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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Chris Gamble winning the Fiesta Bowl in regulation
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: John Hicks, Tom Skladany

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Comment 23 Mar 2020

Passing is great, but the rush is the raw, elemental force of this great game.  No disrespect to our great running QBs and those also with effective arms, I do hate to see the Heisman become pretty much a dedicated QB trophy to-be-proven-otherwise. 

There really needs to be a trophy that represents the RB position alone, even with all the position's own diverse skill sets.  This was a great article--a tribute to that traditional force in the Buckeye program and the great traditional force in cfb. 

Comment 01 Mar 2020

"the pick last seconds of the game" regarding your receivers observations or lack there of. 

I agree there's a lot of interesting things some said and more between the lines.  Really enjoyed this report article. 

I'd love to see this team steamroll the whole dam season and post. 

Comment 26 Feb 2020

Katie Smith, yes, definitely belongs in this great piece.

You know, any guy letting a football helmet at high velocity pass between his legs (I don't care what kinda plastic's already in place there) is so much more than an elite athlete.  Gotta say that.

Comment 24 Feb 2020

LJSR--what I've come to trust about this great coach is his ability to develop and manage his his group's talent not just by developing student/players skillsets individually, but through combination of rotation and configuration. 

What he's done and will certainly do season after season, before season and on the fly during the season, is absolutely one of the high points for me as a fan and spectator. 

The Rivalry goes way deep for me, of course; but, the fact he comes from and the way he arrived from the state next door is really special sauce for me as an alum. 

And a great guy, too. 

Comment 14 Feb 2020

Both these guys were during my time growing up. I knew our football coach and I can certainly see similarity, including some strong similarity, but just as easily I can see strong differences between these two guys in practically every role.  I'd also have a hard time saying there was 'lots of bad' from Hayes.  Caused 'lots of outrage,' yes, but lots of intrinsically 'bad' caused by Hayes, no.  Knight I liked, but the guy's personality and 'bad side,' in my opinion, are far more controversial/provocative/problematic when looking at that 'bad' effect on those he coached or was involved with personally.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

My point, just so you're clear about my post:  Weight/quality of evidence may indeed influence the dollar amount and, for charges as serious and reprehensible as these charges are, the dollar amounts are somewhat low. 

And look, most of us reading here have to sit on juries if we're called, I see no problem with discussing things properly, respectfully, and with sensitivity, in order to become better informed, especially on alleged behaviors like these, which really aren't rare at all.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

Really nice piece in 12 pieces that capture this guy's personality.  Reaper with the sweeper.  What an indomitable force.  How could you not want him as a player, teammate.  I think I got to watch that championship run yet one more time.  His ol' hs coach watching him during the B1G championship, yoda-like, was something I will never forget.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

I.S.COOP, nice summary.  I searched wilson before commenting.  I'd just add that I've wondered whether it might be Wilson and Day and Studrawa all together--I've regarded them to be a super trioka.  Day's not going to call those QB run (Haskins) and TE plays (for conversions/scores) without being directly being involved in the TE and O-line's development.  In 2018 there was a radical change in the running game (RPO especially) all brought around by some blocking modifications and getting Dwayne to eventually run the ball himself. 

I think those three coaches must have a great chemistry that works magic during practice, games and recruiting. 

*oh yeah, then add Hartline!

Comment 10 Feb 2020

It was very humbling to walk around campus or to walk into a store or something and someone recognizes who you are.

That's going to be the most remarkable thing I read for a while.