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Comment 25 Mar 2020

Any update on Treveyon Henderson?  I'm a little concerned when everyone and their grandmother has CB'd him to the good guys but yet day by day goes by with no public commit.  It could be a silent commit but we also know that happened with Bijan.  Hoping he makes it public soon and we don't have another Bijan case on our hands.

Comment 23 Feb 2020

Has anyone noticed that Kaleb loses the ball half the time he is inside.  Either he has very weak or small hands and just can't hang onto the ball.  Or he might have both weak and small hands.

Comment 15 Feb 2020

I disagree.  This teams issues have not primarily been on defense.  They are on the offensive side of the ball:  turnovers, lack of playmakers and a poor shooting percentage.  If you can't score consistently more than 60 points you won't win.  I would agree with this sentiment if we had an all-world defender like Aaron Craft.  But we don't.  Our guards are good defenders but not great.  Ahrens needs to get at least 20 min a game and needs to shoot 7-10 times a game if this team wants to make any sort of run against top tier competition.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

I guess my concern is that i see this team settling for the 3 and during our extremely tough stretch we continued to shoot three's but at a horrible rate.  I love Kaleb knocking down triples but if he's spending more time at the 3 point line instead of the post then we're in serious trouble.  Also very nice to see some shots going in for Luther!

Comment 13 Feb 2020

I agree.  Good win.  We really needed that and have to win on Saturday.  Did anyone else notice they had D. Washington running the point at different times?  I thought the offense played the best when he was at point.  He is our only guard who can create his own shot off the dribble.  He did a great job distributing the ball as well.  I'd love to see more of him at the point.

My one concern.... We hit 10 three's.  I feel like that's fools gold for us.  Early in the year we shot lights out.  People live and die by threes.  I'd still like to see us getting to the basket more.

Comment 31 Jan 2020

Great point 40 degrees north.  We live in a crazy world today.  The world is a much smaller place with Globalization, internet, etc.. But people are more isolated than ever before. Community has been completely eroded.  This is a huge world-wide epidemic and we really don't know who to combat this.  Mental health/illness is so prevalent today.  It's unusual to meet someone under 40 who doesn't have some struggle with some form of addiction or mental illness.

Basketball is really not important here except from the standpoint of DJ enjoying it and enjoying the friendships from the team.  I would love to have him back and healthy but if it means him leaving to be able to get better i'm all for that as well!

Comment 18 Jan 2020
Time to hit the old Reset button on this season and reset our expectations. I'm hoping we can go .500 from here on out. That would be a success with this team
Comment 17 Jan 2020

I'm not impressed with the RB room, but with Day's offense and Fields ability to run we don't need an elite back.  We just need backs who can take care of the ball and break a few arm tackles to keep the defense honest.  Day has to be thinking:  #1 option: Pass, #2 option: Pass, #3 option: Fields run, #4 option: RB run. 

I think we can have a great offense with average RB's next year.  However, we'll need more for 2021.