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Comment 05 Mar 2013

The trick with the Shamrock Shake is to have them make it half Shamrock, half chocolate.

Comment 12 Oct 2012

Investigator: "Wow, so, this is Georgia? Smells like Ames."

[tap on shoulder]

Mark Richt: "Listen. Paul and I have a sort of...agreement...and we may have 'misrepresented' the legality of alcohol consumption to our studen-"

Paul Johnson: "Ha ha! Sorry."

Mark Richt: "-Student-athletes. We'd appreciate it if you, maybe, leave this fine state out of your study. I'm not asking you to lie, per se, but maybe you just forgot what you're looking for."

Paul Johnson: " Yeah, uh, check out South Carolina. I hear Dabo got all of the laws repealled."

Mark Richt: "Thanks a lot. God Bless."

Paul Johnson: "Prick."

Comment 12 Oct 2012

mass cultural decision to die happy, while being entertained


Comment 11 Oct 2012

I've lived in Texas for six years now. The Texas State Fair is something to behold. Imagine the best/worst foods you could ever create if you were nine years old and made executive chef of Disney World, multiply that by ten, and that's about what you see within the first ten minutes.