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  • SPORTS MOMENT: It is somewhere in the future, when Urban wins his first NC at THE OSU...I typed that in June of 2013. In January of 2015 it became reality.
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Comment 30 Dec 2017

Another Cincy born and raised. My family is OSU born and bred. UC hates OSU so anyone who is a Bearcat fan will most likely hate OSU. There are more OSU fans there than anyone here will admit. It is a Catholic town so Notre Dame will always be the biggest competition there in recruiting. Carman was a drama queen who was never going to OSU because that was what was expected. He loved the drama and attention and was NEVER going to do what everyone thought he would do. I was surprised when Andrew kept saying he expected him at OSU. OSU fans constantly throwing shade on Cincinnati never helps, and there is always a lot of that.

Comment 08 Dec 2017

but the Cleveland native is more likely to head to a college basketball blue-blood in my opinion.

The reason OSU will always be a football school, as much as I hate to say it. We don't know yet how Holtmann will compete. Anytime you lose your top in state talent year in and year out you will struggle to be a true competitor for any championship. Holtmann was late to the party but did not get even one of the top 5 Ohio players in 2018, and none of them went to blue bloods. A lot of catching up to do.

Comment 04 Dec 2017

Fuck Michigan. BUT Dakich getting all those minutes. Understand Holtmann may feel like he doesn't have a choice. I simply won't watch a team that plays Dakich significant minutes. Catch up with you guys next year.

Comment 01 Dec 2017

Again this is the chicken and the egg. Fans simply won't jump on board for a team that has flamed out so badly over the last two games.  Fans aren't going to walk in the cold this season to see a team...and yes, a coaching staff..who has not shown grit. We all knew it would take time but be it fair or not the last two games will not win them any fans. Attendance and ratings will prove me right, as much as I hope I am wrong. 

Comment 01 Dec 2017

Why does anyone give a crap about what Tebow says? He wants to determine privilege based on reputation. Would Bama beat Wisconsin? Maybe, maybe not. Why not prove it? Simply tired of SEC teams assumed to be superior. Done with that shit.