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Comment 18 Oct 2020

We have a much better chance at Efton Reid than we do at Bediako.

Honestly, of the 2021 HS big man offers, Reid might be our last shot (though Etienne remains a possibility).

If Young comes back for a fifth year, it will soften the blow if we fail to land a 2021 big. We might not even look at grad transfer bigs in that scenario. And I think Key is going to be good here.

But a 2021 class of Meechie, Malaki, Kalen, and Efton does sound mighty appealing.

Comment 18 Jul 2020
Snow also saying some things that are helping me keep my hopes in check. Basically, smart money at the moment would be on OSU but don't be surprised at all if it's not.
Comment 02 Jun 2020
The video is out there of what led up to Floyd's death. I recommend you watch it. The officer asked Seth to move and Seth complying would have meant yielding to something that he is making a stand against. He was not looting or rioting. He is saying that he and others can't continue to yield to injustice. If you don't understand what I mean when I say that legality should never trump morality, then we simply aren't going to agree here. The other thing I would strongly encourage for people that want to decry the looting and rioting: please think carefully about how you phrase your comments. When you say, "Injustice is bad, but the rioting and looting need to stop," you imply that material things have a higher priority in your mind than the lives of black people. That might not be what you intend, but on a semantic level that is how your statement is working. Instead try inverting your comments to show the priority on the root problem and far greater problem, the problem that is causing these protests to begin with: "Rioting and looting are bad, but the injustice needs to stop."
Comment 01 Jun 2020

Some here are accusing Seth of condoning violence. Some are already asking him to be kicked off the team. I am not seeing one bit of him condoning violence. I only see him voicing the continued need for persistent and passionate protest. If you have a problem with that, then try to put yourselves in the shoes of a black community that has spent its entire existence in America under the weight of oppression and racism--not just from other citizens, but from the government and police state. And that's not a political statement, that history. Don't agree, educate yourself. Don't care enough to try to understand how desperately fed up many black people are at this point in time, try developing some basic human empathy.

I am not trying to be self-righteous here. Throughout my life, there are so many ways I have failed to be an ally to people groups different from mine. But why can't we try to be better? Why can't we recognize the NEED for things to be better? Do we think that decades and decades of injustice will not naturally result in boiling points?

And some of these police forces have committed far, far more violence during these protests than the actual protestors--gas, rubber bullets, batons, kicks and punches, dragging people, SUVs mowing over people--in many cases just to make people move. Go watch the videos, they are countless. A stark contrast to the protests where the police showed solidarity and were willing to really speak with the protesters rather than just try to flex their power. Yeah, please try to convince anyone who has been paying attention that the police haven't played a big part in escalating some of these protests into riots.

Can't tell you how many videos I watched of black protest organizers trying to talk down white punks just looking for an excuse to break stuff. Not to mention the plants and instigators mixed in to these crowds (a very real thing that is happening). And if some black people are so angry at spending their lives unheard and stepped on and in a moment they decide to smash out a Tim Horton's window--I'm not saying it's right but I also can't comprehend the pain that some of these people have experienced and, sadly, still experience in this country. And an act like that is simply nothing compared to the loss of lives of black people killed with impunity by those who are supposed to serve and protect them, or a justice system that does not treat those lives with the same priority and value (see Ahmed Aubrey) as the lives of white people, or a country as a whole that still engages in prejudice (see Christian Cooper). Liberal, conservative, whatever... how can we not be moved towards justice?

As a Christian, I don't have to think for a second about what Jesus would do in this situation. No, he wouldn't call for violence, never. But he would grieve with the oppressed. He would be with them. He would support them. He would be angry with the hypocrisy and imbalance of the institutions that were active in oppression or absent in support. And as a Christian, I know I'm supposed to do the same.

If you have a problem with what Seth Towns is doing, then you might want to take a long moment to look at yourself and really think hard about why you have a problem with it. Psychologically, yeah, you might self-validate... but then what is the core of your value system? Don't let that be defined by our country's broken and dysfunctional politics. Get to the essence: Life is sacred. Justice matters. Love each other.

Some people say it is a "bad look" for Seth and OSU that he was detained by the law. Well, here's the thing:

Legality should never trump morality. Slavery was once legal in this country, just for one pertinent example.

Seth's actions weren't strictly "legal" in the sense that a specific police officer decided to ask Seth to move and Seth decided not to comply. But Seth chose not to move because he was making a moral stand.

And that's why the people who've got a clue are proud of him.

Comment 26 May 2020
With the covid19 impact on this summer I wonder if the staff's going to have much idea at all about how they hope to project Diallo before most of the 2021 class signs this fall.
Comment 26 May 2020
You make a good point about Billingsley from a versatility/hybrid perspective. If they want both Zed Key and a 2021 big sticking around for multiple years, they will probably need a 2021 big they can easily play with Zed on the court, not just when he comes out (ala Kaleb / Potter).
Comment 17 Apr 2020
I don't think there are any projections that have Sueing going pro after next season. Now, sure, it could happen... but how is Malaki going to know that? If he is a 2021 spring decision, then he might have an inkling of OSU guys that will be gone, but what if he decides this fall?
Comment 17 Apr 2020
Maybe. I think there has to be some wing attrition for it to look like a real opportunity to him. Maybe they are pitching the PG role to him but that would strike me as a bit dishonest as he is not even remotely a PG right now.
Comment 17 Apr 2020
Malaki is good enough to be a starter for most D1 teams as a frosh. OSU would probably be one of the few exceptions with what we project to have at the wing (three talented seniors). If Malaki's one and done, then honestly OSU won't even miss him. If he is 2-and-done, he would be THE man at OSU his soph season and would probably put up big numbers. But I think Malachi's probably in that echelon where his goal is one and done--which, like Fullerene said--makes OSU's sell very difficult.
Comment 14 Apr 2020
I don't see anyone being bitter, just a statement of the story as we know it. And it's not unsubstantiated. Read the Sun-Times article. If Davis' family needed the money, I ain't even mad at them. But Thad didn't play the recruiting game that way and I respect him for it.
Comment 13 Apr 2020
Davis was coming to OSU. We would have been fantastic that season if he had. His family got paid. This is one of the worst kept "secrets" in dirty recruiting in the past decade. Think there was even a story about it in one of the Chicago papers.
Comment 12 Apr 2020
No. First of all they weren't that involved with grad transfers because they didn't have a pitch for a really good one. But they were talking with Devin Gage and Justin Kier in addition to Porter. Devin Gage was going to announce on the 24th but after we took Porter, Gage went ahead and committed to Fresno St. Make of that what you will, but I think Gage was seriously considering us and Porter beat him to the punch. Kier was probably a long shot, he is looking for more of a starter's role.
Comment 12 Apr 2020

haha, I posted my post above and then see that you had already posted something along very similar lines.

I mean, you have to applaud the recruiting job Howard is doing. he has got momentum and I imagine that will last for a while, possibly a long time if the results on the court can match.

I'm okay with that, as long as Holtmann can get this program where he envisions it, because while it might be a somewhat different approach the final results can be just as good as a team that loads up on top talent, and possibly will be a more sustainable, consistent model -- ESPECIALLY once they get rid of the one-and-done rule (part of why I don't think we will see Chris Livingston at OSU or any other college).

Comment 12 Apr 2020

The other thing to consider here is that for the great majority of college teams, the recipe for potential success does not depend on simply amassing a large quantity of grade-A talent. Because of one-and-dones and the proliferation of transfers, this is just not a sustainable approach for most teams that aren't blue-blood programs. Instead, it is about getting the right balance of talent and experience (and of course hoping you end up with good court chemistry and skill balance).

Talent is the meat and experience is the seasoning. Every year Duke, UK, UNC, KU, and AZ take the lion's share of the Kobe beef (and even then UNC was abysmal this season and AZ has yet to do much with their talent); every year there are a few mid-majors who have their low-grade steaks seasoned perfectly. Everyone else is striving for pretty good meat with pretty good seasoning. It's not easy, especially because of how the growing gravity pull of the transfer portal makes future roster planning so difficult, but that's probably the best approach a program can take if they want to achieve some sort of consistent baseline of quality and they aren't in the position to just pick who they want out of the HS classes.

Next season will be the first well-seasoned team Holtmann's had since his first season here, where he almost won the B1G. Granted, we probably don't have a Keita Bates-Diop on the team, but at least we will have better quality depth. The talent plus experience should equal a strong product, good meat that is really well-seasoned. You have:

CJ Walker - a T150 recruit, now a fifth-year PG

Duane Washington - T150 recruit, now a junior

Justice Sueing - top player on his Pac-12 team, now a 4th-year junior

Seth Towns - T150 recruit, Ivy League PotY, now a 5th-year junior

EJ Liddell - T50 recruit, now a sophomore who played a good amount as a frosh

Kyle Young - T100 recruit, now a senior

Musa Jallow - T150 recruit, now a 4th-year junior

That's probably your main rotation, and then you still have elements of talent or experience with the reserves:

Abel Porter - A 25 year old 5th year senior who started his last two seasons on a Tourney team

Justin Ahrens - sharpshooter junior

Eugene Brown - 4-star frosh

Zed Key - high-floor T150 frosh who excelled against good competition in HS and at the NBPA T100 camp

Diallo - 7'5 wingspan (lol)

That's not to say there aren't plenty of question marks and concerns about next season, just as there are for most teams (how healthy/ready will our forward group be? What if Walker gets injured? Etc.). But that doesn't mean there isn't potential there for the Buckeyes to have a really good run. 

Comment 12 Apr 2020

Being able to flex or play positionless basketball means you don't necessarily break down and limit your team to prototypical roles but you essentially collect guys who are versatile enough to play 2-3 positions and then find the most complementary line-ups within that roster. This allows greater diversity of game-planning and adjustment. You can decide to switch on screens, play different zones, and so on more fluidly. You can run weaves to iso for different players on the perimeter, post up different forwards or pull opponent bigs away from the basket, attack the basket from a number of different places on the court, etc. You might lose certain specific strengths that a team with much more defined roles (and that recruits specifically for those roles) would have, but you have a greater range of option and flexibility on the court and it is easier to create mismatches.

In terms of recruiting and roster management, then, it's not as much about "We need an elite rim protector" or "We need the purest of PGs" but more looking at skill sets, attributes, and production in a collective sense. So instead of asking if they have an elite rim protector, the staff is more looking and asking themselves if they have enough interior defense and good enough help D. They aren't as worried about having two true PGs, but more about whether they have enough ballhandling, passing, and perimeter D on the roster. Not do they have a great rebounder or two, but do they have line-ups they can utilize that will provide enough rebounding. And so on.

Comment 12 Apr 2020
Mid-major teams make the S16 on a regular basis. We have more talent than most mid-major teams. But for us it will be impossible because we will have a bench player who played for a team you don't know anything about. Which is not that team's fault, btw. Rose-colored glasses, huh? Well, at least we can see well enough to know that Porter wasn't coming off the bench these past two seasons and that in those two seasons he helped make Utah St a Tournament team. Sorry about our facts. I think it is smart to keep expectations in check, but complaining about all the ways the program isn't allowing you to inflate your expectations even when the program is winning 20 plus games and winning big games, making the Dance, and winning games in the Dance... I mean, what is the point of expending your time and energy railing against them bringing in some transfers? Why not just express your reservations but wait and see what happens? Are you hoping to be let down so you can be proven right? Is dissatisfaction the point? Have fun with that. I certainly think this team will face some challenges next season, but basically every team will. It helps to have a realistic perspective and understanding of what college basketball is like these days. A lot of OSU fans don't and take for granted just how exceptional Thad's glory years were and some of the unique circumstances that helped those glory years come to be.
Comment 12 Apr 2020
A lot of teams were recruiting Carton hard. Guess no one vetted him well enough. And I don't know that Carton's mental health issues should have been something that was some huge red flag, in that I don't believe there was any indication that these issues were debilitating or detrimental in a pronounced way and Carton was a good team player who didn't have character or grade issues and didn't even switch teams to get more exposure. OSU needed a good PG in that class and they hit a home run with Carton. He basically split time with Walker and was starting to play even more and find his groove... and then he took his leave. How do you predict or prevent something like that? It is what it is.