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Comment 18 Sep 2019

Ahh - I agree with you on Northwestern.  I would pick that game on our schedule that I am most afraid of an L coming.  I can't wait to see how Day does against teams gunning for us on the road.  That was one flaw I think Urban had - he was good for one ugly loss on the road.

This will be a great test for the Day-coached Buckeyes.  'Git 'er done, boys!!

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Hove, not sure if what happened to Maryland was a mirage at Temple or if they finally fell off the wagon for real but I think PSU will be in a bit of trouble when they come calling to the Terps.  That should be a pretty good game.  We should find out if Maryland is for real or a pretender then.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Hahahahahaa, BrutusB!!  I did NOT buy into the Husker Hype train this year.  Yeah, they should have a pretty good offense - BUT - they DO need to put that defense on the field as well.  I can't see them stopping too many teams.  Many were worried about the game in Lincoln.  I think we curb stomp them 'Shuckers.

My pick for the West was UW followed by Iowa or NW, but N-dub isn't looking too great.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

Joe and Sanitarian, I am making a point as to how I was raised.  If I made an agreement and I made it for so many years, I was raised to be a man of high character, if I give my word, I keep it.  I don't go back on it because I feel I am entitled to more.  I honor my current contract and use my credentials for more later - once the contract is honored.

I just don't think young people nowadays are taught to be honorable, or whatever you want to call it.

Man - am I showing my age and sounding like my parents!??

Comment 04 Sep 2019

I have a feeling I am certainly in the minority here but if I were any owner and a player is holding out while ON CONTRACT, I would tell him to live up to the deal he signed for, and I will make it worth his while.  NO PLAYER has the right to hold out while on contract.  You want skip out, skip out on your paychecks while you're at it.  You made a deal, you honor it.  You do NOT go back on your word.