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My dad is from East Liberty and mom from Orrville. Buckeye lineage is strong. Wandered the wilderness before moving to Lake Choctaw in June. Go Bucks!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being the point guard on my 9th grade basketball team that blew an 18 point lead with 2 minutes left. Good times.

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Comment 29 May 2019

Randy Moss.  Went home to watch my HS play Dupont for Homecoming. Moss had 4 TDs in the first half, all over 70 yards.  Played safety 30 yards behind the line of scrimmage and came screaming up at the snap.  Also kicked for them :)

Was equally impressive on the basketball court.  Played with Jason Williams (White Chocolate) and Bobby Howard (played LB for ND).  They totally dismantled Damon Flint's Woodward team.  

Comment 30 Apr 2019

This is right.  Few, outside of avid book readers, really want to see a whole season of a villain that doesn't speak and a three-eyed raven who is emotionless.  Classic example of "you can't please everybody" and especially those that have their own theory/version about how things should play out.  

I also appreciated that they subverted everyone's expectations of that episode.  Going in it was "everyone is going to die", "the NK isn't even going to be at that battle" or "if he shows up he will win". Andy Greenwald on the Watch (Ringer pod) mentioned how brilliant the sleight of hand was in the episode, and how moving to the real interpersonal elements is so much better and the story that GRRM and Benioff & Weiss wanted to tell for the TV show. 

I loved it and liked it considerably more than Endgame which I went to last night.  

Comment 22 Feb 2019

Great news! You will continue to be bathed in prayer.  

Comment 05 Dec 2018

No doubt.  If you feel it is 51% accurate, why not run with it. Also, there are plenty of ways to move an Off the record conversation through an organization without betraying trust, at least directly :)

Hell, look at Ari Wasserman getting the shout out yesterday.  He is obviously pretty plugged into someone at highest levels (agent, AD office, doubtful Meyer family), but still didn't get it entirely right.  As an aside, he seemed to appreciate the moment yesterday and wasn't an a$$. 

Comment 05 Dec 2018

Did people not listen to the Rinaldi interview on Greeny's show yesterday?  He talked about Shelley and Urban having an open conversation about "do I look healthy" and "what if this was our last year?".  All in front of Rinaldi prior to his interview, off the record of course.  All to say, Rinaldi hears/sees this, then sideline headaches become the norm, and Rinaldi goes to ESPN brass and says "I bet Urban is done".  

Comment 06 Nov 2018

Here is a theory.  Urban understands all of these issues addressed above but wants to take a systematic non-alienating approach. He began addressing issues with seeing Schiano take the Tennessee job and hiring breath of fresh air in Grinch (oops).  Then he decided to not offer raises to Davis and Smith in the spring, suggesting they find work somewhere else (doesn't address Stud).  My guess is he is trying to take the Saban approach to hire COO's of offense and defense.  Had he been more decisive and less "kind" he would have cut Davis and Smith loose and not allowed Schiano to return, and we would be having far different conversations right now. I'm sure that keeps him up at night, but not convinced he wants to change his approach.  Otherwise, he would have cut Davis loose mid-season.  

Needless to say, the plan backfired with Schiano and Smith fiascos.  Now he is trying to piece things together with a DC whose confidence is shaken and then the preseason happens. I know none of this is new or surprising but having a disaster in the offseason is though, but typically salvageable.  Disasters in season are irreparable.  

He is just trying to keep his head above water, all with a health issue.  

Comment 16 Sep 2018

 I’m not sure the comparisons are equivalent. Belicheck coaches men who own their own actions, and represents a semi-private organization/company.

Urban’s responsibilities are different as a university representative. Plus Urban does not represent himself as a cold calculated, public be damned individual.  

Comment 16 Sep 2018

Do people think he will be able to avoid the media for the rest of eternity? This is actually one of the better PR moves I’ve seen then make at least strategically. 

Answer the questions on the Sunday morning when no one cares about college football, then on Mondays press conference he can simply say “I have already answered that question”.

Comment 11 Sep 2018

I'll share a quick story from the Buckeye Cruise from for Cancer that told me everything I needed to know about Urban and Shelley's character. We were coming back from a day on the island. and there was a line of 200 to 300 people waiting to get a shuttle back to the ship. Urban and Shelly were in the middle of it engaging people without irritation, and more importantly not requesting special treatment.  They could have easily requested to be at the front of the line, And no one would have said anything or thought less of them.

I have worked with multiple c-level executives and board members of publicly traded companies that operate with far more entitlement and less humility than the Meyers. 

Comment 03 Sep 2018

I think Borland coming back stabilizes the crew with Browning coming off. So they will at least be sound. I actually thought the second unit of Hilliard, Jones, and Booker looked more instinctive and downhill. Was weird watching last years MSU game.  Most snaps were Borland; Harrison and Booker.  Looked great  Bottom line; not panicking  

I’m more concerned about the poor safety play,  Fuller helps, but both were really slow. I wonder if moving Arnette, or elevating Proctor will be long term solution.  There is plenty of CB depth to fill gap with Wade and Williamson. 

Comment 20 Aug 2018

Strong article here from Thamel. This to me is the set up for Urban to keep his job. Would be easy to see the University set up an article like this to prime the pump.

Comment 01 Aug 2018

Completely agree.  I figured Urban would say “I’m too old for this stuff” an ride off into the sunset.  This tells me he is calling BS and the administraton agrees.  Knowing that the PR would be brutal to unequivocally support they are buying time to let rational thought enter.  

Day was given huge raise and named OC after a year so they clearly think he has the long term goods and could be argued was head coach in waiting anyways.  

If things go sideways you hope to catch some Lincoln Riley magic.  

Comment 23 Jul 2018

Your last comment is interesting, and I believe is really at the heart of the matter. Would we be using words like "evidence" or would be using words like "alleged" if it were Larry Johnson who was accused? Admittedly, I have not seen the police reports, but the only evidence I have seen mentioned is a stretched shirt.  I have not seen mention of bruising, injury, etc. 

Again, ZS HAD to be fired for poor decision making an immaturity.  100% has to get his life in order.  I simply have not seen enough "evidence" to state that his firing is a result of DV evidence.  Maybe I am naive about our criminal justice systems to get a conviction, or at least get to trial. 

Comment 23 Jul 2018

I am guessing that Urban will lose more sleep because he was unable to keep his mentor's grandson out of trouble than answering press questions. 

Considering ZS was suggested to find other jobs in the offseason, a salary that was one of 2 that did not include an increase, oh and the fact that Ryan Day was going to spend more time with WRs, my guess is that Urban would have been perfectly content to cut him loose prior.  

In other words, I think Urban, having infinitely better information than you or I, feels content in how he managed.  

Comment 23 Jul 2018

Jeez. Mobs these days are quite remarkable.  Should ZS have been fired? Absolutely. Did ZS deserve to be fired? Maybe.  Fantastic, not average recruiter with a pipeline to the NFL, that had questionable in game results and clearly some poor decision making.  We have heard one side of the story, and his attorney asked some compelling questions, albeit irrelevant in the court of public perception   

My guess is this is one of the hardest personnel decisions Urban has ever made. Probably feels like he let Earle down. 

Again, had to do it, but I am not going to dance on ZS’s grave. 

Comment 18 Jul 2018

I'm in an Audible binge, as I find it gets me out of bed to walk the dogs much quicker.  Just finished:

Bobiverse trilogy by Dennis Taylor - think ready player one meets the Martian

The Singularity Trap - also Taylor.  I liked it better than the Bobiverse Trilogy

Neil Gaiman's reading of the Graveyard Book is incredible. Came from Tim Ferris recommendation

The Rational Optimist - Matt Ridley 

If you are feeling academic, Why Nations Fail - Interesting look at modern civilazation