!  WHAT A JOKE!  I know it's conference and all, but that is borderline embarrassing.  I know they just played A&M, but wow.