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Comment 08 Jun 2020

My Dad was enlisted Navy in WWII, so growing up we watched Army-Navy and rooted for Navy.  I became a Marine and eventually taught at the Naval Academy, which was an eye-opening experience on top of the one I had when I went to Marine Corps Basic School with a class composed of 50% academy grads.  Based on those two experiences, one of my favorite sayings was that the Marine Corps was the best service because it was the only one without an Academy!  While we draw officers from there, they are only a small percentage, and unlike the other services, the grads have no natural dominance in the hierarchy.  Long way of saying--I mildly favor Navy over Army, but frankly don't care all that much.  Now Ohio State v. _ichigan???  THAT's a rivalry that means something!!!!

Comment 29 May 2020

I have no problem with ensuring a lot of students can attend games, but the money versus students dichotomy oversimplifies it.  Many of the donors, like myself, aren't giving to the athletic funds, but to student scholarships.  If we don't donate, some of those students aren't going to be students in the first place.  Should we still give lots of money even if we can't go to games?  Ideally we will, but it sure is nice to be rewarded at the same time by being able to partake in something I love every bit as much, and more, than most of those students.  My buddy and I are there from ramp entrance through Carmen Ohio every game, fair weather or foul.  I can't say the same for a big chunk of student attendees, who often come late and are largely gone in the 4th quarter if it's no longer close.  And we still yell just as loud as any student.  There's something to the student versus old alumni stereotypes, but at the same time, the students aren't as faithful fans as they are portrayed, either.

Comment 11 Feb 2020

I've been to all the home games against Michigan during this epic period, but my favorite moment of all was the TV scene in one of the wins at Michigan (Harbaugh's first year?) when they had the blimp show the crowds streaming out of the stadium in the second half as we laid a beat down on them.  Just a soul-satisfying moment to see their utter dejection en masse!

Comment 23 Jan 2020

What if Penn State had given Larry Johnson a real look as the head coach there, instead of summarily passing him over, and he never becomes the DL coach here?  Would we have the run of great DEs we've had, as well as the overall strength and effectiveness of the Dline that has been a major contribution to how well we've done the last several years?

Comment 22 Jan 2020

I think self-motivation is crucial, because someone else can't make you become motivated.  But I also think people can use things to enhance that self-motivation.  If it was meaningless, I don't think people would go through the motions of passionate pre-game and halftime speeches, play Its Time for War endlessly on loop, etc.  I'm sure Kerry Coombs and Mickey Marotti think they are doing things to significantly enhance players' motivations, and I believe what they do genuinely makes a difference.  The problem for TTUN is they simply aren't very good at it!

Comment 16 Jan 2020

I'll agree that it's not a guaranteed TD because the safety was going to be in the vicinity.  But that doesn't mean the safety gets an INT or breaks it up, either.  Aside from the possibility Olave comes down with a contested catch (which he has proven he can do), he most likely is leading the safety across the end zone and it's very possible the safety either holds in desperation or interferes as he tries to get around Olave to make the play.  We know darn well Olave isn't going to simply let a safety cut in front of him to get to the ball.  Bottom line--at worst it's probably a pass break up and we have another play to keep the drive going and score.  (I don't recall the down situation, but I know it wasn't 4th down and there was still significant time left.)  But you're right--people have enshrined one outcome when there are several potential outcomes.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Well he basically got it right--Burrow didn't improve Florida whatsoever, so in theory Shea took a dumpster fire at Michigan and maybe somewhere he made some sort of improvement (after all, he had a decent first quarter or so against us this year, right???).  And everyone is a potential first round pick before the season starts, right????  Now if you're going to put words in his mouth and say he actually meant LSU or something, then that's not fair!!

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Agreed.  We may yet find out that Day is in a similar class as a head coach, but too early to determine that.  He certainly has hit the ground running, and made the decisions that turned a poor defense into a great one with essentially the same players.  My early assessment is that he is an upgrade from Meyer, and that's a damned difficult standard to exceed, but the proof will be in the pudding over the next couple of years when we know for sure if he is capable of continuing to build upon the incredible system that Meyer put together.

Comment 09 Jan 2020

I respect Vrable tremendously and he is obviously a very good coach, but the thing I remember when he left is that Larry Johnson was a definite upgrade, and not by a small margin.  Aside from Johnson's technical expertise, his willingness to rotate bodies on the line has been a key difference from Vrable's philosophy of playing the best four the entire game.  It not only allows a rested DL late into the game, it no doubt plays a significant role in us attracting such a wealth of DL talent, because guys know they will play early on and not just when the guy ahead of them finally graduates or gets drafted. We aren't talking about Vrable coming back as the DL coach, obviously, but I think we're much better off with Day than we would be with Vrable.  Vrable brings a definite level of intensity, but I don't think he is or would ever be a coach who brings as much innovation and coaching expertise as Day.

Comment 21 Dec 2019

Appreciate JF every time he takes the field, and double when he comes in after getting banged up.  He's a warrior and a darn good one!  He'll go down as one of the best ever at Ohio State before he's through.

Comment 21 Dec 2019

Remember that it's not just a question of talent.  Ohio State is equally focused on bringing in solid kids who are much less likely to get into trouble or cause the program trouble, and who will be dedicated to the team, not themselves.  That is a significant part of the strength of this program these days.  Not saying that Florida kids are inherently not good kids, but just don't focus on recruiting ranking and think we're missing out on someone we should want just because they have a lot of athletic talent.  The staff may not want certain kids despite their talent because they also bring a lot of baggage we don't want.