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Comment 24 Mar 2014

tressel was coaching in the big ten in down years, the only team that was real good was wis, i mean hey lets face it that helps win championships, I do think the big ten is on the rise so its gonna be harder to get those wins now,  indianna minn nw penn st this whole league scares the hell out of me now.hey these Saturdays aren't gonna be like they were We now have better coaching we are the richest league there is which means a better product so I think urban has it a little harder than tress, but don't shut the man down work with him maybe fly the jet on Tuesdays lower gas prices! you know stuff like that

Comment 22 Mar 2014

recruiting has changed these kids want to play now, there has to be a spot open before thy sign, but I do agree offence has to open it up last year was Hyde hitting b gap, a wide receiver screen, Braxton up the middle Wilson on a around, no tight ends, no slants I mean it worked until the last two games but I also think these recruits wanna see how they are gonna play also. I like urban and Herman they know a hell of a lot more than me but with two of the best in the business I think we should have more plays than that,

Comment 11 Mar 2014

I think the real crime is the mugging Wilson took from scum, what did that little finger hurt and besides the fans payed a couple hundred to watch the game and they got a little extra credits that they can always rewind

Comment 10 Mar 2014

well hopefully Darron wraps up and tackles instead of hitting and standing over top of his hits, like most of defensive  players do and can only hope Mr. ash lays into there ass if they just hit and don't wrap up but hey maybe Darron will be a big hit! lets hope