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Comment 20 Aug 2019

I watch all the Buckeye games live.  A few Big 10 games live.  Most others that I watch are recorded or I wait for the 60 min condensed version.  Too many GD commercials to sit through every game on a Saturday. 

Comment 19 Aug 2019

We have 12 days until we see the first game.  You can see his performance in a game and decide for yourself!!!! Patience is a virtue......

Comment 13 Aug 2019

As a football Varsity O member I can get into just about any practice - I only go to one about every 3 or 4 years.  However, there are some practices that are closed to everyone except the immediate football staff - at least there were under Meyer.  Attending practice requires that you get on a visitor list at least 24 hrs before the practice, even if you have privilege, like a Varsity O member.  I am not aware of anyone besides past head coaches who can attend without prior notice. 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

You brought up Bama - take a look at their season ticket costs: 


If you don't want to click the link, season tickets cost ranges from $395 to $495.  Less if you are faculty or staff.  Sure beats the hell out of what our season tickets cost - I paid $720 each for my two season tickets.  Bama does require a donation of at least $1300 (which will qualify you for 2 season tix), but that is even less than the $1500 donation Buckeye Club requires.  And, they have 7 home games, just like we do. 

And, yes I know what the cost of tuition is.  Do you know how much money they rake in from TV, Brand royalties, donations? 

This all boils down to you coming at it from an accountants view, and I look at it from marketing. 


Comment 06 Aug 2019

D. It’s not the young people filling the seats. Just look around who you sit by at games

You are correct - fewer young people at games because the price is prohibitive - parents won't spend $$$ to bring their children to games.  Those "young kids" are your future fans.  That's one of the things I'm referring to when I say sacrificing the long term goals for short term profits.  When the cost of attending a football game greatly exceeds spending a day at an amusement park which one do you thing the parents will select? 

As to C:  I'm sure NASCAR thought they were in the entertainment business too, but look what happened.  Arrogant pricing policies grew old with the general public.  The same thing can happen in any other sport.  It all starts when you lose the youth attendance - like stated above, they are your future fans.

B - Yup, ticket revenue went up last year.  And season ticket purchases were down 5 to 6 % this year.  Most likely those buyers also stopped their contributions to the Buckeye Club. Creating clever game assortments to spurn sales shows that this is a major concern for the athletic department.  And you don't have to contribute anything to purchase those game assortments - that means lost revenue.  

A - C'mon man.  Yes they have a surplus.  Are you telling me there's no fat in the budget? There's always fat. 

Savvy marketers find a way to fill seats with future fans.  When at the TCU game last year the ads on the big screen for Cowboys football showed that you could get into Jerry World for their next game for a mere $40.  And that sure beats the hell out of paying $55 to see Florida Atlantic in Ohio Stadium. 

Comment 05 Aug 2019

Well aware of income vs expenses.  It used to be that all games were sold out.  Not so anymore.  A 5% decline in season tickets is substantial.  And, I have talked to many season ticket holders who are most likely going to pass on future season tix because of the price.  Has nothing to do with the convenience of watching at home.  When a season ticket holder can't even cover the real purchase price selling tickets on the open market the rules of income vs expense takes over and you lose season ticket holders.  Much of the Buckeyes fandom success has to do with people having enjoyed multiple in stadium game experiences in their early years.  The pricing policy for tickets is eliminating many rabid fans and putting social butterflies in the seats who show up in the 2nd qtr, take selfies, then depart before the 3rd qtr ends.  Have a bad year and those people will find somewhere else for their selfies.  Future success depends on having a substantial fandom to keep you going. 

Balancing the athletic budget mostly comes down to the athletic dept spending everything that comes in - whether it be on actual sports or sending money back to the university.  In any organization there is plenty of fat to cut and sometimes that needs to be done to ensure the longevity of the product(s) they produce.  An early indicator for concerns are a decline in sales because your prices are too high. 

Many companies want to focus on their primary market so much that they ignore the competition they think will never catch on.  There are many examples of that, but the easiest is to look at the railroads.  The companies that dominated the railways were so focused on being in the railroad business that they failed to recognize that they were in the transportation business, and the airlines kicked their butts.   Could it be that OSU is too focused on being in the football business instead of the sports entertainment business?  Time will tell.  There are many other options out there for young people, and many of them are turning their backs on entertainment that is overpriced. 

Comment 05 Aug 2019

The arrogance of the Athletic Dept in price gouging for tickets is absurd.  The justification for raising prices so high is the after market prices.  When they started the multiple pricing levels for games it was an attempt to get the same dollar amount as what you might buy off the online ticket brokers maybe one or two weeks before a game.  The ticket prices per game were set at what the 'average' resale is on those sites.  However, they still require you to donate $1500 to the Buckeye Club in order to get the tickets. So, you donate the the $1500 and pay another $1500 for the two season books.  Hence you are paying twice the price of the aftermarket tickets.  This pricing policy is insane. 

I have a degree in marketing from OSU in '74.  One thing that was emphasized over and over again in my classes was to structure your business for the long haul and try to avoid policies that simply maximize short term profits. The pricing structure seems to be structured for maximizing short term profits.  Heaven forbid that we have a down year - if we do, ticket sales will really go down the toilet. 

Comment 25 Jul 2019

Meh.  Espn specializes in click bait.  Evidently their efforts produce results. If you don’t like what they have to say, don’t read it.  Not trying to be critical, just offering some sound advice.  

Comment 23 Jul 2019

Bo Jackson.  Was one hell of a back in college.  Injuries cut his pro career short, but he inflicted some pain on a few LB's in his brief career.  Really enjoyed it when he ran over Boz in the King Dome, and I'm a Seahawks fan.  Made Boz look like a middle of the road LB, he (Boz) was never the same after that match up:

Comment 21 Jul 2019

Harbaugh seems to be on the autism spectrum.  This is not a dis - heck, even Bill Gates is there.  I have friends who are there as well.  It just seems that he does not read emotion into any situation.  This seemed to be on full display in Chicago. The statements he made about mental health are right there with his dis of Meyer.  He makes statements that appear awkward to many, and does not see the awkwardness himself.  It could me the reason that everyone with the 49ers thought he was bat shit crazy. 

Comment 16 Jul 2019

But personally I've always kind of liked LSU (at least as far as SEC teams go) and of course I like Burrow

I get that you like Burrow, but liking LSU?  Perhaps you have never been to a game as a visitor at LSU. Walking to the stadium in enemy gear you are taunted with "tiger bait" cheers and jeers all the way to the stadium. Once inside be prepared for objects to be thrown at you.  If they have nothing to throw they spit on you.  Real classy!  Eph97 compared them to TTUN, but the fan base is more of a mix between the arrogance of TTUN and the rudeness of PSU.  (I do realize that every fan base has its assholes, but they seem to abound at schools like LSU.)

Comment 02 Jul 2019

Mark Pantoni had this take on dissing recruits (I realize that comments on 11W are not direct texts to the kids, however this forum does qualify as social media, and the 'kids' and their parents get on here to read about their prospective school):

Don't tweet at recruits!

Ever heard this one before? Well, Pantoni backed it up. He said both recruits and parents have approached him to talk about how fans treat them on social media, sometimes after the prospect names a non-Ohio State team as the leader in his recruitment. Naturally, Pantoni said, fans can "sometimes play a negative impact" in recruiting.

Pantoni: "And they report it back to us and just say, 'Hey, why would we want to go to a school where the fans are going at us like that?' It's best the fans just kind of lay low, realize you're dealing with kids, and kids got a lot of pressure on them through the recruiting process. Any of that outside recruiting pressure from fans really doesn't help them in their decision."

Comment 01 Jul 2019

The NCAA is a member run organization.  These "rules" are decided on by the member universities.  The people at the NCAA offices are there to compile and enforce the rules and policies that the members hand to them.  The majority of the schools do much of the enforcement on their own - i.e. self reporting.  There are unscrupulous members who look for ways around the rules and create a competitive advantage for themselves, hence the NCAA offices.  When you call out the NCAA, you call out OSU (and all the other member schools) as well.  But, I do understand your frustration.