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Comment 18 Feb 2019

Keep it at noon or no later than 1:00. Reason? The PLAYERS get up at a decent time, get to the pre-game meal, participate in the skull session and get fired up by the Band, go to the Woody and start taping and dressing and mentally prepping, warm up and then start beating up on TTUN. It seems to be a smooth time flow.

As opposed to waiting around all day to play the game and maybe not perform up to their best. Just sayin'.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

He lost me when at the Rose Bowl interview and was asked the question about knowing Justin Fields he said "no" and did not leave it at that...was led right into the question about..'wanting to know him'... and quickly replied "no". How great of a teammate is that! Does he say the same about any 2019 recruit? Must spell TEAM with an I.

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Trust that the coaches have vetted Fields well enough that they feel he will fit in the tOSU 'family'. Perhaps Tate's original comments were not meant as they appeared to infer [ modified somewhat, recently ] but I took them to be not very welcoming to a potential new 'brother'. Could be some dissension brewing.

IMO...Tate is not big enough to play QB at the next level but may be a fantastic slot receiver. Maybe he should look at going that route if Fields is that good.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

Another wonderful piece, Ramsey!

Fans can say or do whatever they want, but as an institution and a football program Ohio State reveres and respects its rival.

Michigan reveres and respects Michigan. This strategy is not in the cards.


Comment 11 Feb 2018

NONE of this seeding crap means a thing. Just win the next game and then the next one. Perhaps the PSU loss came at just the right time to get the focus back. We owe Pig State one, anyway.

The guys are playing very well together right now...

Comment 29 Jan 2018

I truly believe the 2018 Buckeyes will be a better team, but without Kerry Coombs, there will not be as much passion. Coach Meyer will find a great new coach/recruiter, but he cannot replace the heart and soul commitment that Coombs brought to each and every moment he was with tOSU.