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Comment 26 Oct 2017
3rd thing. That ain't a 10-0 sheet. I say BC wins outright bc FSU is a friggin' dumpster fire, I think TTUN covers but their defense gives them the 24 points, I think VaTech and UGA cover and I don't think UK or Tenn could score on a $2 hooker.
Comment 29 Feb 2016

I believe you have to accept the hardship, at which point you retain your scholarship for academic purposes.  If you don't, you transfer to another school that will medically clear you.

Comment 29 Feb 2016

Can someone Google me why TCU's hand sign is so imaginative (looks like the hand version of The Tick) and why Baylor's isn't.  Well, Baylor's isn't because they just suck.

Comment 26 Jul 2015
I'm putting the over/under for margin of victory for a Hawaii moral victory at about 70.
Comment 27 Jun 2015
I think all my cards would have some scratch on the back that was supposed to read, "BAR".
Comment 07 Feb 2015
Unless you're going to make the NCG a day game, it doesn't make sense on a weekend. The die hards will always show up/tune in (i.e. giving up weekend plans.) The Monday decision is about ratings. Who has anything else to do on a Monday night? That being said, the semis on NYE is complete idiocy.