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Comment 28 minutes ago
Smith averaged 2.3 catches per game in those 3 games. And 1.5 in the last 2. Joned averaged 15.3 completions per game in those 3 games. And 17.0 in the last 2 games. Jones did more than just throw it up to Devin Smith. Way more. He wasn't perfect and winning the games definitely helps how people think about him and his legacy. So i'd agree with him being overrated. Just not with the history being written as all he did was throw the ball up to DS or hand off to Elliott.
Comment 7 hours ago

actually, no you can't separate the man from the artist. as it's the same person.

Comment 21 hours ago

they're a quality team that Ohio State eventually wears down, out-talents and eventually defeats basically every single year.

Comment 21 hours ago

I don't see how guys like Dorian Bell and Mike D'Andrea make it near these lists. maybe overrated recruits for one reason or another but they barely played in their time here so how can they be rated as players at all?

overrated to me means a player that generally is held in higher regard than the play on the field actually shows. maybe someone who won more national/conference awards than they arguably should have - especially in comparison to a Buckeye counterpart on different teams or different eras. Say a guy like James Laurinaitis in comparison to an AJ Hawk. JL has more national awards and was a 2 time B10 DPOY. but I think Hawk was the better LB and by a pretty significant margin. but maybe I'm off base there.

Comment 23 hours ago

OSU looked at Baz up close twice and passed. have to trust your evals.

Comment 15 Jun 2018

it wasn't much different than what other coaches have done for in season DUIs...but I would have preferred a stronger punishment for that incident. overall I don't have much of an issue with how Meyer has handled discipline (much better than when he was at UF) and the number of incidents OSU players have had as the program has transitioned from Tressel's guys to now all Meyer's guys.

Comment 15 Jun 2018

no one ever does it alone. does that really need to be stated?

the team did go 6-6 (6-7 including the bowl game), had NCAA sanctions and had just gone through ugliness that involved the head coach having to be fired and a season with an interim coach. OSU hasn't gone 12-0 enough in its existence to either take it for granted or give proper credit to coach Meyer for overseeing it. That entire team is overlooked because it couldn't play for anything more. but it still won them all - and that's a hell of an accomplishment. It wasn't some outfit that was ready made to take off. far from it.

Comment 15 Jun 2018
There may have been talent...but Meyer took over a program that had just gone 6-6 and was dealing with NCAA sanctions/penalties. That isn't all that 'healthy' IMO. Going 12-0 out of the chute is an overlooked and underrated accomplishment.
Comment 14 Jun 2018
Started happening when it became more important to recruits who offered early/first. So schools offer now (especially OOS prospects) early as an expression of interest knowing the player isn't likely to want to commit without visiting and so forth. In a perfect world an offer would mean an offer. But the recruiting world is far from perfect. And people probably just need to get on with accepting it instead of trying to understand it.
Comment 14 Jun 2018

5:20 spencer circles haskins with the laser pointer 'but we have a playmaker here now'  when discussing whether the ball would be checked down in another down and distance situation. 'where is my immediate opportunity? x on the boundary. I have a hole. I'm gonna take it. first down. let's go.'

this has all the potential of being the passing game the Bucks have needed IMO.

Comment 14 Jun 2018

I clicked on this thread to make this exact comment. We went to the national championship game and sat in the 200 level. great seats. But the upper tank - looked like it was in a different zip code. Don't go upper deck.

Comment 13 Jun 2018
A) he won a lot B) it seems like he was significantly overpunished by the ncaa and media given what the actual rule violation entailed C) he left while his program was near peak...normally coaches leave past their time and the program is eroding significantly