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Comment 12 Jul 2017

Ramzy, you write really fine articles.

could not get out of its own way

Absolutely, that's a summary for the O last year and I just cannot see Wilson's dynamics permitting that to repeat.

Comment 06 Jul 2017

I was a greenskeeper at Scioto--never played golf, still haven't unless I'm putting through a castle or something like that.  Just thought I'd slip that in while I have a chance.

Comment 03 Jul 2017

Hayes is in a league of his own

Yes, absolutely so.  WWH is a standalone. His accomplishments shouldn't be separated out from all that he did for the program and the school and constructive social values his regime advanced not only here, but the influence he and his people had elsewhere throughout the country--and of course, not just in football. 

I certainly hope UFM surpasses WWH in wins titles championships etc., but I highly doubt UFM would compare himself to Woody in terms of better than.

Comment 01 Jul 2017

Is it the same songbook referred to in the university report?

If it is, the timing of this whole sorry-ass embarrassment for the university and band is interesting in itself.  I didn't find anything regarding antisemitism or the Nazi's Holocaust mentioned in the report.  I'm sure someone was aware of the song way before now. 

And is there a pdf of the songbook available?

Comment 28 Jun 2017

You must respect this guy's integrity. 

I thought this would be a funny read, but it of course wasn't.  There are good statements for both sides made above.  I do think that the ncaa has to cease being no-wo/men and allow extra-athletic opportunity for student athletes to make profits for themselves while in college, no matter they come from the farm, burbs or hood.  It's just especially outtatouch unrealistic to expect and believe that the money-sports student athletes remain entirely dependent on the schools for 1-2-3-4 years until they leave/graduate.  There's got to be some creative solution in which all of the schools are involved. 

Comment 28 Jun 2017

Speaking as pa native, I hear that around there you could've bartered a hotel night with that road kill.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

I put that school/program in ND's category right now. 

What I see for it in the future, are possible exceptions in terms of individual games and seasons, not in running series of either--not until the character thing is fixed.  And I don't think it will, but I'm quite biased, of course.  And Meyer's tenure here will have a lasting effect, beyond his time as HC, so the challenge for that school/program will remain. 

Carr was a real coach.  He didn't need Woody's glasses to dress up make-believe. This guy won't ever catch up because he can't.