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Comment 23 Dec 2015

The average Michigan fan or alum is ignorant to the fact that OSU's academic standing has increased dramatically in the past 20 years (and some could argue it's even increased substantially in the last 10 years).

The "inferior OSU academics" that Michigan faithful like to bring up compared to their school just isn't relevant in 2015. Yeah, Michigan is a great place, but the gap between the two is now minimal, if any. And like someone else stated, the vast majority of recruits signing to play football at Michigan will be steered into the general studies program. General studies majors who play football at Michigan are rarely experiencing the same top-notch education and educational experience that the typical Michigan student receives.

Michigan fans will dispute all of what I stated, but Michigan placed a greater emphasis on winning games over being an entirely elite academic institution a long, long time ago. Schools such as Chicago or any Ivy League school that Michigan alums think is comparable to UM decided a long time ago not to make academic exceptions for athletes. Michigan decided to make exceptions, which is how they've remained relevant in big-time college football and basketball over the past 50 years.

The majority of the 2015 recruiting classes at UM and OSU will basically receive the same experience in college. This experience involves a global public university education at a school with massive student body/alumni figures in a setting where academics take a back seat to football and academic advisors/babysitters are utilized to do whatever they possible can within NCAA rules to ensure that these athletes stay on track to remain eligible. If they graduate, that is just icing on the cake. This goes for UM, OSU, Notre Dame, and any other big-time athletics program that tosses around impressive or superior academic rankings during the recruiting game. Stanford, Vanderbilt, BYU, and Northwestern are a little more stringent in sticking to their universities academic interests. But not the University of Michigan and definitely not their football program, which is now coached by a "football is as important as anything else in life" individual.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

I appreciate your loyalty to Ohio State and congrats on your success after you left OSU, but you could substitute about 25-30 schools recruiting this kid who are saying the exact same thing to him and none of them are misleading the recruit or his mother. OSU is a great place, but if you're looking objectively at being prepared for life, graduating from OSU isn't going to make you any more or any less prepared than most Big Ten, Pac-12, or ACC schools. Throw Notre Dame, Florida, Vanderbilt, and Texas into that mix as well.

The biggest factors in all of this should be personal relationships and comfort level with the school's academics, faculty, and support staff, as well as a comfort level with the geographic aspect of the school (size of the community, distance from family, etc). I've worked with multiple kids who have been recruited by major schools and/or schools in power 5 conferences and at the end of the day, it's not a coincidence that many kids with full ride opportunities narrow down their college choices to OSU/Michigan or OSU/Florida or OSU/ND or OSU/USC. A lot of similarities between these places, although it may not seem that way from the average fan or alum's standpoint.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

My grievances run wide and deep and I cannot stand irrational Michigan fans, Tim Beck's limited coaching/game planning capabilities, and inconsiderate drivers as much as any other poster on this site, but kids who are born with disabilities, kids who become sick with cancer or life threatening illnesses/diseases, and people who abuse kids/elderly/disabled people (or those who abuse animals) are the matters in life that really cause my blood to boil.

Comment 22 Dec 2015

As for Charles Woodson, he took money during his junior "co-national title" season at Michigan and the fan base up there will deny this NCAA violation just as quickly as they will discuss Tressel cheating with tattooed players while they cleverly type out OSU with the dollar sign replacing the S.

Scroll down to 'step 7' in the article and read the second paragraph. Michigan played an entire 1997 season with a player who took nearly fourteen grand from agents during this season. This is fact.

Comment 22 Dec 2015

Michigan already thinks they have the best university, best football program, best college town, best band, best fight song, best uniforms, best school colors, best stadium, best head coach, best recruits, and best assistant coaches. Why wouldn't they believe they have the best 'new hire' in college football?

I'll take my chances with Urban Meyer any day of the week over whatever is going on in the state located north of Ohio.

Comment 21 Dec 2015

I don't understand how a portion of the OSU fan base seems to think that every bit of positive news regarding recruiting and coaching moves up north is going to automatically place Ohio State an a disadvantage against the up north team.

Urban Meyer has won 85% of his games at BG, Utah, UF, and OSU. OSU has top recruiting classes being filled up for 2016, 2017, 2018, and probably 2019. While coaches have left, the main infrastructure at OSU (Meyer, Marotti, and Pantoni) has remained consistent since they all came to OSU.

The team up north will most likely be good in the future, but to think that what Meyer has built here is just going to fade into the sunset as they win multiple titles up there is laughable, to say the least. Of course they are excited for the future up there, but they say the same delusional stuff every off-season and every September when they get a couple nice recruits in the bag or they win a couple of games in September. It's even more comical to hear fans of that team say that Harbaugh is going to make Meyer quit coaching. That's just nonsense.

Comment 20 Dec 2015

It takes some individuals a little longer than others before the light comes on and they find their path in life. I know multiple adults who are now successful in their trade or career, yet bounced around at various colleges/universities/odd jobs before finding a situation that was optimal for them. Mike Mitchell's biggest detriment to his development may have been having that fifth star attached to his name during the recruiting game.

Support from family/friends and mentoring will get him to where he needs to be in life. Whether that includes football is not really important in the grand scheme of things.

Comment 19 Dec 2015

The number they announce is the total amount of tickets distributed (general public/alumni tickets, player tickets, recruit/high school coach tickets, faculty tickets, student tickets, buy a Coke get a Michigan ticket promotions, any complementary tickets (corporate sponsors, ESPN, local affiliates, etc)).

I think it's sad that programs such as Michigan go to such measures just to create a story line that benefits their agenda ("xxx" consecutive sell outs since "19xx" or "number one in attendance in all of college football during 2015"). When the stadium is about 60-70% full during a bad loss in the Hoke and/or Rich Rod era, it's amusing to me that Michigan still claims a consecutive sell out number dating back to the Schembechler generation.

I also don't like that these attendance numbers mislead sponsors who think that a certain number of fans are exposed to advertising in stadiums when that actual number is much lower (my first thought is Cincinnati Reds games in September when the team is 30 games out of first and the PA guy announces a crowd of 25,000 fans when there are absolutely less than 10,000 people inside the stadium).

Comment 19 Dec 2015

Although Kentucky is considered to be the superior program when it comes to basketball, OSU has actually held their own against the Wildcats. UK leads the all-time series 11-8, however OSU is a surprising 5-1 all-time against Kentucky in the NCAA tourney.

The Buckeyes have not beaten the Wildcats in basketball since 1987, but other than the 2011 top-ranked OSU team, UK has not faced a ranked OSU basketball team since 1980.

In the eyes of UK fans who maintain an irrational sense of superiority due to their SEC affiliation, the Buckeyes are a sworn enemy in the bluegrass state and a win over depleted and rebuilding OSU basketball team will go a long way in confirming the "SEC is best" mentality that 99% of UK fans have adopted (along with the rest of their conference members). Even though the lone NCAA tourney loss to UK is the most recent loss, a subtle reminder to any UK fan that their beloved Wildcats are still 1-5 against OSU in the tournament is a convenient way to knock them off their perch this afternoon if the game happens to get out of control.

Comment 14 Dec 2015

He's an absolutely incredible football player. Without Larkin, there's no back to back state titles for La Salle. I think it's an excellent get for Northwestern. Glad to see him in the Big Ten.

Comment 13 Dec 2015

Why not be happy for them? The majority of these kids are a bunch of overachievers (guys like Drew Ott) who are doing something that will be a big part of their college memories for the rest of their lives. Rose Bowl seasons at Iowa are as special as National Title seasons at Ohio State. I think sometimes us Buckeye faithful take our abundance of success for granted. Iowa players and fans appreciate their special 2015 team and probably will for as long as they live.

Comment 11 Dec 2015

Starting the season ranked at the top of the polls is almost a guarantee that a season will not be enjoyable for the players, coaches, support staff, and the fans of this program. Creating positive momentum by climbing the polls isn't an option. The bulls eye is on the team's back every single week, no matter the opponent. And the pressure to exceed expectations that are at best sky high and at worse irrational/borderline delusional are a daily occurrence at Ohio State.

Rarely does starting the season #1 benefit a program (I think the lone exception is with recruiting benefits due to the media hype/attention that the #1 ranking brings to kids OSU (or any other top ranked team) is targeting).

I know these players get a free education and a lot of other perks that normal students/fans don't receive, but they're still human and they're still developing young minds. The presence of social media only magnifies the expectations of these players by about 10,000,000,000. If you ever look at the Twitter profiles of OSU football players, some of these kids have more Twitter followers than national media personalities at ESPN, Fox, BTN. Maybe the losses and disappointments are legitimate life lessons and maybe fans assume these players should care more and react better than they do. That's a personal opinion.

And they're not going to just ignore social media. It's ingrained in their lives. For better and for worse.

Comment 10 Dec 2015

Tressel makes for an easy target because he's busy doing more important things in life and he won't waste the time responding to the commenter from Alabama.

Even though it's been 5 years since he has coached football, "Tressel" and "Ohio State" will always be lightning rods in the south because of the back to back losses in the NCG, which began the SEC run in college football. The Alabama guy knows this. It's amusing that an individual with such an established position would show such laziness and a lack of character, but it is Alabama we're talking about.

Tressel is now changing everyday student's lives on a daily basis. The Alabama AD is changing star player's grades on a daily basis. You decide who has their priorities in order here.

Comment 08 Dec 2015

For the most part, these programs do make a legitimate effort. Northwestern tends to not cast as wide of a net due to the type of kids they want (kids who they are certain can get in to NU and kids who they are certain will stay out of trouble, etc), but the schools that typically go after Ohio kids that are not being pursued by OSU (MSU, UK, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Louisville, UC, etc.) don't just sit back and passively let UK take they pick of the kids OSU passes on.

 As someone who has visited all of these schools in the past few years and has seen the recruiting process from a non-fan point of view, I can see Kentucky being a very,very attractive option to a kid from Ohio who isn't going to end up at Ohio State. It's a fun town, it's a nice campus, it's close to home, it's in the SEC, it has an extremely loyal alumni base, and it's a large school with a ton of options when you consider majors/fields of study. I was very impressed when I left Lexington after my visit there. Unless a kid is extremely focused on the academic side of where they'll play college football (which would probably make any Big Ten school who are recruiting them a higher priority over UK), spending a few years in Lexington is definitely not a bad option. And if it's a kid who isn't that concerned about the school's academic rankings and is more interested in a nice campus with a fun off-campus environment, UK is much, much more attractive than Purdue or Illinois (and maybe even Indiana). After going to Purdue and Illinois, I can definitely see how those programs are struggling to attract decent recruits when kids have other options available.

Comment 08 Dec 2015

The September 30th, 1995 atmosphere around campus was absolutely electric. Before the game, during the game, and especially after the game, which pretty much turned into a mini riot around High Street. An absolute blast that I'll remember forever.

The clip of Regis being interviewed during the game as Terry Glenn took one to the house never gets old.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't. Not everyone deserves to be in. Not everyone deserves a trophy. 4 teams ensures that every game matters.

In most years, the attractiveness of the Ohio State brand strongly works in the favor of Ohio State football (preseason rankings, recruiting, hiring new assistants, TV ratings, revenue, favorable bowl destination, etc). This year, due to timing (losing late) and circumstance (hiring Tim Beck, MSU now being in the Big Ten East, the ending of MSU-UM), OSU is on the outside looking in. Change just one of those four factors and OSU was at Lucas Stadium last night with a chance to earn a spot in the playoff.

Unfortunately, those four factors are reality and four of the five teams in front of OSU are not dropping down. Fortunately, Urban Meyer doesn't seem to be going anywhere in the near future and as long as he is on the sideline, the Bucks will most likely be in the conversation for the Final Four on an annual basis. Go Bucks.

Comment 03 Dec 2015

If Durkin can keep Maryland's current star QB commit, land a few legit defensive recruits (the kid formerly committed to OSU, etc), and change the culture within the Maryland program, he can have them winning 8-9 games in 2 years. Maryland has some decent players and it doesn't take much to completely turn around a program, no matter who is in the conference. Ole Miss, Miss St, Missouri, UCLA, Iowa, North Carolina, and Duke are all programs that turned it around in a hurry once they had some better leadership within the program. Out of that bunch, I'd say only UCLA was a program with some traditional success. The others had some good years and a lot of bad years, just like Maryland.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Most everything he does is either a PR set up or is something so odd that it seems to be a forced PR strategy initiated by Jimmy.

The 'thought of the day' tweets, the Mike Weber backlash from Cass Tech (which I'm convinced is something Jimmy had a part in), hiring a recruit's mom, the Cowherd interview, hiring high school coaches, the goofy birthday cake pics, the shirtless pics, the satellite camps, and now cemetery visits.

There will be something else Jimmy does or says between now and kickoff to stir up some attention. His gimmicky moves are either brilliant or pathetic, depending on who you ask. They worship him up there, but after what the program has went through the last few years, those people would embrace Buck-I-Guy or Big Nut as their head coach if it meant they were 9-2 and favored going into the Ohio State game.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

16-10 Buckeyes.

Barrett hits Braxton for a 75 yard TD pass with 30 seconds to go in the second half. The Bucks win in a fashion that should have happened in 2011 during Braxton's first game up there (if Posey could have caught up to Braxton's deep ball).

I hope you all appreciate that nowhere in this scenario will you find the awful letter that can be found on Harbaugh's hat. Go Bucks!!!