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Comment 14 Oct 2019

I got my first car when I was 17. My mom went with me to help pick it out and it was decided to get a manual Ford escort. I’ve never driven a stick shift before that and I was a little panicked. On our way home from the dealership, my mom stopped at a red light and started to get out and told me I better get over here before the light turned green.  I remember driving around our town and inadvertently going to the largest hill within 10 miles. I got stuck towards the top with about 10 cars behind me. I had to sit in shame as I waved everyone around me until I learned how to ride the clutch to get up the hill. 

Comment 29 Sep 2019

A friend of mine that I went through the apprenticeship with took a job at Simplex and I rag on him all the time that he doesn't do anything. I can't talk too much since I just took a job at a local university. Went from running my own business to working inside. A lot less stress and they pay ALL the bills!