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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU's 2002 National Championship victory over Miami...waited a long time for that one.
  • NFL TEAM: Not any more...Can hardly watch.
  • NHL TEAM: Ohio Machine Lacrosse
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Comment 04 Jan 2017

So.much.this.  JT is a great leader, 3-0 against TTUN is as good as you can get and all that...well, not all that because those things and more are very important. However, imho JT has regressed since 2014. His RS Freshman year he was unconscious, throwing the magic bean to and fro with ease. His deep ball was on target (and he actually had a deep ball.) The last two seasons, however, he has had issues in the passing game. Granted he has been running for his life at times but even when he's had time he hasn't looked all that accurate. His deep ball has seldom been on the money going either short or long. Many downfield completions are underthrown balls that the receivers have to wait on. It seems he's been pressing and the 2015 QB competition with Cardale didn't make that any easier (by his own admission.) That said, you can't argue with the record and I trust Urban when he says the kid's leadership ability is all-world. Meyer has attributed several victories specifically to this kid stepping up in crunch time. If he indeed stays, I think you'll see changes in the QB room. To many high-caliber guys to think they'll all be content to sit and watch. Go Bucks!

Comment 23 Oct 2016
Feel for you. Yeah, it's all perspective and many parts of Buckeye Nation lack balance in the fall. I've been guilty myself. This loss didn't surprise or frustrate me as much as MSU last year. OSU was stacked last year and clearly could have won another National Championship with that talent. This team is talented but very young and quite frankly appears to have been out coached again. Either way, I believe they'll rebound and grow from the experience. Go Bucks! BEAT NORTHWESTERN!
Comment 17 Oct 2016

I know I'm a homer and Urban seldom criticizes officials and we won...all that said, this one of the worst officiated games I've EVER witnessed...on both sides!! Yeah, OSU got away with a few but Wisky was HOLDING on every offensive play (two handfuls of jersey on the outside of shoulder pads.) When they called Weber for holding on Samuel's long run, they didn't flag the late hit out of bounds which would have offset. They didn't call the blatant face mask on JT in the end zone after his first score. Unbelievable! I don't understand how these clowns get paid what they do (pretty well) and still keep their jobs in the B1G when they won't enforce the agreed upon rules. I was seriously pissed, but we won so that helps. However, it seems to keep happening. end of rant. 

Comment 03 Sep 2014
Puh-lease...no offense but unless you're a senior citizen or someone who would experience trouble standing for extended periods you should be encouraging people to stand and cheer...the whole game. UFM has personally requested The Shoe to get off its assets and get in the game. You want to sit and watch? You have choices: watch from the comfort of your own home, tailgate or local sports bar. We paid dearly for our Wisc. tix last year and proudly stood and cheered our Bucks enthusiastically. Will stand for the Cincy game this year as well. Go Bucks!
Comment 07 Aug 2014
We can certainly agree to disagree but the reason I used the Sociology analogy is because this isn't The Army or Hewlett-Packard or Ford...this is an educational institution. TBDBITL is made up mostly of students who are only there for a limited period of time and pay for the privilege of being in an organization like the band. Regarding books written on leadership and the ability to change culture, how to do it, etc...there's also a lot of books written on how and what I should eat. Doesn't mean I agree or that they're correct. Regardless, if you're at the top of a student organization when unacceptable "culture" comes to light...well. Finally, if the band members love the program and Waters' leadership so intensely then they should have yielded to the changes he said he was trying to affect instead of continuing to act the way they did and costing him his job & embarrassing the program & university, imho.
Comment 06 Aug 2014
Well I've been in charge at the high leadership level of organizations and I can tell you culture change is possible and it doesn't take 2 years. These are students. Marching Band is an accredited class like any other class. They get classroom credit for it so therefore according to University policy they have to conduct themselves as any other member of a class would. Tell me that somebody in biology who called one of his classmates a derogatory, sexually oriented name, repeatedly, or put a stamp of a penis on one of his classmates forehead's in sociology would not be disciplined and/or the instructor who put up with it wouldn't suffer some fate. UFM didn't take too long to change the culture of another student organization.
Comment 05 Aug 2014
Agreed, humans are resistant to change...that's why they need to be led...that's where leaders come in. Sometimes it's called tough love. And as a leader you also have choices. You can choose to lay down the law or you can choose the path of appeasement but if you choose the latter don't be surprised if, when a situation unacceptable in today's culture comes to light, you find yourself on the Today Show.
Comment 05 Aug 2014
Fairly easy solution...student band member unwilling to change their actions becomes un-student band member. Won't take to many for the rest to figure it out. If you don't want to be that badass, make the slow learners run til they puke. Two years is more than enough time to change the culture of a group of students. Being in the band is a privilege not a right...the leader holds the cards.
Comment 05 Aug 2014
Amen brother...he knew what he was coming into. Should have taken the "New Sheriff in Town" mentality and been the bad guy for a few days. Maybe shit-canned a few members if they wouldn't respect the new rules, but better to have some ticked off parents who think their kid got a raw deal than to be looking for new employment...and on TV under that headline.
Comment 05 Aug 2014
Strongly disagree. Two months isn't a rush to judgment, imho. "Entrenched" is a cop out. You're the one in charge...you have the power to change it. They're college students. They have to try out every year. Here's the list, you do these things anymore & you're out period, end of story. I love The Ohio State University and TBDBITL is a part of it, however, Mr. Waters put everything he worked so hard for and loved at risk (his dream job) because he wouldn't do the right thing and tell some college kids to act in line with the values espoused by the program. It appears he wanted to be more of a friend instead of a leader. That attitude can very well get you fired. Do the right thing and you won't have to defend yourself. He deserves credit for leading the band to new heights and should be hired by another school, but when this came to light the university had little choice, imho. On to the season and great TBDBITL performances.
Comment 02 May 2014

DJ..."All other concerts, in every genre, will forever reside in the shadow of Dr. Dre's Up in Smoke Tour." Really? If Snoop Dogg, purveyor of such poetic lyrics as “b*tches ain’t sh*t but hoes and tricks,” is the end all be all of the historic concert landscape...I got no words. 

Comment 02 May 2014

Kudos my man! With advances in medical technology anyone really wanting to help their fellow man should consider blood, stem cell, bone marrow & even organ donation. The gift of life is precious. I'm going to recommend bethematch.org to my local Rotary club.

Comment 28 Mar 2014

You're right perhaps Top Gun isn't an insider. However, Coach Matta is as insider as they get. You can glean from his comments on Q over the years and theorize that perhaps Q was leaving a little in the tank or could be more coachable at times. Regardless, Q is and will always be a Buckeye. He helped us as a team and I wish him all success. Thanks Q! Go Bucks! 

Comment 20 Mar 2014

Rural...when you're a player involved in 119 victories, a 1000 pt. career scorer, lead your team in career assists and lead your conference in career steals I'll listen to your drivel. No apologies AC. Sad way to end it but you'll go down as one of the All-Time Bucks Cagers. Keep Calm & Spring Game...