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Comment 16 hours ago

Long time Season Ticket holder here.  Have been to a few bowl games, but they are usually quite costly.  Ticket prices are high, and air fares are ridiculous at this time of year.  Would much rather travel to regular season away games (went to Nebraska this year).  However, I did put in for tickets to the OSU Clemson game as my brother lives in the Phoenix area and hit me up for the tix. 

As I understand, OSU ticket requests for the bowl games generally favor OSU applicants who are closer to the location - hence, living in Washington State I'm a little higher up on the hierarchy for the tickets.  That is another reason you see so many west coasters at the western bowl games.  And, of course, there are quite a few fans out here who will buy their tix on the secondary market as they can make travel plans fairly easy if they find a good price on tix. 

As for me this year, we have a brand new 70" Vizio that was much cheaper than buying tix and traveling to a bowl game.  Will have the family over for a fun time. 

We have also been to Glendale to see the Buckeyes play before.  We really do not like that stadium.  It is perhaps the worst modern stadium for a football game.  Would never go back to see another game there. 

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Squeaking by is being up by one or two and the other team has the ball at your 20 with 3 secs left and their fg kicker clunks one off the upright to secure your win.  

There was never a moment after the 5 min mark that I thought we would lose.  That's not as comfortable as being up by 35 and getting the second string in to mop it up, but it is still comfortable.  

Comment 01 Dec 2019

We played vanilla pass rush in the first half - primarily our 4 linemen which was quite effective in shutting down the run.  It was very evident that they double and triple teamed Chase to negate our pass rush, and with only three men in his face Patterson was able to play well.  We managed to score on the first drive of the second half and put TTUN in a position where they had to throw.  So, the second half saw a lot of 4-3, with frequent LB's blitzing (most often just one, but several times 2).  This put more people in his face and the results speak for themselves.  Completely threw him out of his rhythm.  That, and the DB's stepped up and started popping people.  It was evident that the TTUN receivers were hearing footsteps.  Once we were 3 scores up the wheels came off the TTUN offense. 

Comment 29 Nov 2019

Weather.gov is still showing a 66% chance of precip from 1 to 6 pm.  It is showing total possible accumulation of .05".  Winds predicted to be 10 to 13 mph with gusts 21 to 23 mph. 

Comment 18 Nov 2019

Jeez, that is the kind of statement that could get one fired.  Oh wait, this is Desmond Howard, he can do no wrong in the eyes of ESPN. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Recruiting has always been referenced when discussing the noon games.  I get it, but any recruit that OSU is really interested in will have very few problems getting to a nooner if the coaches want to make it happen.  Heck, Jack Miller was at the Wisky game after playing his Friday night game in ARIZONA!  Add to that the fact that many HS games in Nov are played on Saturdays because of the state playoffs the actual time of a game late in November really doesn't matter.

I coached HS football in Washington State.  My wife and I came back to many noon games after we played on a Friday night and we never once missed the pre-game warm ups or the band entrance.  It can be done. 

Comment 30 Oct 2019

1973 OSU team had John Hicks finish 2nd, Archie was 5th, and Randy Gradishar was 6th. That may have been the only time that any school finished with 3 in the top ten.  It was the highest finish for an O lineman. 

Comment 29 Oct 2019

When Monday Night Football began back in the 70's they always showed college highlights at half time.  The best games of the weekend were selected to be featured.  It was kind of an honor to have your game in the segment. 

Somewhere along the way the halftimes shrunk and more emphasis was given to the weekend's NFL match-ups.  Most references to college games almost disappeared completely in the 90's.