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Comment 11 Aug 2017
Ok, I'll take the bait... First of all, I guess you missed the fact his father left his other child (whom I would presume needed him more than adult child) to move here with him...odd, no? I thought it was the first time I saw it in the Dispatch. I wasn't the only one either. Second, you've heard from other posters on this site that there were issues with him while he was here, right? ISSUES, not issue. A pattern of behavior was established right under his father's nose. Lastly, being a father involves being your child's life, through the good times and the bad. So I guess staying in Columbus and not going to see how your son is doing is great parenting, right? Lastly, I am all about having fun and having a girlfriend, but there are certain lines you don't cross under any circumstances. It is apparent to me that Zeke is a habitual line stepper. Didn't MoC show you that? Come on man, take your scarlet and gray glasses off. He's lucky six games is all he got.
Comment 11 Aug 2017

Let me just say this, and I'm done with all of it:

Really disappointed in you, Zeke. Should have never put yourself in this position to begin with, you're smarter than  this.


...and Dad, hightail to Dallas. Your son NEEDS you. You should have been there for him when he was here, but it is painfully apparent you were NOT. Stop being an enabler.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

Unless you were within those walls, you don't know what really happened. ESPN totally shitted on themselves with this story. And that's been happening a lot for them lately. Look how badly they drummed up Tatoogate. Almost none of their speculation was right, and yet everybody went HAM on OSU when they (and SI) came out with the story.