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Comment 16 Oct 2019

He's either being shady or intentionally uninformed. There are videos of him working with QBs individually or at camps. It is extremely common for players of any position to have individual coaches off the team's staff.

It's like saying "I'm not sure what Butch Harman or Hank Haney does." Avery coaches QBs and his track record suggests that he does it very well.

Comment 27 Sep 2019

It was one game on the road against a good team. Calm down. As for the Army game: this was a good Army team and Service Academies are always difficult (Navy 2010 - you know, same year OSU lost to a bad Purdue team and an overrated USC team? Season turned out pretty nicely)

Virginia Tech 2014, Iowa 2017, Purdue 2018, etc. Is UM as talented as those OSU teams? Not at all. But let the meat of the schedule play out before we presume them dead after 3 games. Not defending them, and I thoroughly enjoy their demise. But reports of it may be premature at this point. Thx

Comment 01 Sep 2019

Why? He was going to be behind a quarterback who as significantly better. He chose to leave instead ifbbe his backup. I don’t understand the continue obsession with someone who doesn’t even play for Ohio state. 

Comment 08 Aug 2019

Wondering how different the responses would be if it concerned Nick Bosa last year. I know the situations were different - given Nick Bosa was (involuntarily) injured - but he still chose to leave the team to begin training/rehab in California (as a captain). I had no problem with him doing it at all, just think the thread would tilt more towards give him the damn ring than we see with Bryant.

Comment 31 May 2019

Here for all the internet tough guys who would have *definitely* punched the doctor in the face (and thereby run the risk of sacrificing their scholarship, possible criminal charges, and a ruined reputation)

Comment 21 May 2019

Zeke was such a screw up yet it was a) Joey who was suspended for the first game and b) Zeke that still went 4th in the draft (high for an RB) and dominated his final year (Joey too had a strong year but to suggest Zeke was 'horrible influence' is a bit much) 

Comment 30 Jan 2019

People will make a big deal out of this, but it is not THAT much different from JUCO rankings that 247 also uses. It's an easy way to find / organize information on transfers in a given offseason. 

I have yet to see any evidence that the transfer portal has caused a rash of transfers in CFB. It's not as if the portal created transfers. Just seems to be a good marketplace for schools and transfer players to connect. It's going to be fine.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Fair point. They also dominated inferior offenses - which is what good defenses are supposed to do, and where we failed, even with superior athletes. 

What's so difficult to see?

Comment 08 Jan 2019

I hate the "yeah, but they gave up 62 then 41"...

Bottom line - Michigan's defense for much of the year was very good. Michigan played a similar schedule to OSU. Which defense fared better against common opponents? 

Matchups matter. We had far better athletes on the field at the skill position, and we absolutely exploited those (its almost criminal the way we abused UM's safety, #28). 

We are getting two great recruiters and solid coaches, period. This is the same defense that after 11 weeks was the best in pass defense and one of the best overall. People can always point to one bad game. Extreme case: Urban Meyer may be the best offensive mind to ever coach college football. Clemson 2016 does nothing to change that. 

Comment 19 Dec 2018

He should feel ready to compete. May be a good thing for him - he knows he will have to work that much harder. If he wins the job, we can expect greatness form him (and I already do). Rooting for him. Ton of potential. 

Comment 18 Dec 2018

Stop. No one said Burrow was going to be a grenade in LSU's QB room (2 QBs ultimately transferred)

EVERY player has to wait their turn unless they're a transcendent talent as a freshman. Haskins waited longer than Martell. Troy Smith waited longer than Martell. Cardale Jones waited longer than Martell.

People treating Martell like some martyr because he waited behind two more talented QBs for 2 years. SMH. This is a competitive sport. Win the job.