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Grew up in the mitten state, converted by the love of my life... Still a Hockey player at heart, just not by trade...
Llama farmer. Big fan of Russian Dash cam videos, bad drivers, and MMA (hence the misspelling of "Llama")


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Comment 30 Nov 2016

It's a difference of cultures:  Ohio State has a winning culture.  Winners preach Excellence, execution, and accountability. So when a loss (rarely) happens, the coach/players identify the problem, take responsibility for it, and pledge to FIX IT.  

The culture that Hairball has inherited/implemented at TTUN is one of butt-hurt, trash-talking, self-promoting, kool-aid drinking savior complex.  He's also made everyone on that team/in the state believe that they are the best...  Problem is, when you face adversity with that mentality, and are shown that you aren't the best, it breaks your brain.  and then the whining starts.  No accountability, or execution talk, just EXCUSES...  You want your fans/recruits/players to respect you Hairball? stop acting like a petulant child.

Comment 18 Nov 2016

UFM for President,

Kenny Guiton for Vice Pres (because, best backup ever)...

Tressle = Secretary of State,

Fickel = Secretary of Defense,

Anthony Schlegel = Homeland Security,

Kerry Combs = Chief of Staff,

Gordon Gee = Press Secretary,

Ed Warinner = Department of the Interior,

Mickey Marotti = Department of Health and Human Services,

Archie Griffin = Veterans Affairs,

Cardale Jones = Treasury Secretary,

Zeke = Department of Transportation...

what else am I missing?  Oh yeah, I'm also giving Aaron Craft, and Dane Sanzenbacher ambassadorships, and making Cameron Johnston a citizen.

Comment 17 Nov 2016

No field goals, and no PAT's either... just 2-pt conversions...  over... and over...  and over again.  Until the crater that was East Lansing is filled with rain, and Sparty tears.

Comment 14 Nov 2016

I know I know, never underestimate an opponent (especially one that has beat you in years past...)

but seriously, sparty is a dumpster fire this year.  It would be nice to leave East Lansing a rain-filled crater this Saturday (Buckeye Lake 2?).  It's what we CAN do, and it's what THEY deserve for whatever nonsense they've been allowing to take their juice all season.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

This guy beats all the degenerate Penn State fans still wearing "Joe Knows Football" gear any day of the week.

You know what else "Joe Knows?"  ...covering up for a child molester.  morons.

Comment 18 Oct 2016

I predict that the B1G will make a play for Oklahoma and Kansas, SEC will poach Baylor and/or Tx Tech, TCU and Kansas St, and the PAC/AAC/Mtn West/Big East will clean up the leftovers, but Texas; being the delusional/entitled/elitist program that they are will go independent.