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Comment 26 Mar 2012

We are definitely peaking at the right time.  On a neutral court we should be able to handle Kansas.  Withey and TRob vs Sully alone will be a problem though.  Two long, strong guys against Sully maybe too much for him.  The idea of playing Sully and Amir Williams together is excellent.  I think, even now, that Amir is the better defender and playing next to Sullinger in the offense will defintely open up some space for him.  Sully and Amir playing swings that matchup in our favor. 

Deshaun can be pretty much unstopable.  No matter who is on him, I think he will get his.  He may not go off but he'll be effective scoring and rebounding.  His defense is nothing short of terrible.  Clearly the one thing that makes him less appealing to the NBA.  I would love to see him stay a year to work on his D but I think he'll take the money and run.  Hopefully his D is such an issue that he projects low enough in the draft that he decides to stay... probably not though.

Craft on a neutral court will play at his usual brilliant level.  AC because he is stone cold heartless when it comes to shutting down the opposing PG.  And if Buford plays like he did against Syracuse then he will be helpful too.  Not saying he was great in that game but it was easily his best performance since the game at East Lansing.  His turnover at the 30 second mark against Syracuse was painful though.

Go Bucks!

Comment 14 Mar 2012

I definitely think our bracket this year is easier than last year's meat grinder.  Pretty much everyone said the Buckeye's bracket last year was the most challenging while the bracket parity is just about even this year.  Having said that we cannot overlook our third round matchup with West Virginia in Pittsburgh.  That is going to be a psuedo home game for WVU and their physical style will feel alot like our first game against Michigan State earlier this year.  If the refs let them play rough we could get bullied out the tourney early this year.  Buford will be the key here.  If he shows the poise and leadership of a true senior captain we'll be on to the Sweet 16.

If we do meet up with FSU in the round of 16, I think we match up quite well.  They are long and athletic which is a big factor in the tight defense they play but they can be offensively challenged at times throughout a game.  While they may have NBA size they most definitely do not have NBA talent and our B1G style defense should put them in an offensize funk for long stretches allowing us to hold a comfortable lead until the final whistle.

Just my two cents worth... GO BUCKS!