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Comment 18 Dec 2017

Yup, DJ was definitely on that wagon.  He can't even spell something right when he *googles it*.

I have no affinity for Greeley or UNC, but taking potshots at a program that no one cares about is pretty lazy.  I know it's slow these days....

Comment 16 Nov 2017

I'll translate. 
The one dude that thinks it is about donations is saying that because a death on campus would be bad for PR and would absolutely hurt donations. 

The other guys saying its not are saying that there will be no increase in fundraising due to this move. Which there won't be. 

Both are right. Go Bucks. 

Comment 16 Nov 2017

Which also means.... Let's reign in the misfits and get control of this thing before this totally gets out of control and becomes a much bigger problem. 

Unfortunately with the way everyone stereotypes and generalizes these days - a single catastrophic issue will reflect badly on the whole community and so the school must be proactive with the entire community.  One Bad Apple (or 11 of them) ruins the basket. 

I can see how a fraternity can be a great thing.  Never liked the money (presumably) required to join one (felt like pay to play) and so never looked for a fit in greek life.  Although I did socialize w some because that is where the beer and parties were in my early college years.  But like anything I am sure there is a wide spectrum of cultures and experiences. 

Comment 16 Nov 2017

(responding to Buckeye in Denver)

Wow. This was like looking (reading) in a mirror.  Were you in Park Hall in 2000-2001?

Comment 30 Aug 2017

Love it.  Made me look up the bowl wins because that is an amazingly bad stat.  Then I also read this (I wasn't born yet and have only heard vague references to it):

Lee Corso era (1973–1982)

During one game in the 1976 season, Corso called a time out after his team scored a touchdown early in the 2nd quarter.[28] The entire team huddled together for a photograph with the scoreboard filling the background.[28] It read: Indiana 7, Ohio State 6.

I'm guessing ESPN will do a segment on it Thursday Tomorrow(!).  That would have been cool to have that on that lower shelf of that trophy case.  But I'm not here to pick apart a mans work.  Great Poster as always!

Comment 19 Aug 2017

Some real hate on this board for this guy / those guys. I like it. 

IMHO He's earned it and PSU has done the right thing to lock him up. Dude is the 3rd best coach of the 3rd best program in the Big Ten East and he's getting paid like it. Went through the end of a really tough time and has come through it successful.  Great recruiting class this year. This is not a reflection of 1 year of success. It's about the other years too when they had no O-Line.  Granted, if he goes 7-5 last year he doesn't get this deal.... so last year was part of it. But he built that. Also a PA native that they hope they can keep for a long time. 

I also like that the Big Ten is spending that television money. Spend it where you are allowed (coaches and facilities) and let's be the best conference.