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Comment 08 Mar 2012

It's time for ND and Maryland. The rest of them can stay where the hell they are. It was funny as hell though. 


I know I will probably get rocks thrown at my head for adding this last part but....Notre Dame would be a great addtion to the new Big Ten Hockey Conf. I know, no one but me cares about college hockey. 


Comment 15 Feb 2012

I could care less about what TP did. I have moved on, everyone else should too. We are in a better place than we ever thought we would be when we were looking to the future after the Sugar Bowl. 

Was I talking about the stiff arm...yes. But I was talking more about the open field stride the kid has when he seems like he's going to get tackled for for what should be a 5 or 6 yard run and he turns it into 50 yd run. 

Comment 15 Feb 2012

The video you have all showed us allow me to explain what I see. 


Terrelle Pryor....who can tackle. 

The breakaway stride in the open field is just staggering.