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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Chris Gamble winning the Fiesta Bowl in regulation
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: John Hicks, Tom Skladany

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Comment 08 Nov 2019

They can be very rude hosts. Cardale's appearance was fun, though.  How about some more of that, but in Columbus, to put last year far behind.

Comment 01 Nov 2019


You know, on one hand you can see how the O personnel have evolved from recent years, but on the other you see how it stayed the same (e.g. the fundamentals of blocking, in particular) and just re-energized under Meyer. 

Comparing these players from different HC tenures is much more of a beauty contest as opposed to throwing out stats and arriving at some objective conclusion or judgment between players.  For one thing, Day looks like he's the best play caller we've had in a long time and with a diversely talented team Day's talent can be a positive and negative for individual position stats except for maybe the QB. 

Comment 31 Oct 2019

There's nothing wrong with bringing up Pittman as a comparison.  And I like that it keeps it Troy.  To an extent I do see some similarity in movement, speed, strength and tenacity, and I like the idea of crediting teammates, especially benefits from the O-line and blocking receivers.  But, JK has a a distinct athletic edge, I think, that surpasses the underrated Pittman--and I think that edge takes him beyond Pittman in terms of balance fluidity and quickness and, I think, too, JK is very underrated as a receiver (Here's a link to last year's underperformance highlights.)  There's a very broad athletic performance on display, especially this year, that eye pops.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

What's remarkable about LJ is that he's developed his very own brand at the same time so-o-o much enhancing the esteem of his team and his employer.  As someone said, these caliber of coaches just don't come around very often--especially non-HCs.  I was his fan the moment I saw him wearing Buckeye gear after selling off all his blue and diaper white stuff.  

Comment 28 Oct 2019

Speaking for myself, I think the guy has been disabled medically for years.  Unless we've been close in and genuinely knowledgeable about what went down during his tenure here, it's going to be hard separating out his decisions that were entirely determined by his style and character, from that particular disability.  I'm also not interested in such a critique given the overwhelming benefits of Meyer's tenure here....  Btw, I give my fav of the whole bunch, Jim Tressel, the same treatment.  WWH was a being belonging to greek mythology--that opinion's from the eyes and ears of a kid--so he's excluded--period.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

There's still much football to be played, but at this point I'd say Ryan Day has been running the staff at a very high and tight well-directed and coordinated level.  That no ego stuff early on wasn't coachspeak, it spoke to an enhancement in the program's culture he was set on achieving, absolutely.  The character, the talent, the execution, the focus, week after week, have been all extraordinary.  Post-natchamp there was the playcalling thingy on the O-side, past couple years there's been the defense thingy, including implosions against iowa and purdue.  The program was reformed--there's still much football to be played, but this Day guy does look to be a stud. 

And huge credit goes to Meyer for setting this whole thing up, with the wheels already spinning.  I lived through the Woody to Earle transition, then 'Earle camp vs Coop camp' transition that never really resolved (not to mention watching debacle after debacle going on up in ann's treehouse.  Meyer's first season speaks for itself, and this one so far, has been pure bliss. 

Comment 25 Oct 2019

Weather as a negative would take away more from wisc's offense, imo--I think their running game absolutely needs some passing in the play mix for them to put points up.  I expect the game to have been determined by the Buckeye D no matter how the large a score difference at 4Q 00:00.  And having so many game-ready players (packages) to move in and out of the D throughout the game is huge advantage.