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Comment 18 Apr 2019

Unless there is something going on with the health of a family member--which I would totally understand driving this kind of decision as with Grimes--this move is weak as hell. You are one play away.

Now I feel stupid for saying I thought that Baldwin was cut from the same cloth as Craig Krenzel. When Krenzel failed to be named the starter, he fought everyday until he finally stepped up and told Tressel to give him the damn ball. Guess you can take your ball and go home, MB.

Comment 16 Apr 2019
We won't match last season, but great things coming. I feel confident w either QB, Baldwin is cut from the same cloth as Craig Krenzel plus has better arm talent, and Fields has the talent to take over games. They just need snaps. O-line will get stronger as a unit each week. Dobbins, Teague, and Dmac create a lot of options in the backfield. Receivers and tight ends need to embrace physicality early.
Comment 28 Mar 2019

Andre is a tough kid and I know Holt appreciates the work he put in during the off season. But in the second halves of games, he looked tired, slow and was largely ineffective. We should have seen more of Ahrens, who noticeably improved between the stretch when Kyle was sidelined to the games he started during Kaleb's absence. Hope Holtman keeps a long bench and allows players the opportunity to grow during games.