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Comment 3 hours ago

the arrogance and delusion. Im not a fan of FInebaum, but I just saw this clip of him on Mike and Mike from last year, he really nails them-

Comment 8 hours ago

i know right? thats exactly the vibe it gives off. I was on there the other day trying to follow a fight, and they have numbered posts, and it will say, #43, responding to #30, but the numbers dont match.  1996 called and they want royalties for their website format..

Comment 24 hours ago

did you try seat geek? its nice, you can look by section, and the bigger greener dots mean better value, redder, smaller mean overpriced compared to face value

not sure which side will be the OSU side

Comment 20 Nov 2017

i mean, 41.5 is ridiculous, i would never touch that because of things like the first team getting pulled in the 2nd quarter,

garbage time scores vs backups. ALmost covered vs Illinois til the end of the game.

For years OSU has not had the best record ATS in large part because the spreads are so damn high

Comment 20 Nov 2017

nobody gets em all right, but considering he gets poached every year, mostly promotions, hes doing well

its hard to constantly turn over your senior staff, continuity's a bitch in cfb

Comment 19 Nov 2017

they were talking about it on MGOblog, guy said he had to sit by it, in the thread that said dont sell your tickets to OSU fans

Comment 19 Nov 2017

I think Beck came because of Warriner's recommendation. Urban's done a pretty good job with coaching staff overall, I would say.

Comment 19 Nov 2017

back then i think it was a common practice to 'borrow' melodies from other songs.

I believe Souza did some of the same himself. 

Comment 19 Nov 2017

First off Kansas is terrible.  At least I thought they had some class, guess I was wrong. Showing poor sportsmanship in front of those kids, may they continue to suck for years to come.

Mayfield, on the other hand, we all know he's got no class.  WHether or not he gets the Heisman, (old Heisman rolling over in his grave)

for sure he wins the 2017 award for most postgame apologies.  You know nobody's reeling him in over there cause he's the only reason they're relevant.  For sure NFL defenders are hoping they get to sack him first. As for me, I so hope we get to rematch them in the playoffs.