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Comment 19 Jan 2018

We're going to miss some people.  We're going to miss some people. But, very glad to have others back.

It's how tradition builds and perpetuates. Greatness. 

I'd take Meyer over Saban with any configuration of Saban's minions, anytime.

Great video, too.

Comment 13 Jan 2018

"Bob Griese used it more than I did. I don't know how that thing got hung on me. The media likes to hang things on you and that was my bad luck, I guess.

His best years in the booth were by far, with BG.  And I listened to a lot cfb from ____ onward, and I hear him, not BG.  Never heard him trying to hang it on BG.  Made me laugh, thanks. 

One thing I recall was that when he was asked about Woody he refrained from expressing an opinion, saying something to the effect that he'd not really known or met him.  It might've been soon after or within the context of recalling that dm gator bowl meltdown.  I thought that was politic of him, regardless of what he thought....  Times have changed.  But, for me, he'll be the voice of cfb. 

Comment 08 Jan 2018

Yes, a person clearly gets the impression by now, that the consistent potential for a bom threat changes everything for the opponent defense.  Without it (for whatever the reasons), an opponent defense, athletic and well coached, has no reason not to go risk on--in fact, way more risk on.   QB selection should be interesting this spring and will obviously weighted in favor of a skill set (including the quickest read ability) to compensate for any weakness in the other areas of the execution complex.  Three years now, it's a complex.  No other word for it.

Comment 06 Jan 2018

I agree, except for those breakaway runs where Weber really stood out as the one RB with LOS power and the afterburner speed to leave the db field behind him.  He's coming back for more opportunities to showcase exactly all that.  As much as a prodigy JK Dobbins is, Weber is the mature back with that extra lift of stamina and zeke speed into the secondary and all the way down the field.

Comment 05 Jan 2018

This is a good thread from both perspectives--appreciate it.  My sense is that the O will change now because the next-up QB personnel are different and will be the change so many have been looking for.  The coaching chemistry and dynamic have already changed.  This was JT's team, and so they chose the correct path, finished out the correct way.  Had that 4th down converted in the 3rd qtr, the O would've finished out the game very differently.  And yes, I agree that the D isn't something that Meyer involves himself much with these days, so the staff dynamic on that side of the ball is really not similar at all.