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Comment 29 Oct 2019
Dawand Jones has multiple things you can't teach: size, athleticism at size, and passion/aggressiveness. Even in garbage time he's jumped off film for finishing blocks and springing big runs. Not sure why people are sold on Paris Johnson, who has no track record, and NPF, who looks underweight and didnt play well against NW as the obvious solutions. If Dawand is our third best tackle, he should play, period. Depth there isnt great and no one else is stepping up.
Comment 05 Aug 2019

Short term thinking over long-term viability. OSU isn't in the football business, its in the entertainment business. The reality is that only 1-2 home games a year are legitimately worth the hassle and expense of attending live at current price points. If your audience can sit at home on the couch and watch the game (and every other game available) for the cost of their cable/on demand subscription, you cannot be charging what is currently being asked for season tickets. Especially when 3/4 of the home games are non-competitive and/or played in uncomfortable weather to be enduring for ~4 hours. This will cause a gradual degradation of the subscriber base, which is already occurring.

This short-term thinking has already resulted in ~5% reduction. But more concerning isn't this year, or next year, but what those statistics look like 10+ years from now. The attention economy is getting even more competitive. Legacy "live event" providers like OSU are going to need to do something to stay competitive. Getting cute with ticket packages is a band-aid solution to a problem that could become terminal.

Obvious solutions: lower ticket prices, reduce length of games, improve fan experience. 

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I don't think anyone is blaming Fields personally. Just the situation that has been created by bringing him in. It's more a reflection on Day.

As it stands now, Day traded his entire QB room for Fields. He better hope that 1) Fields can translate his substantial talent into on-field performance, and 2) Fields stays healthy. If both don't happen, the seat in Columbus could start to get very hot very quick.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I'll wait until he performs to make that assessment. He's got all of the tools, but that doesn't necessarily translate into a superior player. His track record in limited availability (Georgia garbage time, OSU spring game) doesn't make that case.

I believe strongly in his talent. But as we've seen, talent does not always translate 1:1 into on-field success.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Fields has now run two QBs out of Columbus. I wonder if Ryan Day could wind back the clock, does he still pursue Fields? I have a hard time believing Baldwin leaves if he's in a QB competition with Martell.

Comment 22 Mar 2019

I never understood why every time he was written about on this site it was as "L'Christian 'Blue' Smith." After several years of coverage, why couldn't it just have been "Blue Smith?"

This site is so enjoyable these are the types of annoyances I have to find here.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

I thought Fields came off about as normal as you could expect for a 16/17 year old who is nationally famous in the age of social media.

He seems kinda quiet/reserved and definitely took a backseat as far as leadership goes. That was probably his worst look on the show along with giving his coach advice on when he should/shouldn't be in the game. That being said, it's hard to fault him when he has so much more at stake than a high school football season.

Comment 04 Nov 2018

We don't have an edge. There's no fire on the field on either side of the ball. The only players with a little jazz in their step is Dobbins/Weber on offense and White on defense. That Haskins slide was disgraceful. I'm all for preserving your body and playing smart but he legitimately flopped over with 10 yards between him and a defender. Embarrassing.

I was at the game and it was crazy the difference in intensity between the O/D and special teamers. Master Teague was flying around on special teams, probably because he knew he needed to show out and make the most of his snaps. There isn't any accountability on offense/defense. McLaurin continues to drop passes, yet remains in the game, presumably because he blocks or something? Don't know, don't really care about my WRs blocking TBH. Should just stick an extra OL out there if we are going to sacrifice hands/speed for blocking prowess.

Urban preaches competition and an "iron sharpens iron" philosophy, but his personnel and coaching decisions indicate that nepotism and seniority are the name of the game. Need some dogs out there on the field, flying around and trying to make plays. If they screw up, at least they are doing it at 100%. Werner and Borland look like MAC players.

Comment 21 Oct 2018

My Five Things:

1. Offense needs to change. Without threat of play-action, our offense is predictable and Haskins is severely limited. Haskins is a 0 threat to run, so we need to do something schematically to establish the run that doesn't work off of options/RPO. Not sure if it's more NFL-style packages, but something needs to happen when we have two NFL backs and we have no running game.

2. Assistants need to be held accountable. Back 7 on defense are atrocious and that starts with the coaches. No one plays with an edge. Davis is turning into the Zach Smith of the defense, minus the Jerry Springer off-the-field issues. Nepotism is killing our program and sabotaging our recruiting wins.

3. Too many cooks in the offensive kitchen. Not sure what is going on but there is a distinct lack of creativity and consistency. The keys need to get handed to either Day, Urban, or Wilson.

4. No H-back. Seeing Purdue's Moore on the field gave me Curtis Samuel/Jalin Marshall flashbacks. What a benefit it is to have a legit home-run threat on the field that you can move around and cause problems. We have absolutely no game-breaking threats on offense. Our receivers have improved, but they all seem to be largely the same receiver. They are all serviceable, but no one is electric.

5. No leaders, no moxie. OSU's sideline seems to be devoid of fun and highly corporate. No one is running around firing anyone up. Urban/the players don't look like they are having any fun. Purdue called a great game and trap games are trap games, but OSU should not be losing to Purdue by 4 touchdowns, ever. The team straight up quit in the 4th quarter. That's a leadership and cultural problem.

Anyway, we are all probably being a bit dire. The team is still 7-1 and controls its own destiny. But with the talent on this team, we should be putting up Alabama-type numbers week in and week out.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

Why exactly should Urban Meyer apologize to Courtney Smith? What about his actions did ANYTHING to impact her situation?

She clearly has issues. Zach Smith clearly has issues. The abuse existing within their relationship has absolutely nothing to do with Coach Meyer. Whatever quibbles people may have with Meyer's personnel handling/process for dealing with Zach Smith, his actions did absolutely nothing to impact Courtney Smith. Zach Smith's pattern of abuse has nothing to do with his status as a WR coach at OSU.

Comment 23 Jul 2018

But the evidence does warrant it. I'm not reacting to mob mentality, I'm reacting to reading the police reports that detail 10+ years of DV and poor decisions by ZSmith. There is plenty of evidence there. He should not be in a position to mentor young men and he should not be a representative of the university. He needs to get his own life in order.

He also didn't produce on the field, either.

Comment 23 Jul 2018

If his ex-wife wanted to ruin his life she could've easily filed charges. There is no evidence supporting a "vindictive ex" situation. ZSmith has a 10+ year record of police reports detailing numerous domestic violence situations, including ones where the police corroborate injuries to his ex-wife.

Victim-blaming her and exonerating ZSmith because charges weren't filed is ridiculous. Who wants the father of their children, breadwinner, (and someone they probably love, in a sick way) in jail? Not many people, which is why DV is underreported and so many suffer in silence.

He was an unqualified nepotism beneficiary when hired. He hasn't produced results as a coach. And it just so happens that he has a 10 year history of the police getting called to his home over DV. He shouldn't be an OSU coach because he has performed, and he shouldn't be an OSU coach because he is a poor representative of the brand and mentor to young men.

Comment 23 Jul 2018

I didn't say he was guilty, I said he was a domestic abuser. You don't get arrested multiple times, have protection orders granted, and leave a long and detailed police record of domestic disturbances unless you are an abuser. Police aren't getting involved that much unless something very wrong is occurring. DV is different from sexual harrassment allegations - especially in this situation, when there is a decade of police paperwork detailing his toxic relationship.

Doesn't mean ZSmith is 100% in the wrong, but you cannot repeatedly put yourself in those positions. Especially if you want to make $300k a year of tax payer money as a public figure.

Comment 10 Jun 2018

The model doesn't really make sense to me. Former Buckeyes does not mean they are going to be good at providing content people want to read/watch/listen to. The name leaves a little to be desired for sure.

Between traditional media coverage (OSU not lacking there) plus the numerous high-quality independent sites like 11W, not sure if this new venture makes much sense. Very saturated market.

Comment 11 May 2018

Honestly the best part of the in-stadium experience is the lack of overexposure to Dr. Pepper, Nissan, and Northwestern Mutual commercials. TV timeouts at the stadium are used to recognize students, alums, Buckeye greats, and are awesome for people watching. That being said, it's inexcusable to not have Wifi in the year 2018 and the bathroom situation is terrible. Nothing needs to be "enhanced" per se, they just need to focus on removing all the inexcusable irritants that come with being in the stadium (waiting to pee, no wifi, no cell service, cramped seating).

Comment 14 Apr 2018

Football is so much more fun played with limited stops in action and no TV timeouts. This is a joy to watch. Can't wait to see the same Buick and Dr Pepper commercials played 15x a game in the fall!

Comment 14 Apr 2018

Because we have lost the majority of big games against on-par talent teams due to an overreliance on read-option and a lack of a credible down-field threat. Just look at our schedule post-National Championship (which we won due to our ability to throw the ball downfield).

Comment 14 Apr 2018

I agree, but can you really say you were blown away by their play last season? How many TDs did McLaurin drop? Would nice to see them get game-like reps given the QB situation.