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Comment 30 Apr 2020

If enacted, this will open a bigger can of worms than most can imagine. Sure, there may be more athletes desiring to attend a more prominent school due to perceived advantages to marketing themselves. What part of the TEAM does this benefit? Five players? Twenty? What about the other 80-95 guys who don't have the "star" image or promotion behind them? How are they going to feel about blocking for or catching for the one who is 'making it'? Gotta have a lot of good character in the whole team but these are 17-21 year old's. Lots of relationship issues possible. I don't like it. Would rather see the entire roster be paid some decent amount so all have investment in the outcome.

Comment 07 Mar 2020

One thing that was mentioned during this Q&A session was the lack of variety in offenses these days. I think it was Joe Roberts. As one who coached the game, I totally agree. There isn't much going on except either the pick and roll or a weave of some sort.

Yes, Fred Taylor was a great coach and man. And obviously had an eye for talent and the acumen to recruit that talent.

Did you notice the size of Lucas' hands in the image?? Wow!

Comment 06 Mar 2020

The 1960 Buckeye Basketball team started my love affair with all things tOSU! Lucas, Havlicek, Siegfried and Nowell were my heroes. As an 11 year old basketball player from a small SW Ohio farming community, I was always trying to emulate what Lucas was doing; based on the very few times I got to see them play on TV. It made me SICK when they lost the next 2 years to Cincy. As a senior in HS, our team made it to the State championships, ending up RU in 1967, so I got to play on the same court in St. John arena that all my heroes played! Talk about a thrill.

The 1960 team will always be my heroes and I am forever grateful to all of them for the memories and inspiration. Wonderful human beings.

Comment 06 Mar 2020

When tournament time arrives I sure hope Coach H keeps Washington on the bench in a tight game. That bone-headed, behind the back change of direction, with under 2 minutes to go, which resulted in a turnover and layup for Illinois was an extremely selfish play. The bucks needed to run the clock down; not have him try to make something happen. Gotta use your head.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Best wishes to Alex wherever he lands. The reality of the whole transfer/portal option is as tOSU increases the quality of the recruiting process, the players who can't develop or who get "out-recruited" at their position are going to have to move on to get the PT. Just a fact of the current college football scene.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

The UT v. OU rivalry is big here in Texas; however, the UT v. TAM rivalry is even more intense. As long as TAM has been mediocre the past few years, there has not been much going on. This coming season, TAM has a much easier schedule in the SEC and IF, IF they come up with a much better season than UT, Herman will be on the hot seat again.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

It seems all that Instant Replay (never instant and replay is subjective) has done is make the on-field refs lazy. If they don't work the game at 100% all the time, train and practice their craft, they rely on "The Booth" to make it right.

Too many opinions available and "the booth" is always "right". Make the replay officials take a polygraph after every game.

Comment 18 Feb 2019

Keep it at noon or no later than 1:00. Reason? The PLAYERS get up at a decent time, get to the pre-game meal, participate in the skull session and get fired up by the Band, go to the Woody and start taping and dressing and mentally prepping, warm up and then start beating up on TTUN. It seems to be a smooth time flow.

As opposed to waiting around all day to play the game and maybe not perform up to their best. Just sayin'.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

He lost me when at the Rose Bowl interview and was asked the question about knowing Justin Fields he said "no" and did not leave it at that...was led right into the question about..'wanting to know him'... and quickly replied "no". How great of a teammate is that! Does he say the same about any 2019 recruit? Must spell TEAM with an I.