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Comment 22 Jan 2020

If a Kansas player gets kicked off the team does he get a severance package from Bill Self?

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Thanks fan52, that needed to be said. As I get older, the joy for me as a Buckeye involves much more than claiming a championship. It's about watching guys like Justin, JK, Chase, (or pick your favorite Buckeye) embrace the challenge of the moment, take it head, and truly compete with everything they have. There's even joy in the bitter moments when things break the wrong way, as with Wade or Olave, witnessing our guys rise above the personal hurt they are feeling to respond with class and courage. Win or lose, they make me proud to be a Buckeye.

Comment 12 Jan 2020

I imagine all of these guys are looking in the mirror. Hope they realize it's time to step up. 

Coaches need to do the same. Our offensive set is very predictable, including in bounds plays. Matta used to draw up a lot of scoring plays on in-bounds. I can't remember one this season.

Two injuries before the season really thrust our freshmen into bigger roles. Musa's redshirt (his offensive production was poised to take a step), and Ahren's back injury. I saw enough from Justin in a couple games last year to know he can play at this level. He seems like a chill kid, maybe needs to play with a more aggressive mindset and channel Chris Jent.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

You forgot a few no calls. On first drive, KJ was tackled in the end zone on a curl route just as Justin was looking to him, would have been a touchdown, no call. Not one holding call against Clemson offensive line against the best pass rusher in the country, right. In the 2nd half, KJ was about to receive a perfect touchdown pass when he is shoved in the back prior to the ball getting there, propelling him forward and the ball hits him in the face mask, should have been a pass interference. Bias was significant on the field and had as big an impact as those booth overturned calls. Travesty top to bottom.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

It's freaking crazy that one man sitting in Alabama, with a significant, vested interest in the outcome of the game, is granted the power to intervene. If you aren't upset by this, consider that Shawn Wade has worked his entire life for this moment. Was that tackle so egregious that he should be removed from the moment when there was no flag thrown during the actual play. And when our players again made the play of the game to take the lead, this one guy picks up the phone and says, "Nope, not today." Again, a moment that our players have trained for years to realize was stolen from them and we're supposed to sit back and say, oh, we had other chances. Fuck that. I'm never forgetting this travesty.

Someone mentioned the review official's name yesterday and that he lives in Tennessee.

Comment 29 Dec 2019
How does an SEC crew get awarded this game? Seriously, how the fuck does that happen? To have a conference be able to pick the team they want to play which is what happened last night y'all. This warrants a real investigation given the financial interest of espn and the sec, acc. This wreaks of executive level bagmen.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
You know its a bad call when Gene Smith says he is pissed. And it was terrible. We beat clemson's butt up and down the field, but should we have to beat the refs too? I'm not one to blame the refs--usually the calls balance out. But i'm not sure how u can watch that game and not see that the refs were clearly tilting it against us by what they failed to call, and their multiple reviews against us.
Comment 20 Dec 2019

Tom's ego is out of control and it's his own damn fault. He was sincere and humble when he was here. He entered Houston the same way. Or at least appeared that way by replacing a tile floor by hand in one of Houston's buildings, and wanting to endear himself to H town as a guy with a lot of local pride.

Now at UT, he's comes off as cocky and insincere. He likely burnt a lot of ties in the Houston area by using them as a stepping stone, so I think his recruiting in the state is suffering. Unless Ash can radically transform that defense, I give him 2 more years.

Comment 15 Dec 2019

Definitely a teaching game. I liked the fight the team showed, but the lack of shot creation and weak first half D sealed their fate.  Two head shakers: What's up with subbing DJ out for a stretch when he was the only one successfully driving and creating. And why was Kaleb outside on the 3 line the last few minutes? We had been drawing fouls down low and now he's camping outside the 3 line.

Anyway, was glad to see Ahrens on the floor. We will absolutely need Justin's shooting this season, especially against teams with length. Looking forward to seeing these guys rebound. Go Bucks.

Comment 10 Dec 2019

They should be confident. Their team is oozing with talent across the board. In fact, I don't know if our Buckeye program has ever stepped foot on a field against such an elite offense or such a tenacious defense. I hope they use every minute to plan for their game with LSU.