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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Chris Gamble winning the Fiesta Bowl in regulation
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: John Hicks, Tom Skladany

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Comment 21 hours ago

Yes, I thought so, too.  Looked very much in sync with his receivers--you can see the rapport is there with them, too. Big improvement.

When I see this stuff, it makes me feel there's cohesion and real-time top-down rapid coordination/adjustments among all the units (no iowa purdue msu kinda stuffs), each week and throughout the week. Hadn't felt that in a few years.

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Yes, that end zone flex! 

I don't recall it so frequently with Coop's offense, but later with Tennessee the way Eddie was more than an effective receiver.  That in particular reminds me of Eddie.  And the way JK was running hard, after contact, off tackle, around the end ... the breakaway, as if possessed--reminded me of that legendary heisman run against Illinois.  He doesn't have that long loping stride Eddie had, but, if you proportionally shrink him a bit, JK's IU perfomance had the smooth shifts and ferocious strength of 27--I'm thinking in particular of JK's TD run breaking six tackles, after which he flexed like Carlos (definitely another recent history fav of mine).

Comment 11 Sep 2019

You>harsh, lol.

If we're talking about the same sack, I saw Dobbins take himself out of position by getting sucked into that double team that then let Wright come around on the outside.  Quite a bit of time allowed for Fields to get rid of the ball before the sack, so it got attributed to coverage and something Fields himself owned after the game.  JK made a mistake, but I wouldn't call it a whiff by the running back.  He was out of position and Wright was pretty quick--too quick in fact, not much later, lol. 

I bet Dobbins doesn't get fooled again. 

Comment 04 Sep 2019

Teague hit the hole quickly, too, and fell forward. He ran hard the entire game.

It was just obvious Teague belongs at Ohio State.  Not just because he's so good, but he has that wwhayes-beast power attack, the kind of thing scares the defensive secondary.  His blocking is pure density.  He's going to be another extraordinary, here. 

Comment 01 Sep 2019

My guess is that, given the opponent and the results of the first couple of quarters or so, the staff thought mixing in some non-starters was priority--I think Day called it 'running deep.'  My guess then is that some not small importance of running deep with the same 'packages' is to make things not so easy for opponents to anticipate what package has been dialed up.  Their general strategy to run packages instead of asking pretty much the same players to run the whole range of defense really needs that 'run deep' execution, so I think that's where the priority is quite justified and why the staff appeared not to be much concerned with adjustments.  I need to watch again, but I think that's where the staff's collective head was.  This whole thing both sides is work in progress.  I think there's most importantly a whole lot of motivation on the staff side to make this thing fly high. 

Comment 01 Sep 2019

I just call it like I see it.

No disrespect, but you're calling a first game--against fau.  I'm sure you've seen many first games by Buckeye teams that fueled far less optimism yet they went on to have huge seasons--or teams that pounded their first opponent but tripped more than once later on.  I've seen Buckeye teams coached by five different HCs, lots and lots of talent.  I wait for at least two consecutive points before I start some measure of worry--the defense behind the line was revamped off-season by n-e-w staff and I'm willing to give the staff time to improve their in-game quick-change adjustments.  And not an excuse, I'm pretty sure the first two qtrs of this first game had something to do with the second half.