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Comment 02 Dec 2018

i forget who they played, maybe pitt?, but i made a ton last time they did that. they were 2x digit favs and I bet aginst them on moneyline

they spent the whole game by the space heaters and couldnt catch a pass

Comment 02 Dec 2018

granted if they had some inside info, they might let it run one way or the other.  or sometimes they lay off offshore, and its very hard to know when they do that

Comment 02 Dec 2018

bernie actually nailed it.  $ amount, they want it fairly even, as what favors the casino is to collect the vig no matter who wins

fyi thats why you see line moves, not cause vegas thinks the score will change, (barring injury reports, etc) but to shift the betting.

if you are a good handicapper you can profit off sports betting.