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Comment 03 Aug 2017

This is such a non-starter. JT Barret is an all time favorite of Urban Meyer and Kevin Wilson is high on him as well. People asking for Tate Martell are hilarious. He wont even be 3rd string. Joe Burrows is servicable and knows the offense in and out. Dwayne Haskins has the best arm talent in the room and IMO is our starting QB next year and to follow. He doesnt run as well as Emory Jones or Martell but hes a gamer and good decision maker. He also has above avergae arm strength and elite level accuracy. Tate Martell is exciting and I hope he flourishes if and when his time is due. But to pretend like an 18 year old freshman (who is under 6 feet and and under 200 pounds) is gonna run this offense in the Big Ten is pretty laughable. Urban knows what hes doing. In JT i trust. Get behind your quarterback, we go as far as he does. His numbers speak for himselves. His leadership and performance in big time games speaks for itself. Prime Time in east lansing in '14. 15 degress in Minneapolis in '14. Overtime in Happy Valley in '14 and overtime at Camp Randle in '16. Norman, OK in '16. Ann Arbor in '15... Mother of Christ must I go on?

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Man some of these confessions are deplorable. Treasonous, blasphemous even. I can be on pair with enjoying Harbaugh (which I don't) but I'm objective enough to know hes a good coach. Honestly IMO real Buckeye's respect TTUN, not just blatantly spout uninformed analysis of our enemy. However, saying you hate OH-IO! is enough to get your card revoked. Not having knowledge and or respect for our Tradition and history is equally distrubing. Saying you would rather watch a game or go to a road game then be in Ohio Stadium. Obviously this type of sentiment comes from a novice fan of the game, let alone a suspect Buckeye. You can't see the entire play from the TV. All you get is the line of scrimmage and wherever the ball goes. I'm guessing these types never played the game. You can't see any of the nuances that make football great from the TV. All 22 players, formations, audibles, coverage schemes etc etc. Not to mention the atmoshpere of college football is what makes it the greatest sport in the world. SMDH at some of your allegiances and loyalty...

Comment 15 Apr 2017

JT led us to the playoffs as a freshman. Has had big time performances in prime time games against top notch competition. He was the better choice than Cardale in 2015 but his confidence was clearly shaken by that QB fiasco. He is 3-0 as a starter vs Michigan for christs sake. He has put the team on his shoulders in overtime wins in happy valley and Madison Wisconsin. I repeat, he willed his team to victory in the two toughest venues the big ten has. Yes he regressed some the last two years. It wasn't all on him. Let's see what he does with one guy calling the plays. To put it frankly, Ohio State goes as far JT Barrett takes us in 2017. Period. Get behind him. People griping and whining are the stereo typical spoiled and misinformed buckeye fans. Individuals who have never been in the trenches. 

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Not sure why bloggers and "experts" alike continue to disrespect Michigan State. Wisconsin and Penn State more difficult away games than East Lansing? Penn State??? Remind you Dantonio is one of two coaches alive that doesn't have a losing record to Urban Meyer the other being Nick Saban. Also remind you that Michigan State is the only team that has consistently slowed down OSU since Meyer came to Columbus. Furthermore this will probably determine the East rep for The B1G championship as it usual does. So I would argue that its more important and therefore could be more challenging than the OU game as it will have more National Title implications. We could lose in Norman and make it in. Very doubtful the same could be true if we lose at Sparty. You honestly believe the staff has more respect for playing Paul Cryst or James Franklin. HUH?!?!

Comment 13 Oct 2014

We won in 2002 because of Krenzel. A qb is first and foremost a leader of men. He puts his team in position to win games and that sums up Krenzels buckeye career... Not sure the guy who made that comment has ever even played football

Comment 20 Mar 2014

Not unhappy this season is over? Some buckeye fans are a joke. Can you be stripped of your membership on this site? Can you even dribble a basketball? Go bucks!