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Comment 12 Dec 2019

Honestly, for OSU defensively, I’m going to say what I have been saying for the past 4-5 years. Use your strengths to your advantage, and limit your weaknesses. Our strength is that our D-Line is very good, and we have 2 1st round corners in the secondary, while our weakness is our linebackers. I would like to see them disrupt the receivers at the line and drop those linebackers into a zone in the middle where they can just get in the way of the quick throws teams try to use to mitigate our elite pass rush. Then, start to mix up pressure from the linebackers to confuse them.

I know everyone says TL is great, and he has the stats to back it up, but I firmly stand behind my belief that 90% of QB’s aren’t good at reading a defense, and when you take away their first read they make mistakes.

Comment 12 Dec 2019

Underrated comment lol

Comment 12 Dec 2019

Thanks for the replies! Guess YouTube it is. Would love the “eye in the sky” view though, makes it so much easier to break down coverages and assignments.

Comment 29 Jul 2019

If I’m not mistaken, Tyrann Matthieu and Patrick Peterson donated $2m for the renovations, so the professor should be mad at not athletic alumni that aren’t giving him money, not at the university. Also, Matthieu created a scholarship fund, so he also donated for academics. 

Sounds like the professor just wants to complain and doesn’t know the specifics.

Comment 01 Sep 2017

I'm not sure it was the corners as much as it was the concepts we were running the first half. Our strength is that our dline is the best in the country, and Indiana knew that, so they were running 3 step drop offense to negate that strength. This meant Lago was predetermining where he wanted to throw it and our cover 1 was getting beat by short, man-beating routes.

2nd half we went to a more cover 2-ish look with the safeties helping and taking away the short throws, which gave our line the extra second to get there. If you noticed, there were a lot more times in the 2nd half Lago went to throw it only to stop himself because it was covered and he had no idea what to do, the he was sacked.

Lago has good arm strength, but Indiana's plan and their physical receivers kept them in the game. He was just throwing where they told him to, not reading a defense

Comment 29 Oct 2016

I've coached football for a few years at the high school level and can tell you that a bye week CAN do wonders for your team, but it isn't a gaurantee.  Good coaches will use the time to look over game film or scout the other team if possible and put in a couple wrinkles to the game plan. Which is what we saw Wisconsin do. Or find a weakness to exploit, which is what we saw PSU do.

The determining factor is how focused the players are during the bye week. If the upcoming opponent isn't a high quality opponent they may not take the bye week serious. But a team like Ohio State will get everyone's best effort, so the bye week is taken seriously.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Wisconsin obviously changed a few things and added wrinkles they didn't use before the OSU game.

I Think the reason Wisconsin added the wrinkles and tried new things was partly because it would work (obviously) but also because they weren't confident their normal scheme would beat OSU and the fact that Wisconsin came out and tried to do the same old against Michigan was because they didn't have a free week to put anything extra in and because they were more confident they could beat them with their regular scheme.

M fans are delusional if they think Wisconsin didn't add new wrinkles for OSU and that the extra week didn't give them a leg up.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

You guys missed a great opportunity to use this lol

But I agree there are examples of it working when people go back, and it very well may and I hope it does if that what happens with Jalin, I was just saying for the statistical majority it doesn't and my opinion was he should have gone for the sure thing with a degree.

Not directing this at just you squirrel, but all those that had examples of it working when going back...

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I'm not saying he can't, but, I'm using statistical evidence that points to the fact that most who leave, don't return. And if he came back at 35, that's 15 years without a degree, and if we use the average career of a WR of 2.5~ years, that's 12 years without a degree and no NFL. So, still a better idea to stay for a degree at least, which is all I'm saying

Comment 29 Apr 2016

But he came out and said he doesn't like class and doing school work. And if he is feeling that way now, it will be much worse if he tries to go back. If he stays a year, he both improves his stock (potentially) and gets a degree and he is good to go no matter what happens.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I personally think he bet on himself and his skills, knowing it wasn't a sure thing, which is an honorable thing. But, I would be willing to bet he had second thoughts after the combine. I personally don't think he will make it very long in the NFL, if at all, and it's not being negative, just being realistic. He has fumbling issues and his major skill is elusiveness, which unfortunately doesn't help you in the NFL as much as college. He doesn't run NFL routes and doesn't have NFL speed, and every NFL receiver has at least 1 of those things. I understand why a 20 year old kid would be drawn to a couple hundred thousand dollars, but he likely won't have anything guaranteed and won't have a degree to fall back on.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I'll say this, as a home owner and the bill payer of the household, after reading the exchange it appears Tunsil was hustling him by saying it was for his moms bill. $300 is pretty steep and it sounds like they had just given money and the amount keeps going up. So I wouldn't have pity on Tunsil "just trying to help his mom"

Comment 20 Apr 2016

I'm not sure if you actually watch the games, but I can say there is a good chance you don't based on that comment. I'm not sure there has ever been a superstar not get calls quite like Lebron. He is just too big to officiate fairly. You have to foul him to keep him from getting to the rim and the refs can't call every foul or the games would never end. Watch a game with curry and see how many favorable calls he gets, then watch lebron, it's night and day different.

Comment 13 Apr 2016

I'll say this, I've coached some football and have a decent knowledge of the game. (more than just what they say on TV or the Internet)

Cardale has physical tools needed to be a QB, but his arm strength is the only one that will translate to the NFL on a consistent basis. He can scramble, but like someone else said, will be more like a Big Ben in his scrambling. The problem he will have is that arm strength alone will not win games in the NFL, he will need to read a defense, and he has not been able to read a defense his whole career so far. (To be fair, I'm not sure there are many reads to be made in the OSU offense) Can he learn to do this? For sure, it's possible. The thing is, there isn't a great track record of QBs developing the ability to read a defense at this point in their career. Another problem is, NFL coaches are very good at game planning a way to make a QB like cardale read and make decisions. I'll go on record as saying I don't think Cardale is a great QB, more so an exceptional athlete, and aside from a few instances, that doesn't translate to NFL success. So, in summary, I tend to agree with OP on idea that Cardale will not be a very successful NFL QB, but only because the game will be so much quicker and he will be forced to do things he has never done at the highest level of competition.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

Age: 27 Weight: 180

Primary Means of exercise: I have a gym in my garage (squat rack, bench, bars, free weights, bands, chains) so I lift there and do my cardio outside, though I have to admit I hate cardio without a treadmill or elliptical so i don't get as much as I should.

Goals: Just to be as strong as I can.  I've been lifting since 7th grade for the football team and it became my most comfortable place.  I just feel like it's something I'm good at so I like to be there.  Currently Squatting: 375  Dead lift: 405  Bench: 315

Inspiration: This will sound bad, but myself... I used to be overweight and weak, but when I started lifting and working at it I noticed a big change, so I don't want to go back to the way I was before I lifted

I would consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to lifting, diets, cardio, etc. so if anyone ever needs advice or anything I would be happy to help because I'm a firm believer in people trying to better themselves no matter the ability level.

 "That will just be $19.99"

Comment 05 Nov 2015

I have to say, having watched 2 of Holm's fights, she doesn't really do anything well other than stand there and occasionally kick her opponent. She is a very boring fighter, and like stated above, is more of a points fighter.  Points fighting works against lesser competition, but Rousey is unbelievably dominant, and not even on the same planet as Holm when it comes to ability.

Rousey wins this easily.

Comment 04 Sep 2015

You mean MSU stole something from us??? I thought only they came up with original ideas???

Comment 11 May 2015

The winners would have been Kentucky, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt because they could have used Bama's win to talk about how great their conference is as football

Comment 16 Mar 2015

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