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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship, Super Bowl XLV
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Comment 03 Oct 2019

He's made some changes for the better in his show recently.  The 5 minutes of ads at the beginning and end of every episode made me want to stop listening.  Also the trivia was a waste of time.  Glad they got rid of both, and thanks to their promo code my balls have never smelled better!

Comment 24 Jun 2019

Resurrecting an old thread here, but has anyone else noticed that almost none of the recruits wear our gamely home or away uniform combinations in their on campus photo shoots?  The all black and all gray seems to be the favorites.  If I'm noticing it, people in the program have to be as well.  Does anyone else think it might be time for an update to our uniforms?

Comment 10 Jun 2019

I hear you but I'd rather have people getting their cell phone fix at a stoplight instead of on the road.  My hope is that they can get done whatever they need to while stopped, then put it down to get back to driving.  I realize that's probably not the case, but it makes me feel better so I believe it.

Comment 06 Jun 2019

When Birm started the hurry up, it was always a gold mine of new recruiting material.  It was what I looked forward to reading every evening on the site.  When he left, the community picked up the slack by creating recruiting threads and digging up the information themselves.  Now the hurry up feels outdated and redundant.  Maybe 11W should scrap it and dedicate their recruiting teams efforts towards relationships with players, staff, etc to get different insider information that other sites don't have.

Comment 06 Jun 2019

I disagree that the paid sites will always be better.  The reason why Birm was so great was because he made relationships with recruits and their families.  Those relationships lead to inside scoops, exclusive interviews, and being the first site to report commitments.  That's been missing for awhile now, and I find myself checking Letterman Row just as much if not more than 11W these days.

Comment 05 Jun 2019

Lol I get that...It is called "half-life".  Like I said its just my guess, but I'm guessing the dose could be small enough that after half of it is gone, it can't be detected.

Comment 22 May 2019

After going to Maumee Bay Brewing, check out Mutz in the basement.  Also, downtown, next to the stadium is PizzaPaplis.  They have some amazing deep dish pizza.

Also, check out Earnest Brewing.  I'll admit I'm a tad biased since my cousin is a co-owner, but they have the best craft brew in town.  There's usually a good food truck there and a nice patio to grab a brew on.

Comment 22 May 2019

Been trying to cut out Monster energy drinks on and off for awhile now, but man these things are addictive.  I've seen Bang energy drinks start to become popular recently, is there any credibility to the claims they make for being a healthier alternative?

Comment 01 Apr 2019

Yeesh...buckle up son.  Gonna need to change that mindset before getting on campus or ur gonna get steamrolled

Comment 27 Mar 2019

We have no idea what their relationship is like, and you assuming he is being disrespectful.  Unless we hear more about our guys being legitimately pissed about his visits, you guys are overreacting to his response.  

Comment 27 Mar 2019

It's been mostly playful and respectful banter from what I've seen so far.  I will say that I think he should decommit if this is what he wants to do.  No point in saying you're committed to a school when you're actively visiting other schools, posting pictres, etc.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

C'mon man.  Plenty of OSU players have been giving him shit about what he's been posting, but as soon as he responds he's disrespectful, that's a bit of a double standard don't you think?