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Comment 05 Feb 2015

first i was like "wow, 11W hating on DJ hard wtf."

checked author. 

"oh lol"

Comment 07 Jan 2013

Not too sure what the point of the post is, but to take the football-related entitlement facet out of it is silly

From NYT article:

Approached in November to be interviewed about the case, Saccoccia said he did not “do the Internet,” so he had not seen the comments and photographs posted online from that night. When asked again about the players involved and why he chose not to discipline them, he became agitated.

“You made me mad now,” he said, throwing in several expletives as he walked from the high school to his car.

Nearly nose to nose with a reporter, he growled: “You’re going to get yours. And if you don’t get yours, somebody close to you will.”


Comment 09 Mar 2012

"First and foremost, the main key for tonight is to have the good Ohio State team show up. I have little doubt this won't happen, for the reasons mentioned above."



Comment 13 Dec 2011


Comment 04 Oct 2011

Was anyone talking about a booing law? What are you talking about.

Comment 04 Oct 2011

Wow... DJ and the rest of you commenting should be embarrassed. I agree with the "don't boo" crowd, but your petulant rhetoric is just flat out embarrassing.

Comment 16 Aug 2011

and go back through weeks of blog posts and check every single skull session? yeah, i'd say that's far too much work than i'm comfortable putting forward.

Comment 16 Aug 2011

you may incorrectly suspect that.

and i read the blog daily, and have for years. am i not allowed to say i think the quality of this particular feature of the blog has decreased in quality in my opinion, lest i be berated and harassed by the 11W commentariat?

Comment 16 Aug 2011

did you change who's writing the skull session recently? it seems like it's gone from clever to trying way too hard (and failing) pretty quickly. 

Comment 24 Feb 2011

Disagree. Dislike for Michigan notwithstanding, I wish all pain upon Wisconsin, and a UW loss would put the nail in the coffin of their regular season title hopes.


And the bank? Really?