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Comment 23 Nov 2019

9 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. We have not crossed the threshold of greatness. If we are a great team, it’s yet to come.

Comment 18 Nov 2019

Overlooked in this piece is that Penn State has the best tight end in the country, Freiermuth. The game will come down to that match up--Werner or White against the guy who moves the chains. This sort of talent may be why the we created the bullet position to avoid another Iowa-style debacle. Given the pass rush OSU can bring, Freiermuth is the first escape valve.

The Penn State offense also depends on Clifford's legs when things break down, as they often do. Can the Buckeyes bring pressure and keep Clifford contained, while covering the TE and back. 

Dotson and Handler will get their catches andyards, and Noah Cain is significantly better than the other backs in getting tough yards.

This is going to be a barnburner.

Comment 22 Oct 2019

I keep arguing for an eight team playoff.

Best way to keep the schedule at present length is to modify Conference Championship week and have cross-over games , East 1 versus West 1, East 2 versus West 2, etc.voiding rematches only as practical. Thus, the 3rd inter-division game is played during "Championship Week" and only two inter-division games are scheduled for the regular season. Other than the inevitable Rutgers v Illinois game at 7 v 7, most teams would be fighting for bowl positioning or eligibility. And, if I am playing for Rutgers, ending the season with a chance to win, rather than being fed to the Lions, seems appealing. Plus it would boost everyone's strength of schedule.

Would be especially entertaining for Big and SEC.

Comment 22 Oct 2019

Anytime you create a system like this, you first have to possess a great understanding of the laws of unintended consequences.

Giving points for pitching a shut-out? 

Make it simple. 4 highest rated conference champions. No wild cards or mulligans. No Notre Dame.

Comment 21 Oct 2019

If Ohio State has -2 turnovers and a missed field goal, we probably get upset. its about playing aggressively and not getting tight with the play calling in the red zone. When things go wrong coaches tend to panic.

Thus this is Ryan Day’s biggest game as a sideline coach. We will find out who we are against aN underdog playing for redemption.  


Comment 01 Sep 2019

No one gave Va Tech a chance in 2014. I think we are looking at history having a chance to rhyme here. 

One week to fix a host of problems against aggressive phase from FAU defense. Fickell was there in 14, Day wasn’t. I expect The Bearcats to “bear” down. Sorry, but I  expect growing pains. Will come down to turnovers.