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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Chris Gamble winning the Fiesta Bowl in regulation
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: John Hicks, Tom Skladany

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Comment 15 hours ago

I don't know what JK did inside his head during the offseason last year, but these three backs look so impressive.  If they can do the work JK did to himself and stay so focused on doing so, this trio can be a terror squad. 

I thoroughly enjoy seeing what the RB coach does to these guys coming through--as a fan, watching Alford's work has been getting served like 3 michelin star meals every season. 

Comment 16 Jan 2020

sits well with the sec official's "becoming loose"

I'll most remember this year's natchamp playoffs for the clown shows. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

attempts93   total514   avg5.5   long67   td8

That's lawrence's espn stats for the season--their no. 3 rusher on a little under a half of their no. 1 rusher etienne's attempt, about a third of his production.  Not going to bother taking any out from the playoffs, but I also do recall a breakaway during the uva acc *cough* champ game.  I wish he would just stay quiet, as opposed to repeating what Meyer said during the post-game after the loss.  Thank you, best of luck, and move on to the new job

Comment 10 Jan 2020

For my part I think espn looks to get it as much as possible, both ways, and so, in this case, we're being brought to the table but not actually fed. 

JB's QB performance aside, I'm not sure how to choose a preference between these two teams.  Clemson winning decisively would be repugnant except that their winning would reflect what ought to have been Ohio St's superior ranking.

Comment 08 Jan 2020

And this sorta stuff makes him such a unique Buckeye HC--and it's not just that he's making these calls but he's got players actually making these plays (See Ruckert in the conference championship.).  A tribute to Meyer's earlier coaching, but it takes 'aggressiveness' and brains to know when to use the plays.  You just cannot sleep on this guy because, if you do, you pay (See the pooch kick to Olave.)

Comment 07 Jan 2020

I say this every year, that I'm going to miss seeing these guys, and I mean it.  Each one seems to have his own growth/development trajectory.  Victor really came into his own in 2019, all business, that 'not satisfied with the latest but looking toward his next feat' work ethic.  Give him the chance to work.  I think he's going to reward his employer, huge.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

I agree, but one thing different from 2018 will be the defense staff coordination. I recognize the loss of the secondary coach, but 2018 wasn't just about mismatching schemes with players.  There was an ongoing disorganization among the top guys that Day cleaned up and rectified with new staffing.  I expect, Day's defensive regime, even with the loss/replacement, will coach up their talent very well, very efficiently, very effectively, just as they did during the last off-season.