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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1. Watching Zeke take it 85 yards to the house.
    2. Being able to take my dad to his first Ohio State game in 2010.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Do I have to choose just one?
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns. It's tough but it's heredity.
  • NHL TEAM: Detroit Redwings
  • NBA TEAM: The Cleveland Basketballers.
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians. Once again it's heredity.

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Comment 06 Sep 2014
We're in the same boat but being up by 28 to a Mac school is light years away from being down 14 to VT and looking like you don't belong. Recently the big night games have become more of a social event. All the big alums show up, students party all day and show up late and every would rather shoot the shit than actually cheer their alma mater or school to a victory.
Comment 06 Sep 2014
I couldn't agree more. I was offered 2 tickets to the game but refused to pay $100 a seat in B deck. I love Ohio State football just as much as the next guy but refuse to spend that much on a ticket.
Comment 06 Sep 2014
I wouldn't blame Urbz or play calling, they're playing like sh*t and do not deserve to win this game. At least the tribe won and Keselowski got the W, I know I can't depend on the Browns tomorrow.
Comment 06 Sep 2014
Down 14 and look horrendous on both sides of the ball doesn't help.
Comment 06 Sep 2014
It looks like the young online can't hold a block so their forced to do a zone read. JT could be uncomfortable with it and decides to hold instead of handing out off. Just my .02.
Comment 29 Nov 2013
"I am so pumped. Mentally getting ready to stand out in the cold surrounded by a bunch of Ohio State fans." I took the liberty of fixing your error
Comment 11 Aug 2013

Sure they have passion but do any of them have occupations? I couldn't see my employer being okay with some of the staff working 3 day work weeks, even with him being an alum of tOSU.