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Comment 24 Mar 2016

Wish the best for him. He seems like a great kid, been working hard to improve over the past few years. That being said, if you watch the tape, Martell v. Clark is a no-brainer.

Recruiting is a business, and it goes to show that as a recruit you should never idealize the process or a school, especially years in advance. You aren't really a Buckeye until you sign that LOI, sad as that may sound.

Comment 07 Jul 2015

I don't know where I implied I support violence against women. I don't support violence against anyone, that was the point of my post. Just because someone is smaller and less physically capable DOES NOT give them the right to use physical violence. It is ALWAYS unacceptable. It's not cute or adorable to see a woman hitting her husband just like it's not cute or adorable to see a man hitting his wife. Both are disgusting.

We should be teaching kids (both boys and girls) to not hit anyone. If my wife ever took a swing at me she wouldn't be my wife for much longer. That's a serious character defect to use physical violence against another person out of anger. 

Comment 10 May 2015

He didn't really elucidate what he is upset about? Is he saying he didn't receive proper medical care for his injuries? If so, that's pretty sad.

However, if he quit the team, I'm not quite sure why he expected to be invited to the banquet. College football is big business, players have to realize that if they aren't future NFL players, they really are just fungible commodities to these universities.

Comment 08 May 2015

Well, Simmons used to be a legitimate content producer for them. He would write several articles per week, covering all of the major sports as well as pop culture back when he was on "Page 2" on He was essentially a mini-Grantland for them. His shtick was novel at that point and filled a gap between traditional sportswriting and pop culture writing.

As the years went on, he pretty much abandoned any interest he had in writing and worked solely toward getting on TV/Podcasts, where he was significantly less compelling and relevant than he was at the height of his powers as a writer. The articles he writes now are super-phoned in and show the same over-reliance on references he was using 10 years ago. I have no idea how instrumental he was behind the scenes as a leader with 30 for 30 and Grantland, but he isn't worth the salary and the headaches for what he provides as a TV personality, which is what he seems to want to be at this point.

Comment 08 May 2015

Was a long time coming. Simmons hasn't been relevant as a sports pop culture/writer for years- he seems way more focused on being a TV personality. That being said, I do enjoy Grantland a lot and hope ESPN continues to support it. ESPN seems to support people who are good soldiers for the brand, and Simmons was constantly causing problems for them.

Comment 06 May 2015

It's actually surprising OSU doesn't offer that major given the amount of E&P taking place in Southeast Ohio in the Utica Shale. That being said, I hope he is really set on this as a career path. Being 16 and thinking you know what you want to major in/do for the rest of your life isn't a sure thing. Would suck if he went to PSU/WVU solely for a program they offer only to change his major once he gets there.

Honestly, he should be thinking Texas/OK if he really wants that career path anyways.

Comment 03 May 2015

I'm sorry, but why did people think this was going to be an exciting fight? Have any of you guys who are upset ever seen a Mayweather fight? This was textbook Mayweather. That's what he does- it's what he's always done. He puts on a defensive masterclass and throws his jab just enough to stay active. Eventually he ends up controlling the fight. He isn't a brawler, isn't a knockout artist. It's on his opponent to bring the action. Pacquiao landed maybe 3-5 punches with any venom the entire fight. He couldn't beat Mayweather's defenses.

Floyd's a shitty person but he is an absolutely flawless defensive boxer. That's why he's undefeated. That's why his fights are boring. If you're upset at anyone be upset at yourself for believing that just because this fight was hyped to the max that Floyd would for some reason turn into a brawler.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

Hard to get anything going on offense when you are sitting on the sidelines for 9 minutes while Arm Punt Jr. leads that garbage UM offense on a 95 yard drive.

What the hell is Jim Heacock doing these days.