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Comment 02 Sep 2019

I was in the Shoe that day.  The Buckeyes had just finished, but the crowd gathered in the concourses watching the Michigan game on TV because it was so close.  When App State won, a roar went up and we were as happy as if we had just beaten Michigan in a national championship game!  Will remember it always.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Maybe the NCAA should copy the NFL and have a draft system?  The NCAA can pay the players, and since they can't pick their schools, there's no incentive for shady payments under the table to attract the best recruits. You become a free agent upon graduation.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

Do we even know if Tate is still attending classes this semester?  From a previous discussion thread, it appeared that he might have dropped out, though that could have been incorrect speculation.  At the rate he's travelling to see other programs, however, he sure doesn't seem to be going to any classes right now.  If he indeed isn't in school, then the scholarship issue and whether he is part of the team are already moot.  But if he is still in class, then I would vote for just letting things play out longer.  No reason to rush to end things, especially since it would just add fuel to the fire for no real reason.  Keep to the high road.  When spring practice gets here, Martell and the coaches will know a lot more than they do now.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

We all have great expectations for Fields, but I was a bit mystified in the video that he was run down from behind by a couple of UMass players.  Either he isn't that fast, or he wasn't trying very hard.  But maybe his stature as a runner isn't built so much on speed as it is on shiftiness.  Guess we'll find out more when we see him in action for the Buckeyes.  I sure hope he produces great things for us.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

You would think we could have 120,000, but even for the Michigan game this year there were chunks of empty seats in D Deck.  Frankly, I think the university has crossed the break point where there aren't enough people who want to pay what it now costs for a ticket and put up with the traffic, cost to park, long walk to the stadium, lines to get into the stadium, security checks, expensive food and drink, far too little space (side to side and front to back) in much of the bleacher seating, and the long slow trip back home. I think another part of it is we have just gotten too used to winning. Short of cutting prices significantly, they aren't ever going to fill all those seats except in the rare instance where we're playing #1 against #2 or 3 and we have a good chance of winning.  This year we were playing #4 Michigan for a chance at the Big championship game and possibly the playoffs, but I suspect many fans expected us to lose, so even that didn't generate a full stadium.  You might think making more tickets available to students would help, but they frankly haven't even filled their sections for the vast majority of games the past two years, and in some instance Block O isn't even filled at kickoff.  I say that from personal experience of attending the games and seeing the empty seats firsthand.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

I was at the 2014 NC against Oregon.  Ohio State fans predominated, but we were plenty loud.  Maybe when we seem on track to win (which is most often the case), fans don't get quite as loud because they don't really need to?  I also like to think I'm an exception to the 'rule'--63 and I scream rather hard when the opposing QB is trying to get the ball snapped on an important play.  But I have sat in the expensive alumni seats at the Shoe a couple times, and most of them do sit on their hands and just watch.

Comment 01 Jan 2019

I now see you're referring to the earlier post where the commenter said Bosa wouldn't even have to go to class.  That I wouldn't agree with, as he is either a student/athlete or he's not, in which case he is no longer part of the team.  Your point about the earlier comment is well taken.

Comment 01 Jan 2019

Why do you pose it as an either/or?  He could have stayed in school and remained a student/athlete in good standing.  Presumably someday he'll want to finish his degree, despite all the millions he'll earn from football, so no personal loss by completing an additional semester.  Obviously he can't practice, so he could have spent some of that time doing his rehab.  And still devote some time to doing things that would support the team, such as helping coach the rest of the Dline, being there at games to cheer them on, etc.  Is that more difficult than dropping out and doing nothing but rehab?  Sure, but again, that's what leadership is all about--doing the hard things to help out the team.  He could have been a true leader, but he elected to focus purely on himself.  That's his call, and nothing 'wrong' with it, but he missed an opportunity to do so much more.

Comment 30 Dec 2018

If my memory is still good, we had an Opelt who was a pole vaulter on the track team (where Lytle was one of the best sprinters in the state).  I'd guess Aaron is his son?

Comment 30 Dec 2018

This exactly!  He could have rehabbed and protected his draft stock and still have been part of the team and provided LEADERSHIP, which is what captains do.  I appreciate everything Nick contributed to Ohio State while he was here, and I'm happy he'll earn his millions in the NFL.  But I'm a Marine, and leadership is the foremost quality an individual can provide to the team.  When the going got rough, Nick elected to look out entirely for himself without regard for the team.  Nothing morally or ethically 'wrong' with that, but he could have done more and contributed more if he wanted.  It just puts some tarnish on what would have been an even more outstanding legacy.

Comment 29 Dec 2018

Small world; he's a cousin!

Comment 24 Dec 2018

Hey, Fremont is my home town!  The same year (my year) that we gave Lytle to TTUN, we gave Brudzinski to the Bucks.  Two NFL players in the same class from the same highschool.  Not bad for a small town.  Regrettably the Little Giants haven't been nearly as good for a long time now.

Comment 11 Dec 2016

He wouldn't be starting if he wasn't the best we have available at the position.  He's young and he'll undoubtedly keep getting better.  More important, he keeps giving it everything and coming through with some good plays.  If he instead gave up and quit, then he might deserve some criticism.  But he hasn't shown that at all.  He's got my upvote!