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Comment 6 hours ago

Hoiberg would be a stupid great hire for them. I know this is all the buzz but I will believe it when I see it.

Comment 16 Mar 2019

Let's not forget that Holtmann has a pretty good track record against Jay Wright. Beat a better Villanova team than this one twice his last season at Butler (though that Butler team was certainly better than this OSU team). 

I think Iowa St and Auburn would actually be the two worst match-ups out of these projections.

Comment 14 Mar 2019

Ahrens has been starting the past five games except senior day. I don't know if you can quite justify playing him 30 mpg on the regular as I don't think his conditioning or defense is at that level yet but he has been playing over 20 mpg recently and had a couple games where he played 27 minutes and 30 minutes.

Comment 14 Mar 2019

Maybe I would have more optimism without the Kaleb suspension. Based on the past several games, comparing the two teams there is really no reason to pick OSU. But do we look more like the team that scored 90 against Iowa with Kaleb back? If so it could be a competitive match-up that comes down to the last few possessions, but it's really hard to say how Kaleb is gonna play and how the team is gonna play with him back. Not sure we will be in the same sort of rhythm that IU is right now.

Comment 14 Mar 2019

There is no comparison between how the two teams are playing at the moment. Indiana is playing their best basketball of the season right now. We aren't. And, frankly, IU is just way more talented with how Langford, Morgan, and Smith are currently playing.

Maybe Kaleb back will put us back in that Iowa game mode but I kind of doubt we will be in the same sort of rhythm that the Hoosiers are. IU is a dangerous team right now and I honestly would not be surprised if they beat MSU a third time if they get past us.

Archie did a great job keeping his team together after that losing streak, not letting the wheels fall off, and now putting them in prime position to make some noise in March.

Comment 13 Mar 2019

Put it this way: IU loses, they might still squeak in on the strength of their wins. We lose, we won't. We win, no way IU gets in OVER us because we have similar records and would have beat them twice, once on their own court and then on a neutral court. We beat IU, there's an outside chance we still get left out of the Dance if we lose to MSU, but I'd say we'd have a pretty good shot with more Quad 1 wins than a lot of the other bubble teams. The question would be if some more bid-steals happen to take away those bubble spots.

Comment 13 Mar 2019

Maybe. I have concerns and hard to say exactly how much help we're going to get out of the new guys in addressing those problem areas (and how consistent will they be? will they be up and down all season like our current frosh? or hit a wall the way Luther did in B1G play?). They are true frosh that are non-T25 recruits plus Walker who did not have great stats at FSU. We're going to need some help from them but we're also going to need significant development from returning guys. I think the Wesson bros are already near their ceilings and Young maybe, as well, unless he can find his shot. So a lot is going to depend on development for Luther, Duane, and Justin. We'll see if Jaedon and Musa are even here next season.

Comment 04 Mar 2019

we're bringing in a very nice class and a couple of them might be really good right off the bat, but as the other poster said, these are not the same caliber of recruits ON PAPER as the frosh that are making names for themselves at the blue-blood programs.

there are some positive aspects of that, though, if it means we get to enjoy those players for more than just one season.

Comment 03 Mar 2019

In addition to KW's suspension, there are rumors and things being posted on social media that paint a picture of the basketball team not quite having the mindset or culture to make up for their lack of talent. They seem to party a LOT, even after a big loss. That's not necessarily a big deal and I'm sure happens everywhere, but it doesn't really feel like basketball is the first priority for some of our guys, and that's disappointing.

Thad had a very strong culture (in terms of the guys really prioritizing basketball and academics, mostly staying out of trouble, etc.) in his program up until Craft left. It definitely started to slip after that (probably another by-product of Thad's health limiting his ability to be as hands-on with all aspects of his team) and then was pretty much in the toilet by the time that last season rolled around.

We might be seeing some after-effects of the end of Thad's time but I also think Holtmann has an adjustment to make. I was hopeful about him bringing some of that "Butler Way" back immediately and he did and I think Funderburk getting kicked off the team plus the suspensions show that he takes this stuff seriously, at the same time that I think we've got too many guys on our team right now that know they aren't going to be making money anywhere playing basketball so they're kind of just enjoying their remaining time at a big party school like OSU. Let's be real, OSU as an environment is a completely different beast from Butler, and Holtmann seems like a pretty easy-going guy but he might have to be more involved with his guys' lives off the court if he really wants to see the kind of level of investment that is needed for this program to produce a consistent winning culture. I don't really love the example our older players are setting for our freshmen right now.

It will certainly help to bring in fiery leaders like Carton and Liddell who love basketball and leave it all out there on the court. They do have great chances of profitable basketball careers so I think the incentive will be there with them, even though I'm sure they too will have their fun at times. Gaffney, well... no comment on how he might impact our culture, though he certainly has the raw potential to be an NBA player if he puts the work in and keeps his eye on the prize. And I dunno about Walker, either.

Comment 02 Mar 2019

difficult to have an opinion about this season other than "it ain't great"

i could say something about maybe this would have been closer with Kaleb but Jaedon led all scorers with 16 so who even knows any more.

Comment 28 Feb 2019

Man, that must be really disappointing for DJ/Bettendorf.

I don't what Carton's percentages or turnovers looked like but he scored nearly half of his team's points.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

Young hit like a 3 every game in HS and was perfectly solid from the charity stripe--if he had shot like he shoots now, he would have been nowhere near the T100. I don't know why his shooting has almost completely disappeared at this level but it's really hurt what he can bring to this team and we have no balance in the frontcourt on offense when he's in with Kaleb (unless Kaleb's hitting 3s). Young's hustle is great and he has a good understanding of his role, but for a guy that plays within himself and does a lot of things you want to see, he doesn't really add a major plus to our team, and he probably never will unless his shot returns from sabbatical.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

How is redshirting a year gonna help them stay ahead of EJ and Gaffney?

I don't want them to leave but it would make much more sense in their own interests to transfer, sit out a year, and work on their games and then come into a situation with a more clear opportunity to be a major contributor.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

I think Liddell is ready, Gaffney not so much. And it'd be pretty unwise to bet against Andre in the starting line-up, we've seen two seasons now of Holtmann playing him major minutes and I think he's finally evolved into that player that some of us pictured he could be, a glue guy who does a lot of different things for this team on both ends.

Hearing some good things about Walker from insider practice reports so it's a toss up to me now when it comes to trying to guess who will start between him and Carton. Not sure how much it matters, think both of them play 20-ish mpg.

I initially thought our starters next season were going to be Carton/Walker, Luther, Andre, EJ, Kaleb. But the way Luther's been slumping and the way Ahrens is stepping up now, I mean, who knows. I think Kaleb is definitely a starter and after that I'm pretty confident a senior Andre will be and then after the Wesson bros, yeah, I dunno.