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Comment 17 Aug 2017

Two things I would like to say:

1. I cannot believe a Tressel-coached team did not make the record books for # of plays per game.  (HA)

2. I firmly believe this year's team will break the PPG game average.  I would not be surprised to see them average 50+ PPG.

Comment 14 Aug 2017

Great article, James.

I think questions 2 and 5 are the ones to be more closely watched.

I also would not be surprised at all if our Buckeyes score 42 points against Indiana by halftime.  This game will be wanted badly by the offense after the Clemson debacle, and by Coach Wilson.  This could be an epic blowout.

Comment 14 Aug 2017

James, you wrote:  Dobbins appears to have all the tools though, and the Indiana game should be a good indicator as to how much playing time he will get as a rookie. 

The IU game could be like a home game but not in Columbus, the "home crowd" should not be a factor for him in this game.  If he plays, I expect good things.

Comment 10 Aug 2017

I agree, Eddie.  I think he saw the others that may be in the fold, and he decided to re-open his committement to see what happens.  Either way, we are going to have an absolutely loaded DL class, possibly the best haul in the country, and that will transfer to the field.  Our defensive line may just become the best unit we all have ever seen at Ohio State.

Comment 27 Jul 2017

Hahaha, I just love to see any SEC get beat down when they come play a team from our conference - guess it's homerism.  The SEC doesn't want to come north to play, even if it's a home and home match up.  MSU had Alabama back out, and we had one back out just recently as well (Georgia or Tennessee, not sure which).

I guess I am just a little sick and tired of their attitude towards us "northerners".  Heck, the Civil War ended a long time ago and they lost, but they still seem to carry a grudge in almost every aspect.

Comment 27 Jul 2017

Hove - great post.  I also have that feeling of "something special is going to happen" about him and the team this year.  Wilson's offense will put JT in great shape to increase his completion % and yards per game.  Combine this with a pretty dominating run game and defenses will be hard pressed to keep this team from scoring 6 or 7 TDs every game.

IF we can score 6-7 TDs a game, along with our defense, I would believe we become National Champs.  This defense won't be giving up points like that in (if any) game,

Comment 27 Jul 2017

Great article, Andrew!  I know this is not going to sit well with many here, but when you stated "Several outlets rate the conference No. 1 in the country heading into the 2017 season, ahead of the mighty SEC. ", this is exactly why I am rooting for the 'Weenies against Florida.  I will root for every B1G team when they play against the SEC, because I hate the SEC much more than any of our foes or big rivals.