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Comment 15 Aug 2019

True.  But neither Burrows nor Fields left their teams in mid-season. 

Comment 15 Aug 2019

I think "sodomizing" is a bit strong, brute.  Curtis Samuel had his balls squeezed at the bottom on the pile  - yes the whole world saw it and Clemson got a good laugh.  What was the worst part about it?  The OSU players stood around and just asked if they could have another.  It was one of the most pitiful examples of OSU football and coaching I have seen in 50 years.  For me.....Meyer lost a lot of credibility that night, never to fully regain it.  But when your team stands by and does nothing while players are getting their nuts crushed, it's on them just as much as it was on Clemson. 

Comment 15 Aug 2019

With that assumption (and I would tend to agree with you) we will need the Offense to carry its water.  Considering the guarded commentary around Justin Fields, I am more concerned about the Offense racking up points this season than I am concerned about the Defense holding its own.  Of course, if the FAU game goes the way of last year's Oregon State game, then I'll eat my words. 

Comment 15 Aug 2019

I am not sure where I line up on this, but one thing is for sure: this is big time college football.   As we demonize Dabo Swinney, so do scores of people in the media and otherwise, who feel the same way toward Urban Meyer  - and you can add Jim Tressel -- to a lesser extent.  We can kick and scream and cry foul.   Doesn't's just the way it is. 

Comment 13 Aug 2019

You are right.  But had we beaten Michigan in ‘69, the Buckeyes would have stayed home in Bowl season — but likely been National champions regardless.  

As for Bosa, doesn’t surprise me with that comment. He went on record for whining about OSU fans who complained about games that were closer than they should have been - even when the Buckeyes won.  “No win was big enough”.  Or some crap, like that. 

Comment 13 Aug 2019

I agree.  Tough coaching decisions, though.  Let's face it.....there were kids on that 2015 team that were counting their NFL dollars when the BTN cameras visited them in August.  Some or many of those kids only wanted their touches.  It was the first time I saw Meyer go away from his roots and become a "players' coach" and no longer act like the "bad cop" or enforcer like Saban is.   The team went through the motions and it finally caught up with them in the rain that night in the Shoe vs. Sparty.  No need to dredge that up again, but I see it as both on the coaches (for sure) -- and a group of kids who just couldn't find the anger and motivation that sustained them through 2014.  

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Fair question, 85.   Perhaps "case closed" was a bit strong.   But one thing I have always known and believed:  The "Super Sophs" of 68 only lost one game -- to TTUN in 1969, thereby launching the 10 year war.  The only other loss they suffered was to Stanford in the 1970 Rose Bowl where they were tired of playing for Woody and launched Jim Plunkett's NFL career. 

In 1969 someone wrote (and I don't believe it was bull shit urban legend -- I think it was in S.I.) "if you want to see the 2 best teams in the country, go to an Ohio State practice and watch their 1st Team Offense play their 1st Team Defense."    I don't think anyone ever said that about the 2013 young Buckeyes, although they went on to their own form of greatness later.  And lastly, when they lost to VA Tech in 2014, it was that group of kids' 3rd loss in 5 games, when you account for Sparty, Clemson, and VA Tech.  Yes, they historically redeemed themselves, but at the moment, it was not a great look.  

What did they have in common? Both sets of "super sophs" had a chance at Ohio State and college football immortality if you define that by 2 national championships in a row.  Neither would achieve it.  I'll still take my '68 Buckeyes to my grave.  Never saw a team for 3 seasons dominate damn nearly everyone they played over 3 seasons.  They convincingly beat Purdue (don't laugh) and USC when they had "teams for the ages" in their own right. 

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Interesting and good choices, Kevin. 

I will nitpick and suggest Olave already has had his "break-out" performance against TTUN, so I won't count him. 

I realize by the writer's definition he was pointing to "Sophomores". and that is fine.  As for me, it is time, once and for all, for Bin Victor and Austin Mack to truly "break out" and showcase what they can do at this level and maybe at the next.  I am not ready to write them off, but they damn sure better deliver when the ball is thrown to them, cuz the young pups behind them will be chomping at the bit to play.  So as for this old guy, I am expecting breakout seasons.....from the "older guys".   

Okay, now off my lawn please.  I am trying to water it.