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Comment 19 Aug 2020

The problem is that this alleged refutation of the dangers of myocarditis actually doesn’t have any studies that show it is safe for 18-22 year olds either. 

it simply says the high dangers to middle age Germans are probably much more significantly reduced in 18-22 year old athletes. You don’t need a study to hazard such a guess. 

the Big 12 actually has no concrete idea what the actual risk is to 18-22 year old athletes. Neither do I, and neither do you. 

Comment 17 Aug 2020

 We live in a world of confident conspiratorial assertions, often strongly asserted without a modicum of logic or evidence.

For example, how does the Big make more money by canceling football? Do we know that was the assessment that drove the decision? I am not arguing, I am asking for concise logic or evidence, one way or the other.

Question 2: Did lawyers really drive the conferences to make different decisions?

Question 3: What was the medical evidence that drove each conference’s decision?

Question 4: what, if any, did politics have to do with coercing the outcome?

Question 5: What drove the NCAA’s idiotic decision to say that students had to be on campus for football to play? The safest decision would have been students online for all but labs, and football in a bubble to reward students/fans to get through this...

Comment 15 Aug 2020

I am an academic, and here is my suspicion. Schools depend upon enrollment. Enrollment depends on campuses being open, even sports. 

There is a certain financial convenience to insisting things are going to return to a form of normality for as long as you can sustain that myth. In the south, that’s a lot easier to do. 

The Big insisting on opening campuses but canceling sports is problematic. So, let’s expose older faculty and staff members who are vulnerable To Covid, and protect athletes who are less vulnerable? Something isn’t adding up here, and another hidden agenda Is seemingly in play.

Comment 17 Jul 2020

Nudity. Once governments started regulating nudity, it was all over. Civil liberties disappeared, and the anti-nudist deep state began by enforcing togas, and now, quel horreur, is going to require wearing facemasks in a pandemic to save 60,000 lives and The economy. Those bastards! Stand up for yer rats! 

Make a bolder statement! Take off your clothes! Show the deep state the depth of your education. Praise the Emperor who also wears no clothes. But wear your goddamn masks and read a book on civics and constitutional law. 

Comment 06 Jan 2020

We choked because we hadn't been there before as a staff and team--and we had a lot of help from the refs. But you don't punt the ball 25 yards to Trevor Lawrence with a useless 2 point lead when the game is right there to win on 4th and 4. Remember, Etienne should have fallen down at the 1, and Clemson should have run out the clock, so they gifted us a critical strategic error. (Day should watch Earle Bruce's first Rose Bowl.) You can't give a great offense a chance to win when it is 4 down time. 

OSU needs one coach to focus on strategic decisions if Day is going to spend his intellectual energy on calling the offensive plays. "Hey coach we need to go for two here." "Hey coach, we are gassing them with up tempo. "Respectfully Coach, but do you want the game to end with Trevor Lawrence having the ball, or do you want to go for the win with Justin Fields?" "Hey coach, if we do a punt safe here, we can break them with good field position."  "Should we think about this red zone possession as a 4 down situation?" "Last I checked coach, it takes 3 touchdowns to beat one field goal." etc.

We can focus on the refs, but it was critical strategic decisions that lost the game. We got conservative, and the lessons of Woody Hayes, Bruce ,and Meyer.

It's difficult to fathom that the coach who called that fake punt against Wisconsin made the strategic calls against Clemson. Audacity. Go for the Jugular. Next time you have a chance to win a game with a four yard RPO, go for it.

If we don't learn that lesson, we are doomed to repeat the great chokes of season's past.

This game was lost with bad strategic decisions--that was in our control. The SEC officiating was predictable, and not in our control.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

The new redshirt rules, which Meyer did not get much use of, make it a bit of apples and oranges.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

The running scheme last season was designed increasingly for Dobbin's style, and the line got a feel for what he needed, the timing.

I think the timing will adapt to Teague and Chamber's style of attack.Home runs are great, but consistent pounding backs that take away 3rd and longs will pair well with these extraordnaryreceivers. And Fields will once again be a home run threat on the read option post-injury.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

In some way, we are missing the point. 

It's not the bad "luck" of the reversals. It's the bad luck of highly emotional events--momentum turners--being taken away and turned into emotional and momentum deficits going the other way, even if the reversal is partly 50/50 justified. Even a just and honest reversal is a huge momentum shift, the closer the call, the worse it is emotionally for the team that got "robbed."Those calls were all essentially turnovers, and all those calls could easily have gone Ohio State's direction. The ejection was a decisive event. By the time of the touchdown reversal, everyone knew what was coming.

At some point superstitious humans (all of us) begins to feel that fate is against them, or that the fix is in. All our lucky jerseys and various talismans show how superstitious we are about events we can't control.

Every close call reversal represents a turning point in the invisible game of momentum, and taxes a team's confidence that things will go right .  We should start quantifying the number of close reversals as part of the statistical pattern, both to check for bias and to measure impact.

And, if we are going to keep fighting the Civil War in politics and football, we should be conscious of it. Sure, southern teams hate each other, but Clemson is in the heart of the Confederacy, and SEC officials weren't going to cut any breaks to the Northern team. Witness the close calls that all tipped Clemson's way, when a ruling could have easily been justified either way. I don't think any other conference would have ejected and overturned. Those were game savers for Clemson.

Two interceptions, dropped passes, missing the fumbled Clemson punt, not going on 4th and 4, Borland's missed pick six. Dobbins ankle, Field's knee,etc. Ohio State lost in a perfect storm. The only breaks I recall  for the bad guys was one key Clemson drop, Higgins concussion, and one Clemson missed pick six, and one big mistake, when Etienne didn't down the ball at the one so Clemson could run out the clock.  

the failure to go for it from the 39 with a two point lead, punting and thinking we were going to stop Lawrence and  Clemson on 4 straight downs somewhere, doomed Ohio State to a low percentage chance to win the game, maybe 20-30 percent. Day needs to understand  on his road to greatness that this loss was on that decision. You go for the win when you have a knockout opportunity against a Quarterback with a Heisman in his pocket and a set of NFL backs and receivers. 

Chances on 4th Down and 4: 50 percent to ice the game

Chances to win if Clemson takes over on downs: Not much different than punting, probably 20-30 percent.

In short, this was a staggering upset by a very good team against a young but great team. It's a sickening event. We missed the Burrows-Ohio State narrative of the ages, a real loss to CFB history.