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Comment 14 May 2019

not only a ...

The guy's smart, not just physically gifted.  I hope Day continues in this tradition of pursuing players who can play multiple positions.  Not just for flexibility and surprise contributions to the team, but because of the aptitude for the sport, the game.  Smart, athletically gifted players are very much in this program's tradition and they've given it an important edge over the years.  White's in the group.  And there are are others too, on both sides, big and small.  It's an edge.    

Nice article.  This attention to him is well-deserved, imo.

Comment 12 May 2019

college football has changed immensely

And the fans, too?  Yes and no, and yes-and-no is what I think about Day's probable long tenure.  I do believe this job has been, is, and will be the rarefied stress test for anyone with ultimate HC ambitions for any level of play, especially the additional pressures of accountability for your ~18-22yo off-field 24/7 365 behavior, including academics, for which he's already got good staff in place.  And one thing he's already demonstrated is an O-so tight adherence to criteria for his staff's performance. 

I guess I favor odds for a longer tenure. 

Comment 10 May 2019

I've watched this thing in spite of most of my desire to ignore it, so take my comments for that much weight, but, what's struck me is not only the typical parent-conflict-separation horrors the kids have been going through, but the lack of genuine regard for the kids' welfare--from anyone, it seems.  I'd just like to see that the kids were taken out from between these two and placed within a responsible, safe family situation.  Kids are durable, resilient, but psych cases are filled with people needing help later on their lives, after having been scarred by this cr@p, not to mention the cr@p's publicity....   

Comment 10 May 2019

The 'confrontational" word I'm not clear on; that is, what it constitutes legally.  Clearly a bad idea in any respect to become physically/verbally aggressive with a third party legally that must act according to protocol or other procedures.  And long term, such behavior does nothing to improve his ability to work the system to his advantage as a father. 

And maybe the courts ought to start looking at the grandparents as the kids' guardians.

Comment 09 May 2019

Plus, the first-team line couldn’t get any work together ...

This is the thing that I'm watching.  Timing is everything when it comes to the O.  The thing starts, continues with the O-line, but, with a new QB ....  I'm thinking what we'll miss most at least at the start, will be the real-time experience executing plays (from anyone's playbook) at the QB position.

Comment 04 May 2019

Really think some to a lot of this situation is a symptom of the changing of the guard.  Once Day continues to build off of last year, things ought to resolve rather quickly.  Appearances are imo that any depth weakness can be a recruiting edge for him....  Yeah, what about now, this coming season, personally speaking, I like the anxiety the situation creates off/pre-season--I expect the players to feel it as opportunity and a source for more motivation.  Some of the very best Buckeye seasons appeared as freight trains outta dark holes.

Comment 21 Apr 2019

And to add, I recall early on, when Meyer first had defense troubles that caught lots of public attention during his tenure, he said that he didn't really spend that much time on that side of the ball, but that he'd be spending more time there.  I can't recall the scenario exactly, but I do recall him saying as much--and I thought it odd given he played safety.  But, to me, it showed just how and how much he delegated to his staff.  Unfortunately (in my eyes), the harmartia is spelled zach. 

Comment 15 Apr 2019

I want--need seconds.  Anyone else?  Seriously, the game is fun to see players having fun, and this one in particular, what can you say beyond what KJ's said?  Once Dwayne stared running, the O was a completed work of art.  No way we're going to know how much magic (read: progress from hard work) happens between now and the season start.  I'm just hoping for it.