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Comment 30 Nov 2017

If I remember correctly, ND got Bama instead of Ohio State. If I remember, ND was undefeated and Bama had one loss. I think ND was the higher ranked team. 

Comment 31 Oct 2017

I have a simple solution. Instead of kicking the ball off a tee, punt the kickoffs. The punter should be able to punt to the 10 yd line without too much trouble. With the extra hang time, that would allow for the coverage to be down field waiting for the returner to catch the ball. It almost surely produce a fair catch inside the 20 yd line every time.

Comment 16 Aug 2017

As Ramzy suggested in the article, Makers Mark is a good alternative and is actually my go to. Still a little on the pricey side, but won't break the bank.

Comment 16 Aug 2017

I was in Iowa during the 1985 season. I don't remember where I heard the story, but it goes like this. Upon their arrival in Columbus, coach Fry directed the bus to take his team to the stadium instead of directly to the hotel. Once they got to the stadium, he instructed his players to get out and walk around the stadium. When asked why, he responded "To pay respect to all of the teams that have been buried here." From what I was told by someone close to the program, that really freaked the players out. As a coach, it was probably not a smart move, but has a football fan, he understood that you don't just walk into the Shoe and expect to win. 

Comment 15 Aug 2017

That game still brings tears of joy to my eyes when remembering it. I can almost remember every second of that game. The highs and lows that we experienced are still ingrained in my memory. 

This will be a tough call if it comes down to the 2003 Fiesta Bowl and the game against Bama as both games signaled that Ohio State was back on the big stage where they belong. 

Comment 20 Dec 2016

I too was at the meet and it was a pleasure to watch the Buckeyes in an intimate setting like Wadsworth High School. It was also really classy of Coach Ryan and the Northwestern coach to allow the match to be played in that venue.

However, I am disappointed in the article not explaining why Snyder was not in attendance. I understand he may be wrestling over seas, but as he is the most decorated wrestler in the nation, it would be appropriate for the writer to at least address why he is not at a meet. 

Comment 03 Aug 2016

I was playing DII ball in Iowa that year. Of the 22 starters on our team, more than half were from Ohio, so were always following the Buckeyes during the season and cheering for them in the face of unrelenting ridicule from our Iowa teammates.

I remember this game specifically as we played a late start game that day ourselves. Therefore, we did not get to watch any of the OSU game save for the last few seconds. It was awesome. 

However, some probably are not aware of something that Haden Fry did to his team that didn't help them much. When their plane landed in Columbus, Fry took the team from the airport straight to the stadium. He made the team walk around the field and into the stands. When one of the players asked what the purpose of the walk thru was, Fry remarked, "To pay tribute to all of the teams that had been buried there." That is still one of my favorite quotes from any coach in the Big Ten.

Also, I had a knee injury that year and the doctor I was seeing was one of the doctors that traveled with the Hawkeye team. He was telling me that Spielman came up to Chuck Long during warm ups and told him he was personally going to hit him so hard that he would need to be carried back to Iowa. The doctor said that after that, Chuck Long's eyes were as big as saucers and that he was almost scared to go out onto the field. I don't know how true that may or may not be, but that doctor always had a lot of inside scope of the Hawkeyes that would lead me to believe him.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Kyle Snyder just won by decision giving the Buckeyes a sweep of the quarter final round. They are now 20 pts up as a team in first place. Keep rolling guys. A Natty in wrestling will make for great icing on the cake of the Natty in Football.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

I'm not sure about this game as I have not seen it. However, usually the officials stand directly below the uprights watching the ball cross over. If ANY PART of the ball would have hit the upright (had the upright been tall enough), then the kick is deemed to be missed. The ball must cross completely to the inside of the upright. I have seen a lot of fans complain about these types of kicks no knowing the rule.

Comment 20 Jun 2014

To me, AJ Hawk should be a no brainer. He was the most instinctive linebacker I'd seen since Spielman. There was a play in the bowl game against ND where just before the snap, he took off from his LB position and sprinted towards the sideline. Just he got there, the ball was snapped and they threw a screen pass that way and AJ was there to blow it up. I loved watched the Bucks then JUST to watch AJ. I now tune into GB Packer games sometimes just for the memories.


Comment 20 Jun 2014

I don't remember much about his recruitment, but I officiated one of his HS games his senior year, and god he was an ASS. He was a great player and he knew it. He seemed the perfect fit for tsun. I also did a Sandusky HS game that year with O.Pace. He was a complete opposite of Woodson, very humble and plesant to be around.  Oh yea, and he could block. He OWNED the his side of the line.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Unfortunately, my daughter has a volleyball tournament in Ada at Ohio Northern Univ. otherwise, I would be in attendance. Oh well, will try to catch it on the tube.