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Comment 02 May 2013

I don't like the contrasting color for a collar.  In fact, I've never seen a football jersey that does this that I do like, to me it looks tacked on and strange.  Overall I like this better than what they wear now, although I could take or leave the helmet change.  The gold Buckeye leaves are brilliant and should be implemented today.  I liked the small buckeye leaves stitched above the name plate on the 2012 pro combat jerseys; I thought it would be good to add these to the regular jersey, one for each varsity letter earned.  Walt's idea for the gold Buckeye leaves is easily better though.

Comment 21 Feb 2012

"Former head coach Bruce Earle voiced his discontent......"  Former player Russell Anderson thinks something is off about this....

Comment 05 Sep 2011

"Shapiro was able to con affluent, educated folks out of nearly a billion dollars. Given his manipulative talents, how are we surprised that kids (who come from a slightly different "socio-economic" background) couldn't turn down $175?"

This is a false premise.  It implies that the players were tricked into breaking the rules.  They accepted the money/lodging/parties, etc. b/c they weren't interested in the rules, felt they wouldn't get caught, or were just living for today and not worrying about what consequence might come tomorrow.

Comment 12 May 2011

Akron had a corner, now with the Bills, named Reggie Corner.  Sparty had a QB named Jeff Smoker which I always thought was funny.  A couple of other college football players that stick in my mind are Chris Smelley and De'Cody Fagg.

As for OSU, my favorite is Van Ness Decree.  That is a strong name.

The name that had to be the toughest to deal with is Lucious Pusey.  I don't remember where he went to school, but if I remember right he had his last name changed, for obvious reasons.

Comment 16 Apr 2011


The problem with this rule isn't the rule itself, it's that what is flagged as unsportsmanlike conduct varies a lot from game to game, and in most games is way to strict.  There is a big difference between being excited about a play and taunting the other team, sadly the officals often don't realize this.

Comment 11 Apr 2011

Great stuff as always, I had Storm pegged as a Mike.  Duane Long recently posted about moving Jordan Hall and/or Berry to WR, sounds like Hall might end up there.  FYI, the 2011 "Spring Prospectus" is up at

Comment 15 Sep 2010

BTN: We see your Erin Andrews and raise you a Melanie Collins;

ESPN: Damn

Comment 31 Aug 2010

I don't know what to make of the MSU uni's.  While the bronze around the numbers doesn't look bad, it's not one of their colors, so an odd choice at best.  I assume the traditional looking uniform is an alternate in case there is a fan revolt.

Comment 30 Aug 2010

Thumbs up on the update, but wow is that picture off putting.