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Comment 27 Jun 2017

The headline is "Ranking the Stadiums".  The article is ranking the fans.  Big difference. 

Beaver stadium is a nightmare to attend if you are from out of town (and 80% of the crowd is from out of town, population of Happy Valley is only ~40K!).  No rooms available in Happy Valley unless you make reservations two years in advance.  Good luck on getting to a motel that is normally within 45 minutes to an hour of the stadium, you are going to have to plan on 2.5 to 3 hours.  Access to the stadium is limited as it is pretty single threaded for traffic.  Opposing fans are treated like shit as they approach the stadium (yes this happens at many stadiums, but PSU seems to take it to a new level). 

Actual game environment inside the stadium is loud for big games, not so much for others (like many other venues).  But even many PSU faithful do not like the game day format anymore.  Here is just one of many articles about it. 

Ranking stadiums should take in to account the entire game day experience, not just the rowdiness of the fans inside the stadium. 

Comment 29 Apr 2017

This exactly!  The NCAA rules are established by the members to try to achieve equity in recruiting.  The bigger schools like UM and OSU can find ways to fund trips like this, but they are in the top 10% of the schools.  When others can not afford to follow suit (and most are already operating in the red) it becomes a practice that destroys the equity between the teams.  The only way to do this is to get those "anonymous" donors to put funds into a general fund that is shared by all the schools.  UM's share would probably be enough funds for Harbaugh & Co. to travel to Cedar Point for a weekend!  

Comment 12 Apr 2017

Let's see, OSU announces their spring game plans in January, Harbaugh and UM announce their plans (for the same day, same time) in March fully aware of OSU's time.  This reeks of Harbaugh strategizing this whole thing to create the dust storm that is now going on with all the UM fans.  More bulletin board BS for the blue - "BTN is just a showcase for OSU, UM gets no respect!"   At least it is something that I would not put past his coniving mind. 

Comment 30 Mar 2017

A little know fact - Trombones are part of the modern day marching band, but the original all brass band at OSU used tromboniums instead.  The trombonium is a valved instrument that produces a sound similar to the slide trombone.  It was used because of the intricate marching formations that were made more difficult with the trombone.

Comment 22 Mar 2017

You would be surprised at what "laundry" was aired with us - stories that I can not repeat to this day. The NCAA 85 limit was introduced in '92, however, the Big 10 had their limits for league members that were in effect for the 60's and 70's.  Those limits were relaxed in the late 70's because they put the Big 10 at a disadvantage.  The Big 10 also did not allow Freshmen to play varsity until 1971.  There was actually a Freshman team schedule that required the use of walk-ons as there were not enough scholarship players to field a team.  Many coaches used that as try-outs for the varsity team with many walk-ons earning scholarships during their time with the team.  You can pull up rosters and photos of the Freshman team at OSU during the 60's and 70's (pictures were taken at the beginning of the season).  Most had between 30 and 40 ppl on the team, however the '69 team had close to 50 (lots of walk-ons after the super sophs won the National Title in '68). There were never 100 people on the Freshman team. The walk-ons who did not pan out were not invited back for their sophomore year.  That's how it worked, I was a part of it.  

Comment 22 Mar 2017

4 years with the team - '70 thru '73. Before that two of my brothers were with the team from '60 thru '67.  I know of what I speak.  All three of us were Varsity O - team managers.  Knew the recruiting cycle well as we were basically the right hand men for the coaches (we actually knew more than many of the players).  Woody did not over recruit.  We never reported to summer camp with more than around 100 players total (that included walk ons).  More walk ons were added once school started.  But we were at the Big 10 mandated scholly limit (around 85 total) when I was with the team. Did your father and uncle play ball for Woody?  I saw and spoke with him on a daily basis during fall and spring practice.  Even drove him around to some of his scheduled appearances.  As I said in my first reply - I was working with the team. 

Comment 22 Mar 2017

When Hugh Hindman (AD) called Woody into his office after the Clemson game he asked Woody for his resignation.  Woody looked him in the eyes and said "No, I deserve to be fired, fire me."  And, that was that.  Knight meanwhile, went out kicking and screaming. 

Nice write up Ramzy! 

Comment 22 Mar 2017

Sorry, I was there when he was coaching, working with the team.  The Big 10 had strict scholarship limits that Woody adhered to .  In my time at OSU he never brought in more than the allotted limit.  In fact, he was critical of of coaches like Johnny Majors - what you speak of was common place with Johnny.  His first year at Pitt he signed close to 100 players.  By the end of fall qtr those who did not produce on the field mysteriously flunked out and they had about 25 left.  If you recall, Tony Dorsett was a member of that class. 

I can not speak for Woody's early years, but those who were with the program in he early years and still at OSU when I attended maintained he always gave his recruits a fair shake and did not over recruit.  Yes, we had a few dismissed because of academic reasons, but it was not for the lack of support.  Even back then there were study tables and tutors for all athletes. 

Woody did get in trouble with the NCAA in the 50's.  Gave a kid $50 for personal reasons.  After he got smacked by the NCAA he bent over backwards to make sure the rules were followed.  Almost to the extreme. 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

This is laughable.  Woody may have been a stickler on the sidelines with the refs, but that is because he believed the rules should be enforced as written.  He had a genuine disdain for any coach who stretched the rules when it came to keeping the playing field level.  All of JH's pushing of the rules on satellite camps, spring practice, pulling offered schollies, etc. would have upset Woody beyond explanation.  I'm not so sure that Woody is turning over in his grave, but I can assure you at the very least that he is scowling down at JH over this. 

Comment 17 Mar 2017

Wasn't that when Crean had his team cut down the nets after the loss because another team lost sealing the regular season B1G title?  LMAO when he did that.  

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Didn't say that I did not like them. I'm a proponent of all alternate uniforms. Just made the observation that there are a lot of supporters for the all black uni's to the point that they will most likely win the bracket.  The biggest problem with any of the alts is just that some of them are a little difficult to read the #s when you are sitting in the stadium.  Other than that, I'm all for them. 

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Why even do this?  The obvious winner based on the regular comentariat on this site will be the all black uniforms.  It's like there's a syndicate on here that pushes for them every year.  Heck, we have seen posts on here that trumpet black as an official color of the school. 

Agree with Frimmel above - the Chic Harley throwbacks were the best alternates ever.  They should have been included in this poll. 

Comment 06 Mar 2017

Wow, it's back!  It was shot in the early 70's.  We were fortunate (or not) to be on the field doing lots of gopher things when they were filming.  We knew right from the get go that it was going to be a tough road for them.  The star player (a kicker) had a helmet without a facemask!  Harold kept wanting to do something that was realistic then he would change everything to make it more cinematic!  Was pretty funny.  I never saw the film, although I think I am in it.  They did a lot of questionable things back then - no releases for the extras in the stadium, no fees paid to many individuals who helped out.  It was all part of our duties being on the field.  Gotta get a copy.

Both my wife and I have been extras in movies in the Northwest.  Contracted and paid for our time.  She was in the movie for about 20 secs.  I was in mine for about .2 secs.  But she spent 3 days of work on it, I only put in one day - about 18 hours!  Those two films were a little better than Harold's, but not much.  Guess Hollywood got the clue and never called us back!!!

Comment 03 Feb 2017

I can watch college football over and over again for it's entertainment value.  Yes, I have somewhat of a vested interest in OSU football, but the entire college football scene is entertaining.  NFL games are entertaining as well, but I will watch pro games just to see one or two individuals perform (I know it takes an entire team for an individual to flourish, but I still turn on specific games because of the individual players).  Now occasionally, I will skip a game because if does feature individuals I have no desire watching.  

Contrast that to the "fine arts' that Meryl speaks of.  Yes, I like going to movies.  I have seen a few of her movies.  But, just like football, I will not go to movies that feature certain individuals - like Mathew McConaughey for example.  I also refuse to pay good money to see Tom Cruise in a movie.  Strangely enough, Meryl has fallen into that category in my mind many times.  OK, I get it that Hollywood adores her, but just something about her delivery brings up bile in the back of my throat.  

Perhaps Margaret Wolfe Hungerford said it best: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  Is it any wonder that Meryl looks at cinema and acting as the pinnacle of arts?  She wants to dis football, but she trumpets her own venue.  You know, the one that brought us the great masterpieces detailed here: Worst Movies of All Time

Comment 31 Jan 2017

Recruit rankings are akin to the "***** for Idiots" books.  As stated by Andrew, the various ranking sites all have their own criteria, but we all know that things like attending their camps and playing their politics will get a prospect a better rating.  No coach in the country is going to go solely by these rankings in their own evaluations of the players.  Granted, there are only so many 5 stars rated by each service, but you can still get lemons in that group.  The exceptional coaches do their own evaluations.  This is why OSU can bring in a 3 star player and have them shine in the Shoe.  They have their own check lists, and they are pretty good at finding diamonds in the rough. 

The recent commitment of 3 star Gardinar drew some harsh comments from some of the members here.  However, knowing Urban, how can one even think that he would "waste" a scholly on someone who was not properly vetted by the staff?  Granted, there are recruits who never get to see the field, including some 5 star players.  But the staff has done their due diligence and recognizes some glimmer in the kids they accept.  So, I can't get too excited about the overall rank of the class.  One has to trust the HC on running a system that will bring in talented athletes (regardless of star ranking) and get them properly trained.  The proof is in the pudding - produce on the field or you will eventually be replaced.