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Comment 04 Jan 2020

September 1966, went to the back to college dance on the roof of the Student Union.  Saw lots of gorgeous girls and knew I made the right decision to attend OSU.  Spent lots of time there for lunch, movies, some studying and just hanging out.

Comment 20 Oct 2019

One more comment: last year I attended the Rutgers games, 51 years between seeing games in person in the Shoe.  I have seen them play in person in Arizona and California 3 times.  Next year I will be in Eugene to watch the Buckeyes destroy the ducks again.

GO BUCKEYES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 20 Oct 2019

September 1966, my freshman year, I sat 4 rows up from the field on the last seat before the end zone.  I could see the back end zone line right in front of me.  Also, the prettiest cheerleader was right down in front.  Not the best seats but I was inside the stadium.  The '66 _ichigan game was cold and wet and ended a sorrowful season (on the 2nd losing season for Coach Hayes).

In '67 I sat in the south stands, looking right over the goal post crossbar.  For the Iowa game (last game of the season at home) many of the Block O did not show up so they invited anyone to come sit in Block O.  It was at the north end then and out of the wind.  It was so cold that day.  I don't remember if I held a red or white card but I was for one game a member of Block O.

Great memories of the games (even the losses) in Ohio Stadium that I still cherish today 50+ years later.

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 29 Sep 2019

So agree, Buckeye 1964.  It is nice to read someone else writing what I have been thinking all year.  This defense is 180 from last year, probably because the coaches are using the players like they should be used.  Attacking instead of running to a spot after the play went elsewhere.

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Baldwin read the writing on the QB room wall and made the right decision.  He was never going to get a real chance to play at OSU anyway (ala Joe Burrows).  If Day did specifically go after him to be his starter than why did Day go after Fields too?  Don't give me the "you need 2 QBs to play and win."  Baldwin should get a better look somewhere that appreciates his type of QB.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Your comment about the "confident, arrogant fan base" of oregon is well said.  I sat in a gaggle of ducks in 2010.  There were appalled that I told them the Pac 10 or 12 or whatever it is, does not play defense.  They kept honking their pitiful duck call until the 4th Q when the game was mostly over.  By the last 4th Q most of them had left.

2019 Rose Bowl was another awesome day for us in Buckeye Nation.  Thanks for the quick highlights.

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Martell is, was, and always will be a primadonna.  Why do you think he was recruited by Bishop Gorman?  No one plays at BG unless they are recruited.  It is a private Catholic school that has a nation-wide recruiting base.  When Coach Meyer went after him I knew it would not last.  He is not a Big Ten caliber QB: to short, not enough arm strength, and defenses know, with him in the game, all you need to do is go after him.  He won't throw the ball much because he wants the spot light on himself.  Just ask any of his former BG teammates.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

So agree with others about Okudah.  White was great but Okudah made several outstanding plays that screwed up the huskies many times.  Between them both the back 4 made life hard for WA all game.  Too bad White missed out on the INT pic 6.

BTW, the official stats did not list an INT for the Buckeyes.  Did I miss White's or was I dreaming?

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Not the dominating win it could have been, it was still a win in the Rose Bowl.  Thank you 2018 Ohio State Buckeyes football team for another super season.  Too sad it is over already as this team was really jelling.  Time to build for the 2019 season with Coach Day.

Comment 20 Dec 2018

Seven years ago when OSU hired Urban Meyer my thought was "if he stays more than 7 years, I will be surprised."  Sadly my thoughts are real.  He did super with the program and leaves on his own terms.  Ryan Day has an unbelievable base to begin on.  What Tressel and Meyer built will continue to grow and win.  Buckeye Nation will be strong and so will the Ohio State football program with Day in charge.

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!